This is my short list of places worth eating in Copenhagen. All good value for money. I have linked to blog posts describing the places in detail – where available.

These are all places where I have enjoyed dining – or eat regularly in between gourmet escapades :) I wish you a nice and epicurious stay in Copenhagen.


Gourmet Restaurants

Top notch places – expensive and excellent



Michelin **
Heavenly lightness of good food with ingredients which originates from the Northern countries. New Danish Cuisine. Book 3 months in advance. Awarded the World’s Best Restaurant by The San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best.
Open Tuesday – Saturday, lunch and dinner

Strandgade 93
1401 København K
Tel +45 32 96 32 97
Google Maps


Kiin Kiin

Michelin *
Outstanding haut Thai cuisine that received it’s first Michelin star in 2008 and much well-deserved. The wine-parings are interesting and Henrik Yde Andersen is a great and charismatic host. I recommend reservations.
Open Monday – Saturday, dinner

Guldbergsgade 21
2200 København N
Tel +45 35 35 75 55
Google Maps


Søllerød kro

Michelin *
Classic and lovely dishes served distinct, friendly and perfect waiting in the old inn from 1677. Famous for the wine list managed by Jan Restorff – Denmark’s most lovable host. :-)
Open Wednesday – Sunday, lunch and dinner

Søllerødvej 35
2840 Holte
Tel +45 45 80 25 05
Google Maps


Michelin *
At my first AOC visit I was impressed. I was moved. All the plates were picturesquely beautiful, the food was flawless and the menu as a whole was composed with wit and distinction. Actually, the strong focus was what impressed me the most. These dishes had clearly been worked on and sharpened until they had reached an incredible high level of perfection.
Open Tuesday – Saturday, dinner

Dronningens Tværgade 2
1302 København K
Tel +45 33 11 11 45
Google Maps

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

Romantic and beautiful setting in the Frederiksberg Garden serving excellent and surprising food with elements from all over the world.
Open: Wednesday – Sunday, dinner

Frederiksberg Runddel 1
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel +45 38 34 84 36
Google Maps


formel B

Michelin *

formel B still holds one star but has changed the concept. It’s still top notch food but there’s no testing menu anymore. You just select whatever you want amongst the 10+ different salty dishes plus several desserts. Each dish comes at equal price (verify on their website).
Four times I have dined here for the old concept and the food is outstanding. It’s more classic and leaning towards French Traditions. One of the best places if you fancy foie gras!
Open Monday – Saturday, dinner (double seating)


Vesterbrogade 182
1800 Frederiksberg C
Tel +45 33 25 10 66
Google Maps


Kong Hans kælder

Michelin *
The oldest Michelin-star rated place in town in the beautiful old and arched rooms. French/Danish cuisine with head chef and restaurant director Thomas Rode Andersen.
Open: Monday – Saturday, dinner

Vingaardsstræde 6
1070 København K
Tel +45 33 11 68 68
Google Maps



Probably the best steak in town, select the Danish dry aged! Great french fries and sauce bearnaise and fancy interior.
Open Monday – Friday lunch, Monday – Sunday dinner

Bredgade 20
1260 København K
Tel +45 33 13 93 00
Google Maps

Medium Priced Restaurants

Very nice places that will serve you excellent food without you needing to phone your bank in advance.

Kødbyens Fiskebar

Michelin: Bib Gourmand
Excellent and delicate fish and shell fish food in Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district. It’s owned by Anders Selmer and Bagge Algreen-Ussing. The style of the food seems inspired by noma which Ander Selmer was once part of. The interior is rough but the atmosphere is funky. I love Fiskebaren and have within it’s first year of opening already been an uncountable number of times.

Flæsketorvet 100
1711 København V
Tel +45 32 15 56 56
Open Tues-Thurs 6 pm – midnight, Fri-Sat 6 pm -3 am
Google Maps


Aamanns Etablissement

Excellent down-to-earth food inspired by the new Nordic trends. Sweet staff and a lot of dedication in the Østerbro part of town. One of the best lunch places for trying herring!

Øster Farimagsgade 12
2100 København Ø
Tel +45 35 55 33 10
Open Mon-Sat 12.00-16.00, 18.00-23.00
Google Maps

Nimb Brasserie

The brasserie at the fashionable Nimb premises at Tivoli serves elegant and excellent interpretations of classic Danish recipes with a touch of the new light Nordic cooking style.
Open Monday – Friday lunch, Monday – Sunday dinner

Bernstorffsgade 5
1577 København V
Tel +45 88 70 00 00
Google Maps


Dim Sum

You can be sure of leaving Dim Sum full and happy after the 15-20 different and very delicious dim sums you eat directly at the long bar with view to the chefs preparing the food right in front of you. 350,- DKK is a bargain and the wine list is intriguing as well.


Sankt Annæ Plads 16
1250 København K
Tel +45 35 35 60 05
Open Mon-Sat from 5 pm
Google Maps


Restaurant Kanalen

Romantic Danish/French style restaurant in beautiful settings of the Christianshavn part of town. Open for lunch too serving traditional Danish dishes like fried plaice, marinated herrings and more sophisticated ones. They also have a set menu for lunch.

Wilders Plads 2
1403 København K
Tel 32 95 13 30
Google Maps



Le Sommelier

Excellent French restaurant with very delectable high-quality food and an amazing wine list. Wines by glass at the bar counter. I have come here for years and the food has (almost) never disappointed me.

Bredgade 63-65
1260 København K
Google Maps



Excellent modern Italian ‘casalinga’ style food but elegant. One menu (Fridays only fish), unexpensive wines. Book well in advance for weekends.

Gammel Kongevej 51
1610 København V
Google Maps



Same owner as the FAMO 51 and same lovely Italian ‘osteria’ style food, the set menu (Fridays only fish) and unexpensive wines. Book well in advance for weekends.

Saxogade 3
1662 København V
Google Maps


Rasmus Oubæk Restaurant

French bistro cuisine serving delicious foie gras, lobster, boeuf Bearnaise, moules, snails etc. and double booking the tables, so eat fast. ;)

Store Kongensgade 52
1264 København K
Google Maps

Reasonable Priced Restaurants and cafés

Here they will serve you a very decent meal for a reasonable price (reasonable, not cheap. Nothing in Copenhagen is cheap).


Hearty, classic Danish everyday food with a twist served in huge portions and made of top-quality produce. It’s a totally low-key eatery created and owned by former noma sous-chef Christian F. Puglisi, Kim Rossen og Lasse Bertelsen. It’s primarily a take away with a few tables where you sit and enjoy your meal or sit at the counter. It’s self service (cafeteria) – only the food is brought to you. I love this place.
Open Tuesday – Sunday 5:30 – 9 pm, Saturday – Sunday brunch 10 am -2 pm

Jægersborggade 40
2200 København N
Tel 3696 6593
Google Maps

Magstræde 16

Italian style eatery and enoteca in Magstræde 16 and the house now offers small but excellent and high-quality pizze fresh from the oven with nice Italian wines. Try also their great antipasti.

Magstræde 16
1204 København K
Tel 33 16 12 92
Google Maps


The Ricemarket

The Asian bistro of the Kiin Kiin owners offering very high quality Thai and Asian inspired food from 11 am in the morning till 10 pm all year long. Go there for the food and expect nothing of the service. This is a bistro – not a restaurant.

Kultorvet 38
1128 København K
Tel 35 35 75 30
Google Maps


Il Senso

Cosy, Italian wine bar that offers a few but nice dishes such as antipasto misto with an excellent and thin cut Parma ham, sausages, and cheeses with truffles or a daily pasta dish. The charming owners import most of the wines themselves, bottle prices range from DKK 180,- and up.

Gothersgade 87
1123 København K
Tel 33 12 87 19
Google Maps
Short Review


Forno a Legna

One of the very best and real Italian places for pizza in Copenhagen. The pizzas are cooked in a wood stove, and you can eat it in the shop at the small desks by the widows.

Falkoner Alle 42
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel 35 39 50 12
Google Maps


Den Lille Fede

Detectable and creative Mediterranean and Danish food. Tasting menu with very small servings.

St. Kongensgade 17
1264 København K
Google Maps



High quality Danish food elegantly served in small portions. Nice short wine list. Double booked tables meaning you can reserve your table for around 6-8 p.m. or from 8.30 p.m. Book well in advance for weekends.

Abel Cathrines Gade 7
1654 København V
Google Maps

188 Responses to “Gastroguide”

  • We have experienced Relae, Radio, Geist, Paustian, Umami, Alberto K. What would you recommend as an upcoming restaurant in CPH.
    MVH Peter

  • Hi Jess
    Happy birthday! :-)
    I have updated this short list page and the new is called EAT CPH, it’s here Except for Kiin Kiin, which is Thai food, all the gourmet places I list will provide a momorable experience, I believe. Relæ, Radio and Kødbyens Fiskebar will too.
    Hope this helps, otherwise let me know!
    Best whishes

  • Hi Trine,

    Thanks for your blog post, it’s really informative! I’m going to CPH for a long weekend at the end of September. Which of these would you recommend for a birthday dinner? I’d love it to be Nordic food and an experience to remember!

    Best wishes,


  • Hey Angelika
    Yes, Thomas Herman has left the Nimb. As far as I know he would like to open a new restaurant (in CPH) but there is nothing concrete information on table so far.

  • Hi Trine – Thomas Herman left The Nimb? Where did he go?


  • Hi Julie
    I’m so sorry for my late response, but I’m just returned from a trip to Japan. The three places you mention are good candidates, I would go for Kødbyens Fiskebar or Aamanns on Saturday and Manfreds on Sunday, as not many restaurants are open on Sunday. I would go to Nimb Brasserie for brunch.
    Nimbe Louise was restaurant Herman until March this year. But after the head chef Thomas Herman left and Allan Poulsen took over the restaurant changed the name to Nimb Louise.
    Let me know if you need any more help and I wish you have a great time here.

  • Hi Trine

    From your blog, the following three restaurants look good to us. We want to Nordic, Danish or special local food. We will have one dinner in Nimb Louise. So we don’t want to do another very fancy dinner.

    For Saturday dinner, Sunday brunch and Sunday dinner, would you recommend any of the following restaurants? Which one is good for lunch or for dinner? We don’t want to have a very long brunch on Sunday, since we still want to do some sight-seeing.
    Kødbyens Fiskebar
    Aamanns Etablissement

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Trine

    We are coming to Copenhangen this weekend. Our first time there. We love food and culture. We booked the new Nimb Louise for Friday night. We can’t find any reviews of this new place yet. So we thought we will give it a try since the chef has a good reputation. We need recommendation for Saturday night dinner and Sunday brunch and dinner. We would like to try a difference experience from Nimb Louise. A place with great food, but less fancy sitting. What would you recommend for Saturday and Sunday dinner? How about Sunday brunch – a lovely place with nice local Danish food?

    Thanks. Really enjoyed reading your blog.

  • Hey Vagabond
    Kiin Kiin, Formel B for dinner sounds lovely, both are amongst my very favourites. Schønneman is good too but more traditional than Aamanns. Tuesday night I’d recommend Manfreds or Fiskebaren. I have not been to Marv & Ben yet but only hear good things.
    Agree, the turbot and ravioli dish is Geist’s best. :-)

  • I love your blog! Tonight (Sunday slim pickings) I ate at Geist and enjoyed the ambiance and food. Young waitstaff but good relaxed energy. I had the turbot and fennel ravioli (awesome) and the Suckling Pig with Artichokes (mouth watering) finishing with a chocolate mouse/sorbet (nice).

    So I have two days left in Copenhagen. What do you recommend as a follow-up? Merv and Ben was empty (does that say anything?) and I Relae, Aamaan and Geranium are booked.

    Current thoughts include Kiin kiin, Formel B, and Shoenneman (maybe for lunch Monday).

    Insights are warmly welcomed on this cold rainy day. cheers.

  • Hey Sabs,
    For Any cafes/lunch places in central Copenhagen which have the ‘hyggelig’ factor um, Schønnemann is hyggelig, it’s very hyped at the moment because René Redzepi recommends the place, it’s a nice lunch but not necessarily the best. But hyggelig it is. You’ll need to book.
    Then, I very much like the Europa café on Amager Torv it is kind of stylish but the atmosphere is nice.
    If it’s more for a drink and hanging out I would recommend the wine bar Ved Stranden 10 they have snacks and a todays special on Monday evenings.
    Also, I’ve never been there but from out side Mormors (granny’s) looks like the most hyggelige place in the city

    Hope this helps a bit. :-)

  • Hi Trine,

    I’m going to Copenhagen for a few days. Any cafes/lunch places in central Copenhagen you could recommend which have the ‘hyggelig’ factor? Nothing too pricey.

    Many thanks :)

  • Thanks Trine – yes, I knew about Paustian. Mark Bittman gave it a great review in the New York Times for the new chef and food. I’ll try your suggestions. Many thanks for the help.


  • Simon,
    Are you aware of the fact that Paustian is not longer by Bo Bech anymore? Chef/owner is Bo Jacobsen and the focus of the food is traditional Danish dishes.
    My recommandations for Sunday night is Søllerød Kro or Manfreds & Vin (Relæ’s “baby brother” accross the street).

    Let me know if this doesn’t surafce! :-)

  • Trine,

    I am coming to Copenhagen in March. I will be there on a Sunday evening and I am having trouble finding a restaurnat among those you recommended which is open on Sunday. Any recommendations?

    Many thanks,


    (ps – sadly I did not get Noma. I have Relae and Paustian booked )

  • Hi Trine, finally did my Radio article – all others still have to follow …
    I’m at Copenhagen again next week! Noma, Geranium, maybe Radio again.


  • Hey hungry hungry hippo!
    Thank you very very much for you sweet words. :-) :-)
    Congrats and enjoy Noma, wow!
    Go for AOC, the contrast will work well I think. Take Schønnemann if Classic smørrebrød is no 1 for you or Aamanns if you fancy a more modern style ;-).
    Torvehallerne is nice but not near Boulevard Raspail.

  • hungry hungry hippo

    Oh… and curious to hear your take on Torvehallerne as well – worth a stop compared to say the Boulevard Raspail market in Paris? Thanks again!

  • hungry hungry hippo

    Hi Trine! From a long-time reader of your blog – truly one of the best, Denmark or anywhere. Will be in Copenhagen for 2 full days and am lucky enough to have a Noma dinner reservation; would you go for AOC or Fiskebaren the other night? It was always going to be AOC but then thought the latter might be a better balance – or am I mistaken? Wish one of them would be open for lunch… and how do Schonnemann and Kanalcafeen compare to Aamanns? Would go for the latter except they’re opening a branch here in New York. Thanks in advance!

  • Hey Nina
    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment. I’d say that the 7 course menu is ok for lunch but the 12 course might be better for the evening. No prob at all with the allergie, just mention it when Noma writes you to confirm your reservation (2 weeks in advance). Hope you’ll have a wonderful experience! :-)

  • ah, the other question about Noma: my husband is allergic to shellfish – will this be a problem!? :o) thanks!

  • Hi Trine! Your blog is fantastic – my husband and I truly enjoy reading your posts. I had a question regarding Noma: do you have a preference between lunch and dinner? My husband and I had the good fortune of securing two reservations (one for lunch at 12:30 and the other for dinner at 19:00) and while the date of the lunch reservation would be more convenient for us, we have a track record of slowly savoring such meals and don’t want to feel rushed if they close at 4 pm. Is 3.5 hrs enough time for the experience? Or is our dinner reservation a better option? Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Kate,
    thanks very much for your kind words and for stopping by! I’d suggest you Geist the Pastis Fishmarket or the Dim Sum


  • Hi Trine!
    great blog!!!
    I am coming to Copenhagen with my boyfriend for the weekend, could you,please,recommend any nice restaurant around Kongens Nytorv or close to Custom House as we are going there for drinks later.
    Thank you so much :)

  • Hi Metz
    I was once at Nyhavns Færgekro which is OK.
    But, to be perfectly honest I’d take her for a beer in Nyhavn and lunch somewhere else like Schønnemann or Aamanns – more value for money. :-)

  • Hi Trine
    Was wondering which was the nicest restaurant for lunch in Nyhavn? Was thinking of taking out my darling Mama for a Birthday treat …

  • Hej Trine,

    Thanks for the reply!
    I have heard great things about the energy around Fiskebaren, ‘kindred spirits’, loving the ‘fruit de mer’!
    I will definitely make contact there.

    Look forward to more of your reportage! It’s like being there!


  • Thank you Jamie :-) :-)

    Hej Keith, many thanks to you as well! I imagine that Fiskebaren could be an option? Ask for Anders Selmer, Tel +45 32 15 56 56.

  • hej Trine,
    love the site and your enthusiasm!
    i’m a chef in canada, of proudly danish roots, and am looking to do a stage in Kbn; any suggestions? currently, finishing sous chef at an ocean resort, and love working with seafood.

    best regards
    k. peter nielsen

  • Thank you so much for your quick response!! Going to try the to do the swap you suggested Sollerod Kro for lunch Geist for dinner! heard so much about Geist, the dishes you mentioned sound amazing! it was on our list, but did not know they were open sunday. Aamanns was our only option for lunch sunday..
    Will definitely give you an update!

    Thanks again! really appreciate it.

  • Thanks Jamie. Your list looks good.
    For Sunday, you could take brunch at
    Or you could swap Søllerød Kro dinner for lunch and have dinner at Geist (pick shrimps and zucchini plus the turbot ravioli dish if available), or Ricemarket which is casual by the way.

  • Wonderful site! So many restaurants, so little time. Our visit is from Sat-Tues
    We have narrowed the list to Noma dinner Sat, Sollerod Kro for Sunday dinner, Era Ora for lunch and Kong Hans Kaedler dinner Monday. What do you think? have we made the right choices? or should we make changes?
    We are absolutely stuck for lunch Sunday as everything is closed. Any suggestions?

  • Thank you for the list!
    Exacktly what i need!

  • Hi Sam
    Thanks a lot! :) I like Fiskebaren where you can eat at the bar. Relæ and Ricemarket do too.
    Let meknow if you need more inspiration.

  • Hi Duncan
    Everybody speaks English here so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Good luck!

  • Hi Trine! Thanks so much for your website, it’s great! I’m visiting Copenhagen rather unexpectedly in the middle of this week, and I’ll be traveling alone. Are any of the restaurants that you recommend, particularly good for a single diner?


  • Hi Trine great website i am a english chef working in a star kithcen in Edinrgh although i dont speak any danish i was wondering if you thought it would be hard to find work in copenhagen in the kitchen

  • Hi Lisa
    It IS a very exciting event! Anders has also told me about it. I’ll spread the word in the cooming days! :-)

  • Hello Trine, I’m enjoying your website, such beautiful crisp, crystalline pictures! I’d like to send you some information about Outstanding in the Field, a traveling culinary troupe in California that does dinners in farm fields across America. We’re coming to Denmark on our first European tour in September, staging six dinners at six farms in six countries. On Sept. 11 we’ll be collaborating with Chef Anders Selmer of Kodbyens Fiskebar for a dinner at Hans Lunds Farm on the Isle of Lilleo … We want to spread the word! Best ~ Lisa

  • Thank you, Andrea. I think you should go for either Kødbyens Fiskebar, formel B or Aamanns. formel B is problably the fanciest of them and Aamanns is more bistro style. I recommend my post on Kødbyens Fiskebar here
    Relæ would be an option as well, I need to add it to this list. Here is my post

    Marcus, Thank you. I think you list looks good! Wish you a great time and hope you’ll enjoy all the food. :-)

  • Thanks again, Neil and Trine, for the bakery suggestions. With just a month to go before we arrive in CPH, we’re starting to sort out where we want to eat on the six days we’re not eating at Noma. We’ll be blowing the budget a bit at Redzepi’s place and, like Andrea (above) we’re looking for some ‘nordic’ cuisine at more moderate prices. The following places have made our final list of possibilities (it’s tough getting ten people to get a list together!):


    Restaurant Schonnemann
    Ida Davidsen
    Smushi at The Royal Cafe (gimmick or the real deal?)


    Marv & Ben
    Restaurant Paustian
    Kodbyen Fiskebar

    and maybe Madklubben or Cofoco

    I think we’ll be ok for breakfast with food from the bakeries, and since we’ll have a kitchen in our rental house. But if there is a must try breakfast or brunch place, please feel free to let me know.

    Any advice/comments/alternatives/favourites would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again. Keep up the great work.


  • Thank you very much for this wonderful website–what a great resource! My husband and I will be there next month for one night and are hoping to get a really great meal without, as you say, needing to phone our bank in advance. Mid-range is fine but Noma is not an option! We’ve narrowed the options to Aamann’s, Formel B, Den Lille Fed, and Kødbyens Fiskebar. Can you recommend one over the others or give us a sense of in which ways each of these restaurants excels over the others? We’re looking for innovative, Danish-inspired cuisine and my husband doesn’t eat red meat (fish and poultry are okay). Your guidance would be very much appreciated!

    Thank you!

  • Thank you Neil and Trine!

    I have to say I’m a little surprised that the best bakeries are chains, and it’s not some devoted artisan working away in his own little shop.

    I’d love to get the name for that macaroon shop!

    Thanks again.

  • Marcus (and Trine!)

    A little-known fact about Lagkagehuset – if you save your receipts, once you have 1000kr worth then they will make a pastry to order for you given one day’s notice. And the pastry will be big enough for your 10 friends :)

  • Hello Marcus

    Thanks very much for your sweet words. Neil is right and I personally also like Rein van Hauen. The old fashioned conditori La Glace is famous for delicious and rich pastries and cakes. Oh, and CPH now also features a shop for macaroons, let me see if I can find the name.

  • Marcus

    Lagkagehuset has both excellent bread and pastries. The larger branches have a greater selection, naturally.

  • Hello Trine,

    Ten friends and I will be in Copenhagen for a week at the end of August, all focused around a reservation we have at Noma. (I can’t wait!) Your very helpful blog has pointed us in many directions and has sent us out researching where we should eat the rest of our meals. Thank you for the thoughtful reviews and notes!

    I have a question, if you don’t mind. We will be renting a house with a kitchen and intend to at least have breakfasts at ‘home’. We are having trouble finding information about a good bakery for bread and/or a good patisserie for pastries. Several of us remember fantastic pastries 15 (or so) years ago, but on recent trips, no one has been able to locate anywhere special.

    Do you have any suggestions for us? Can I expect good bread from chains, such as Emmerys and Lagkagehuset? What about pastries? I used to love Copenhagen breakfasts of Wienerbrod (I think it was called – perhaps the origin of the American ‘Danish’ pastry).

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you for the great recommendations on this page! We were in Copenhagen last weekend, and went to Fiskabar and Aamanns (deli). both were amazing!
    Also wanted to go to Kanalen, but it was closed on sunday.

    Anyway if just in case you wanted to read my thoughts on the two and Copenhagen have a look on my blog :)

    thanks again! i wish every city had a page like this!

  • Hey there
    Thank you! Well Kiin Kiin is such a wonderful place. Hope you had a nice evening.

  • Trine,
    Great site! Just arrived . Going to kiin kin tonight!

  • 9am should be OK. Check the online booking system.

  • Trine,

    Thanks for that, I noticed that place on your suggestions and it was one of the places which i was thinking of booking for this saturday night! the herring looks yummy!!

    Would a 9pm booking be too late? it looks like they are open late.

    very exciting :)

  • Hello Inna

    Thanks for your kind comment. :-)
    Think I would take a first timer to Kødbyens Fiskebar.

  • p.s Oops! **”if you had FIRST time visitors, where would you TAKE them?”

  • Hello,

    I am so glad to have found this blog :)
    From my experience recently, blogs are the best way to find a good restaurant!
    If you had firs time visitors to Copenhagen, where would yout ake them for dinner???

    Caviar girl

  • Hej Daniel
    Dejligt! :-)
    Smørrebrød: Aamanns eller The Royal Cafe
    Both create innovative versions of Danish smørrebrød.

  • Hej Trine,
    Jag ska till Köpenhamn nästa vecka.
    Noma, Geranium och AOC är inbokade.
    Letar dock efter ett bra ställe att äta smörrebröd på lördagen. Ida Davidsen har ju helgstängt.
    Tack för hjälpen!

    / Daniel

  • Dear Kiki
    Thank you.
    So sorry to hear you had such a bad experience and how unfortunate about your boyfriend’s coat.
    But I’m happy that you’re willing to go back and also that you had a marvellous time at noma. :)

  • Dear Trine,

    Thank you for the wonderful website. I found it incredibly helpful and followed your advice..

    I did, however, want to tell you about out experience at Fiskebaren. The service was atrocious. We had 2 bottles of wine, and the only glasses they poured were the initial ones. The attitude was awful. I understand that they were busy, but honestly, that shouldn’t really matter. (I would like to say that we are nice customers as well. I have worked as a waitress for years, and we are always extremely polite… so I promise we were not being horrendous.) They had also run out of several dishes by the time that we sat down.

    To make it worse, my boyfriends coat was stolen from their coat racks. When we first alerted a waiter, his response was “What do you want me to do?” and walked away. I could not believe that anyone could be that rude! The pretentious attitude at the place was incredible. Why do they think that it is necessary?!

    It was an absolutely awful experience – one of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had and if I know anyone going to Copenhagen, I will let them know that Fiskebaren is a waste of time and money.

    On the other hand, the previous night we had been to Noma which was one of the best experiences ever! The staff are amazing, the lack of pretension, the food… I could go on forever about how it was such a lovely night.

    Copenhagen is an amazing city, and we would love to go back, even if just to get rid of the awful taste in our mouths that was left by Fiskebaren…


  • Thank you so much for returning to tell me this! I’m thrilled to hear you have enjoyed CPH and all the restaurants you have visited.

    Great, Jean-Philippe! And Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!


  • Wonderful gastronomic stay in København. Søllerød Kro, Aamanns, Kong Hans Kaelder, Noma, AOC. Not bad indeed ! Trine, thank you so much for your suggestions !
    First, danish people are friendly, open-minded, smiling and helpful persons. Jan, Jacob, Tilde, Gaspard, Nadine, Rasmus, Christian… made our meals very pleasant and relaxing moments.
    Second, København under the snow is a beaufiful city.
    Third, different styles but amazing food in each place, new flavors and new products, a real journey by itself. So great !
    Merry Christmas !
    Best regards,

  • Hi Trine

    Next time you go to Geranium, don’t forget your camera to make a report for everybody. I will be happy to read it.

    Happy Xmas and so on


  • Hey Jean-Philippe

    Fantastic that you’re going to noma next week! It’s a tough choice btw Paul and AOC. I also think that the level of un-Frenchness is the same. I’ve had amazing dinner at both places this year. You can’t go wrong. :-)

    Hi Bernard, no I didn’t. I guess that I’ve just regarded elBulli that way for some time now ;-) Thanks for you contribution and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Geranium. (Haven’t been myself yet).

    Marie, thank you so much! 2. Rein Van Hauen for all kinds of pastries and cakes etc. But Bo Bech bread if that’s what you’re looking for. 1. Løgismose at Nordre Toldbod 16 – I pick up dinner there when I’d like to eat very well but don’t want to cook myself. The food store in Magasin’s basement is also nice and they have Meyer’s Deli too which is great.

    Happy holidays!

  • Trine you are amazing ! What a great sight.
    2 questions if I may…
    1. A great grocery/deli/gourmet I am thinking about Le Bon Epicerie or Fauchoun Paris…and
    2. Your favorite bakery ?
    We go next week and can’t wait !!
    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays everyone!!

  • Hi Jean-Philippe

    What a pity!! You have to go next time to Geranium. I think it’s as fantastic as Noma. Really.
    After the French cooking wave (middle of previous century ;-)), the spanish one (Trine, have you seen that ElBulli is closed for “normal” customers even using all my tricks), welcome to the nordic new wave.

    Enjoy your trip to CPH

    Bernard (from Paris)

  • Hi Bernard,
    Unfortunately, it will be a short stay and we’ll leave on Wednesday, the opening day of Geranium… Next time, i’ll plan my stay from Wed to Sun instead of Sun to Wed !
    Best regards,

  • Salut Jean-Philippe

    Nous revenons juste de Noma et, si tu souhaites faire une autre découverte, cours chez Géranium. Aussi bon, spectaculaire etc… et peut-être même plus !!!!!

  • Hi Trine !
    I just have a confirmation for Noma, next tuesday ! I can’t wait !
    Between AOC and The Paul, what is your preference ? Which one is the less “french cuisine” ?
    Best regards,

  • Hi Trine,

    Thank you for your recommendations. I will let you know how I get on next time I visit Aarhus.

    Kind regards, Martin

  • Thanks for your answer and your help ! I just booked in Aammanns for lunch.

    Any comments on Gammel Mønt ?

    Best regards,

    P.S. : I saw that you’re a P.Hermé fan ! Have you ever tried Philippe Conticini “Patisserie des rêves” (dreams’ pastry shop) ?

  • Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Thanks for your sweet words, I really appreciate it. For lunch Sunday hmmm hard maybe the cafe in the Glyptoteket For Monday I’d recommend you Aamanns Etablissement. Hope you’ll enjoy CHP! :-)

    Hello Martin
    Happy to hear you like my blog, thank you :-). I can recommend a few places in Aarhus:
    High-end: Malling & Schmidt
    Nordisk Spisehus
    Klassisk 65

    Best regards

  • Hi Trine,

    I enjoyed reading your reviews, and look forward to eating at Noma next time I am in Copenhagen. It sounds amazing.

    I travel regularly from UK to Aarhus, and wonder whether you would recommend any place to eat next time I visit. I have already been to Mash, which served the best steak I have had for a long time. I also had dinner at ET which served some very creative and interesting dishes.

    Look forward to finding our more.

    Best regards,

    Martin, Cambridge, UK

  • Hi Trine !

    Thanks a lot for your amazing and wonderful blog ! Your reviews are very precise and helpful.

    I’m planning to come to Copenhaguen for the first time, just before Christmas. I’m on the waiting list of Noma. My concern is to find restaurants for lunch on Sunday and Monday. For dinner, I allready book in Søllerød Kro, Kong and maybe Geranium as they re-opened.

    Any recommandations ?

    Best regards,
    Paris, France

  • Hello Bernard L.

    Sure, I’ve many times recommended The First Hotel Skt. Petri and always heard nice feedback. I like it (also) because of the location which is in the middle of the Latin Quarter and close walking distance to everything.


  • Hello Trine

    We are coming back in December in CPH for a gastro “week-in” Noma + Geranium. Do you know an hotel to recommend to us?
    Last June, we slept in a guest house very cute but noisy.
    Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi Haan

    Sorry the tardy reply!

    So happy to hear that you enjoyed Fiskebaren!

    As to your question of cook book stores I would recommend the great kitchenware shop Kunsk og Køkkentøj in Østergade 26D where the first floor is dedicated cook books. The entry to the shop is through Pistolstræde. :-)
    Furthermore, do try Illum Bookstore. I’m told it’s the biggest selection of cook books.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Have not tried the bistro yet, but did go to Fiskabærn. That was incredible. What a great restaurant.

    I did think of another thing to ask you though. Are there any cookbook stores in Copenhagen? Or any book stores that have a large selection of cookbooks that you would recommend? I thinking of mostly Danish books, I can get English language ones back home if I want.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Haan
    You know I have been thinking a lot but at the moment the only place I can think of is Berntsen’s Ballade on Vesterbrogade 68 – the bistro.

    Thank you so much for your comment, Molly! I’m just happy you find it useful. You’re right, I should list a few bars too (will do when I find time), but my two favorites are Ruby Bar and K Bar for cocktails and nice wines bars are Ved Stranden 10, Nimb Vinotek and R Vinbar


  • So glad I found your great blog! I’m coming to Copenhagen in early September and plan to taste my way through at least half this list (found your blog from your AOC write-up). Any suggestions for cocktail or wine bars (besides Le Somm)?

    Best –


  • HI trine,

    Just arrived in København. Am staying in Vesterbro but can cycle pretty much anywhere (much to my delight). I am looking to go to a nice cafe or reasonably priced restaurant with some friends. Any suggestions you have that are not on this list?



  • Hi Jos

    Thank you very very much for your kind words, for starters. I’m so happy to hear you liked the food.

    As to the service level in CPH, yes, unless you go fine dining, the service level doesn’t always match the quality abroad, that unfortunately true. Having said that I’d like to comment on the experience about the wine you describe. I know for a fact that at Fiskebaren that they open the wine to ensure that there’s no fault with it. Ricemarket’s service has been sometimes criticized. I always sit at the bar and come early before the place gets too crowded. Perhaps I should add a note here saying explaining it’s a bistro, not a restaurant. :-)

  • Hi Trine,

    you have been my food guardian angel in Copenhagen, where I spent half of my time the last 2 months.
    Thank you for the invaluable help, your elegant taste, and the restless effort needed to keep your blog at this level.

    What I found odd at Copenhagen, is that while the food is of the highest level, the service is the opposite. Especially the way wine is served is unbelievable.

    Examples: At Fiskebaren friendliness & coolness on the basis of Fiskebaren success, equal to impoliteness, late service, lack of rhythm. My wine came opened(!) and was served like water in the wrong glasses. However the food was so good that I might go again.
    At Rice Market, the total service was unacceptable from start to finish. We felt more like intruders than like customers. The wine was brought opened again, but in Spiegelau authentis casual glasses, the waitress did not know neither to hold, not to pour. Finally the bottle was kept in an ice cooler, without a towel to serve!! When I asked for one, they explained that they do not have because this is how they do it!!!
    At Famo service was better but the wine was brought open again.

    Great food is sentiment and fulfillness and service is imperative not to say as important as the food.
    From your blog you could help the Danish entrepreneurs and professionals to focus more on their customers holistic satisfaction so that they will keep coming back.

  • Hello Adrian
    I’m so glad to hear you had a great experience at Fiskebaren and thank you so much for returning here to tell me! I myself is going back there next week. :-) Yeah, good luck with noma.


  • Hello Trine

    I found your blog through the New York Times web site where in the comments section your blog was mentioned. I just wanted to thank you as I was able to make it to Fiskebaren and had a most amazing meal ( and I’m not that much of a shell fish eater but the oysters were marvelous :)

    I also tried to walk into Noma to see if they had any cancellations for lunch and they were quite kind to me and informed me in a nice way that there was a 4 month wait:D I’ll have to plan my next trip around that.

    Cheers and thanks again for a great suggestion


  • Sorry to hear that, Alfred.

  • we had one of the worst experiences at Dim Sum.They refused to serve us because we wanted to change some items on the menu due to allergies to shrimps and after we waited for 2 hours as they claimed they were booked up which was not true as we found out.

  • Tipping is always hard, but 0-10% is quite normal. There’s a whole thread on it here:

  • Hoping to go to Copenhagen soon, and try out all those fabulous restaurant!

    Was hoping for a tip about tipping in Copenhagen?
    Is it 10% or what is the custom?

    Would be very happy if you could help me out in this regard!


  • Hi Harald

    Era Ora, that’s a mistake that it isn’t here, I need to add it.
    Fiasco is a bit far to walk from Tivoli. They just got a new owner, haven’t tried this one yet. But it would probably be the most romantic one. It’s possible to choose different courses.

    La Buca is good but more pricey than the others.

    Il Senso, in this context it’s more of a wine bar than a restaurant.

    Forno a Legna is a take away, not a restaurant.

    Magstræde is cosy and could even pass as romantic in a slight rough way.

    But I think for you and your wife Famo 51 would be the best choice. It’s in walking distance, it’s proper and the food is good.

    Hope this helps :-)

  • Hi again Trine.

    You have quite a few Italian restaurants in your guide and it is a bit difficult to choose one of them for an evening meal (Fiasco, Famo/Famo 51, Magstræde 16, Il Senso, Forno a Legna). Is it possible for you to rate/compare them or give a suggestion based on the following preferences:

    - Romantic/cosy atmosphere.
    - Walking distance from Tivoli-area
    - Not just a set menu, but possibility to choose.
    - Not highly expensive (since we are dining at Noma one evening).

    Also I do not see Era Ora or Ristorante La Buca degli Artisti on your guide-list, which are both highly rated on TripAdvisor. Does this mean they should not be considered in your opinion?

  • Many thanks, I’m so delighted you like my posts. For the Tuesday dinner a couple of ideas could be Dim Sum or Ricemarket, sit at the bar. Fiskebaren would be good too.

  • Hi…your blog is amazing… you have done such a great job…I have made several comments already…I promise I am not a stalker! I am coming to CPH next week Mon-Wed and have dinner on Monday (Aamanns) book and lunch on Wednesday (Noma) booked. I anticipate having dinner with my business contact on Tuesday but if this does not happen where might be a good choice that is not too fussy or expensive and not romantic…as I am on my own! I have been in CPH once before and eaten at LeLe and Restaurant Vestauranten… something similar to LeLe would be good… (I love herring as well!)

  • Actually I have two or three times visited noma in March. My very first vistit was in March (late March like you) and was absolutely and completely carried away by it. So no, March is a fine month to visit noma. July is the only month, I think, I haven’t tried yet and I find that each month, each season has something unique to offer. :-)

  • Thanks for you reply.

    Do you have any comment on March maybe not the best month to try Noma because of the limited availability of local products? Have however read your post from lunch in March 2009 and looked like the quality of the food was excellent despite being in March:)

  • Hi Harald

    Well, thank you for the very kind words and for studying my pages carefully. I must say that you have picked very well according to your preferences. Magstræde 16 is in short distance from Tivoli. It’s a very cosy and intimate place with a slight rough and simple interior. You know, a little bit dark in evenings but lit up with candle lights.
    If you walk a little further after passing Magstræde you reach Snarregade which is one of the oldest streets of CPH. (if not the oldest).

    MASH is a great place, good solid and tasty food, American diner interior in a kinda fancy way. A little pricy, though (e.g. side orders not included in the steak prices).

    Let me know if you need any more recommandations.

    Wish you a fabulous time here…

  • Hi Trine.

    First I would like to thank you for a very nice and mouth-watering page!

    I am going to Copenhagen with my wife 30.3-2.4. Have never eaten at a top restaurant before (closest being Flambee Restaurant in Prague and TripAdvisors favourite in Paris: Le Florimond). Always wanted to try a michelin restaurant and initially booked Bagatelle in Oslo, Norway for a January meal. However Bagatelle closed in December.

    So for our Copenhagen trip we have been fortunate enough to get a table at Noma for evening meal at my 37th birthday 31.3! I am very excited about it (hoping it will be a 3* restaurant before we go), but have also read that end of March is the most challanging time for Noma as the winter products are out of stock and spring products are not yet available. Do you think this will diminish our experience?

    My wife is not a big food enthusiast like me, so for the two other evening meals I would like something less fancy (and expensive) but focus on romantic athmosphere and of course good food! She enjoys Italian food (mainly pasta/pizza) so for our arrival meal I was thinking maybee Magstræde 16? I believe this is walking distance from the Tivoli were we are staying (Radisson Royal Blu), and that is a bonus as we can experience a bit of Copenhagen on our way to and from the restaurant?

    She (and I) also enjoys a good steak so for our final evening meal I am thinking MASH. I understand this is may not be a perfect couple place or do you disagree? What could be our other options?

    I expect our days will be filled with shopping and exploring the areas in walking distance from our hotel, so for lunch I have not planned anything. Is there something you highly recommend we do not miss for lunch in this area (Strøget/Tivoli)? Otherwise we will just pop in somewhere when hungry:)

  • Hi!

    Thanks to you for checking back with me and tell all about your eating through the city! I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed it and had a great time! Thank you vey much.

  • Hi Trine,

    Am back from our weekend of eating in Copenhagen and made some last minute changes – we ended up eating at Paustian v.Bo Bech, kiin Kiin and of course noma. We had some incredible food and had a particular lovely evening chatting to Henrik (who actually mentioned you!) at Kiin Kiin. We’re sad to not have had more time (although I’m not sure our stomachs could handle it) and will definitely be scheduling another trip at some point to check out MR. Thanks again for your suggestions! :)

  • Thanks very much MP! Now I know where to look if I ever visit southern part of Norway! :-)

  • Great blog!!! Wish you had one for Oslo and one for Stockholm too.
    Keep up the good work!

  • You’re welcome, Jason!
    Els, I’ve never been there myself and have no clue really what it’s like. If you go please do let me know how you find it!


  • Thanks Trine! I’ve booked Aamanns for lunch and attempted to book Saa Hvidt for dinner but they were closed for a function. The nice folks there recommended Els which is apparently run by one of their former chefs. I will have a look into it but may end up going with Kiin or Frederiks Have instead.

    Thanks again for your help…and keep up the good work!


  • Hi Jason,

    First of all, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t reply any sooner.
    You are right about the Fiskebaren could be a bit too noisy and too cool ;-) for a romantic evening. I have posted some photo here by the way, on my Danish blog.

    So what else to pick? Checking just now, Kiin Kiin is available from 8 pm an onwards. This would be a special meal for sure. I’m not sure what price range you prefer but MR could be an option as well. I like the atmosphere I’ve described it here: and all my MR posts are here

    On a cheaper note I would still suggest you Aamanns, if you can live without the table cloth, the food is excellent and the service is so charming. And it is special for that.

    If you look for good Danish food and a romantic setting, then there’s this place Frederiks Have

    Let me know if you don’t succeed in booking any of these! And last, but not least, thanks very much for your kind words and your question. :-)

    Happy anniversary!


  • Hi Trine,

    Wonderful reveiws which paint a great picture of Copenhagen. My wife and I are visiting Copenhagen for our anniversary this weekend and are looking for one special meal on the Saturday. With so many choices it seems a bit overwhelming, so I was wondering if you have a recommendation for a good restaurant that can be booked on relatively short notice (obviously, places such as Noma have already been booked up for a while now). Fiskebaren seems like it has a wonderful menu but I’m wondering about the ambiance?



  • Hi Trine
    Thankyou very much for the suggestions. I’ll let you know in November which one we selected and what the meal was like.

  • Hi Helen
    Here are a few suggestions:

    MASH – the quality and taste of the Danish beef is the best.
    Fiskebaren – Cool fish place in special surroundings in the old meat district. (It’s possible to get a steak also).
    Kiin Kiin – cheapest Michelin place and one of only two Thai restaurants in the world.
    Det lille apotek – traditional Danish food and the oldest restaurant in town
    Aamanns – best open sandwiches and best Danish bistro modern Danish style
    and then there is the Spiseloppen restaurant in Chriastiania ;-)


  • Hi Trine
    I happened to stumble across this website in my search for good restaurants. I am arranging a dinner for 40 delegates in Copenhagen. Any suggestions? Food quality needs to be good (but think Michelin * restaurants will be too expensive). Ideally needs to have a Danish menu (as visitors all come from outside DK). Additionally I am interested in restaurants which are a little bit different, e.g. have a theme, are in an interesting building, etc etc.
    Helen L

  • Hi gourmet traveller

    Good news and excellent choices! You’re welcome. :-)
    Hope you’ll enjoy everything.

  • Hi Trine

    We’ve finally decided on MR and Fiskebaren for dinners – we figured since we’re doing Noma for lunch, Fiskebaren would be a good choice as the menu looks quite light and seafood-based.

    Anyway, can’t wait! Thanks again for your recommendations :)

  • Thanks so much for the shortlist – am checking them out now…it all looks good!!

  • Aghh, very tough one!:-)
    It would help me if you could state what your preference are?

    However, here’s a shot (links above):


    If food matters more than ambience:
    Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

    If for the most talented chef besides Mr. Redzepi:

    The funkiest place with great food:

    Thai food at highest level:
    Kiin Kiin

  • Thanks for all the great suggestions – I am overwhelmed by the choice! I have just booked dinner at noma for december and will probably stay in copenhagen for 3 days – I will have one more dinner slot free and two lunches – which restaurants do i HAVE to eat at (price is no object!)?

  • Hello Tobias!
    Thanks for your sweet comment, and I’m happy to hear that you are coming to CPH. Sorry the late reply, but I have been on holiday without a proper internet connection.

    You’re quite right, it’s a long time since I last visited Den Lille Fede. I recommend you go to Aamanns Etablissement – it’s the best and hottest bistrot in town right now. The food is wonderful and the wine list is great and with many by the glass. There’s contact info here above. :-)

    Hej Lasse!
    Tusind tak for din rapport – virkeligt værdifuld info! Hvor var det bare surt med gourmetstederne!


  • Hej Trine,

    Jeg fik desværre ikke set dit svar før jeg kom afsted. Til gengæld anskaffede jeg mig Michelin guiden just inden afgang så jeg havde lidt at gå efter.

    Desværre havde ALLE de be-stjernede restauranter sommerlukket indtil omkring 9./10./11. August. Og jeg mener dem ALLE sammen. Man skulle tro en af dem kunne holde ferielukket på et andet tidspunkt men ak nej.

    Istedet måtte vi holde os i bistro/brasserie-laget og fandt nogle hits og et enkelt miss:

    Prinsen – Fik hvide asparges, krebsehaler med jordskokke creme og lækker Kulmule med hollandaise. Virkelig godt udført og hyggelig stemning og atmosfære. Desværre for mætte til dessert.

    Riche – Relativt trendy sted (virkede det som om) i store summende lokaler med virkelig god og kompetent betjening. Masser af bistro klassikere. Vi fik Moules Frites og derpå hhv. “Bif” bearnaise og skindstegt “Rötting” (Ikke helt sikker på hvad det dækkede over, men mindede om Laks/Ørred(?)). Igen for mætte til dessert. Dog fik vi et glas bobler til start valgt ud af et sjældent højt antal (5-7) valgmuligheder, lækkert. (I det hele taget virkede det til at de har en meget mere veludviklet champagne-kultur i Sverige.)

    Sturehof – Fik dog kun dessert her. Veludført og stor-overfladet creme brule og en lakrids-panna cotta (der dog havde en smule meget “passionsfrugtsfromage” oven på efter min smag). Men baseret på det øvrige kort og de tilstødende bordes retter tror jeg man skal på besøg igen.

    Cafe Opera – Vil ikke kaste mig ud i detaljer, men jeg var ikke umiddelbart imponeret. Hang ikke sammen med prislejet. Ved ikke om jeg ramte en dårlig dag…

    Så ikke rigtig noget der kan gøre sig bemærket i det luftlag du normalt blogger om, men virkeligt nogle gode, solide hyggelige “hverdagssteder”.

    Mvh. Lasse

  • Hi Trine,

    thanks so much for your website and the great reviews and amazing pictures.
    I will be visiting Copenhagen with a friend for two days about three weeks from now and I’m looking for a nice restaurant to spend one of our evenings. Since we are travelling on a limited budget, I am leaning towards “Den lille Fede” which seems to have good food and very reasonable prices especially considering the Wine Menu. Do you or someone you know have any recent experience there, since your review was written 2 years ago? I am also considering Saa Hvidt but their website only shows their Menu from May – maybe they don’t update regularly or are they closed for their summe vacation these days?

    Thanks again for your website and thanks in advance for any further advice you may have for us :)


  • Hej Lasse

    Hvor du bare heldig!

    Mathias Dahlgren:


    Daniels dessertter hos Operakällaren

    Judit & Bertil:

    Franzen/Lindeberg – er desværre ferielukket nu.

    Go’ tur!
    Lad mig endelig høre om dine oplevelser og hils Kim og Miv i Lønstrup ;-)

    Kh Trine

  • Hej Trine,

    Så er jeg på den igen. Denne gang muligvis endnu længere uden for dit hood. Jeg skal til Stockholm i næste uge, ved du hvor man skal spise henne?

    Btw. skal vi på Glashuset i næste uge igen. Har faktisk familie der bor i Lønstrup. Perfekt match!

    - Mvh. Lasse

  • Jeg tænker tit på at tage et hurtigt smut over broen til Malmö men det er ikke blevet til noget endnu. Tak for anbefalingerne!

  • Tack för tipset Trine, det ska vi pröva.

    Har du varit över i Malmö och spist någon gång, jag vill tipsa dej om två väldigt bra restauranger 1: Vendel at Sturehof, en riktigt bra restaurang, med speciellt prisvärda luncher. och sen ett ställe där en vän till mig är kökschef Restaurang Atmosfär
    Ha en skön och fin sommar.

  • Hej Thomas

    Tusind tak for din kommentar. Den gør mig rigtig meget glad :-D.

    Spis Adam Aamanns smørrebrød og hjemmelavede sild hos Aamanns i Øster Farimagsgade – der er tel og link her ovenover!

    Nej, desværre nåede jeg aldrig at besøge Kommandanten. Dengang jeg læste og var en fattig studine var min drøm at spise dér, når jeg fik udbetalt min første løn. Jeg ved ikke hvorfor det aldrig blev til noget, og jeg ærger mig meget over det. Dette er måske årsag til at jeg nu prioritetrer at spise dér hvor jeg gerne vil. Du ved aldrig hvornår det er slut. ;-)

    Rigtig go’ sommer og kærlig hilsen

  • Hej Trine!

    Först.. Tack för en fantastiskt intressant och trevlig blogg! Läser den nästan varje dag. Jag bor i Stockholm, Sverige. Jag skall i Augusti på sommarferie ner till först Bornholm, där vi skall spise på Restaurang Kadeau i Aakirkeby, därefter far vi till Köpenhamn, vi har en reservation på både Noma och Le Sommelier. Jag tänkte ta och spise en riktig Dansk frokost med traditionella smörrebröd också en dag, så min fråga är; var skulle du rekommendera man får riktigt bra smörrebröd i Köpenhamn. Var du någonsin på Kommandanten när Francis var kökschef där? Vid den tid bodde jag i Lund och Kommandanten har fortfarande en speciell plats i mitt hjärta, några av mina bästa matoplevelser har jag fått där! Och jag minns dom fortfarande som om dom var igår. Åter tack för en mycket mycket fin blogg.


  • Dear Jamie

    Thanks so much for contacting me and for your sweet words. :-)

    Well, if your partner isn’t so much into food I would assume it would be better to have dinner at Geranium, so you’d have the time free during the day for experiencing the city, no? (Take a trip with the canal tours!) To me personally either way works at this light time of the year. The evenings are very bright now.

    I’ve just put some effort into updating this page about the best dining places in CPH. The Nimb palace at Tivoli was renovated last year and opened the fine dining place Herman (named after the head chef’s surname). I highly recommend that place if you’d like to have a lunch or dinner at Tivoli gardens.

    If you have any more questions, just let me know.

    Best wishes,

  • Dear Trine
    I absolutely love your website. I was hoping to impose on you for a bit of advice. My partner and I are headed to Copenhagen next month and I was able to secure a reservation at Geranium — I’m much more “into food” than my partner and therefore I was thinking that lunch might be better than dinner even though I was able to get a dinner reservation. Or would either be fantastic and I’m just overthinking it? Also, is there anything other than The Paul that you’d recommend in Tivoli Gardens? Best to you,

  • Hey Ricard,

    YES! Of course! Kïïn kïïn is the PERFECT choice! The thing about table #9 is that you’re kind of hidden away from the rest of the restaurant (but not completely). So you’ll have a kind of a private dining room and very intimate experience and don’t need to think about the other guests in the restaurant.
    Why didn’t I think of this myself?? :-) You’re a genious.

  • Hey Trine,

    I’ve been thinking about this and I’m considering another option: upscale thai food at Kiin Kiin…and in the famous “table #9″, “our most romantic table” as one can read at the website
    Do you know this table? What makes that table so special?

  • The Paul is not particularly French, check this out:

  • Hey Trine!
    I think “The Paul” is french cuisine, and we don’t want to eat french cuisine in CPH… Maybe best options will be “Saa Hvidt” or “Geranium” (a vegetarian menu seems a good option)
    On the other hand, I’ve readed something about:
    - Restaurant Godt‎: seems good, but focused in “international cuisine” more than danish
    - Restaurant Puk: traditional and cheap.

  • Hey Ricard,
    You’re welcome! And I’m delighted to hear you like my blog.
    I think you’d be disappointed about those places in Nyhavn – too touristy if you ask me. If you’re very keen on trying the Danish herring I’d suggest you have it at Nimb instead of the brunch. We have herring for lunch – rarely dinner.
    For after noma, I would say yes to something in Tivoli if you say The Paul or Herman/Nimb. Or would you prefer something cheaper?

  • Hello Trinie,
    Thanks for your suggestions!
    The problem is that we will be only one week-end in CPH, we arrive Friday at 23:00, and we part Sunday at 16:00 (that implies to be at 14:00 at the airport)… a very very short trip as you can see…
    For sunday, im planning the Sunday Brunch at Nimb Hotel.. it seems very interesting.
    Maybe a good option for saturday night, after Noma’s feast, will be to try the herring buffet at Nyhavn Færgekro nr. 5… or maybe Frøken Nielsen‎… or something in The Tivoli.. What do you think?

    Ah, and our visit is in time with the gastronomic feast “Copenhagen cooking”, but i don’t know if that means that will be gastronomic stands open at night…

    Thank’s and congratulations for your marvelous blog.

  • Hello Ricard

    Congrats on your 10th!
    And thanks a lot for your comment and for looking for a piece of advice from me.

    One thing is certain, noma will bomb you with impressions. I remember from my very first visit that I was so affected by the kind and the quality of the food that I couldn’t eat anything after my noma lunch. Nothing would compare and just harm my experience and that I wanted to keep in my mind as long as possible.
    So, I think I would go for something less pretentious as you put it.

    On the other hand, how often are you in Copenhagen? Why not try and make the most of it? I’ve done Geranium for lunch and noma for dinner on the same day. :-)

    MR is re-defining his cuisine and from next week the concept of his restaurant is fish, only. I imagine this would be nice after noma. I also think that you could get a late reservation for 22:00. I suggest you call and ask: +45 33910949.

    A “lighter” option could be restaurant Saa Hvidt

    Let me know if you need more help. Hope you’ll enjoy your time here!

  • Hello;
    I’m planning a trip at the end of August. Is a very special ocasion (our 10th aniversary; we come from Barcelona) I have saturday lunch reservation, at 13:00 at Noma. Great!
    My question is: regarding this, ¿what’s the best option for the saturday dinner?
    1) Please help me chosing between PAUSTIAN, GERANIUM or MR. What is the best opttion?
    2) Or do you think that after Noma’s lunch, our senses we’ll be overexcited, and maybe another great experience like Paustian, geranium etc. will be too hard for us? In this case, give us an alternative for very good but less “pretentious” dinner (maybe something into hard danish tradition in contrast to most innovative cooking experiences)

    Considering that Noma’s experience will be almost 4 hours, we want places that accept customers as late as possible, in order that we can begin dinner about 21:30 or 22:00 or later, if this is possible…

  • Erin, sorry it took a little longer.

    If I were getting married I would chose from these options. :-)

    My first recommandation has to be noma. I believe the food is your style: fish and vegetables, they are flexible and used to wedding parties, the old warehouse is spacious and so full of atmosphere. You can get a four course menu for 535,-.

    THE most romantic place is no doubt Søllerød Kro which offers 3 courses with wines, flowers and everything for the price of 925,-. Watch the photos on the website. It’s an adorable and beautiful.

    MR in the city centre would be more intimate. The rooms are special and decorated with the designes of the 50′s CPH. There’s a bit of a lounge feeling of the whole place that could invite a theme party of the wedding, if you’d fancy that. I’m uncertain about the prices but would assume they are in the range of the above. Might be too small if you’re a party of 80.

    Paustian could be fun too – situated on the water front and the room of the reaturant is spacious and very light. I’ve heard of great parties there. Bo Bech is famous for his vegetarian menu at 600,- which a little above your budget.

    Finally I have been considering Cofoco at Vesterbro, but I’m afraid it’s not big enough and there mighgt be bad acoustics. Could be a fun and relaxed place and is cheap.

    Let me know if you need more advice or have specific questions – for the flowers I can recommend Tina Sandegaard:

    Best of luck!

  • Hello Erin!

    Congrats!! Wow, thanks very much for your sweet comment and your very exciting request! Can I have a think about it over the weekend as I am in Spain right now? I want to do some investigation before I reply.

    Bedste hilsner
    Trine :-)

  • Hello Trine!

    I love your website and all of your restaurant tips!

    Copenhagen is such a wonderful city, so nice in fact that I am planning to get married there next August to my Norwegian samboer. My family is coming from the US and friends from all over Europe.

    Which leads to my problem… or opportunity as I see it from reading your blog – where to hold the evening dinner and dancing in CPH?

    We will have between 65-80 people (guest list is still being shaken down) and it will be people, majority in their 30s, and a majority from Europe.

    I am a fish-eating vegetarian, and he will eat anything, but prefers fish… at least for a main course.

    We both like cool places, not too cold, and in the city someplace with a fun atmosphere (but not Tivoli fun!) We should be able to do dinner and dancing, and food shouldn’t be more than DKK 500 per person attending (that does not include wine).

    So where should we go? What do you suggest? Any leads I should take? We are planning to come and visit again in February, and need to set up appointments before we go.

    I would be so grateful for any ideas you might have!

    Tusen takk fra Norge!

  • Hehehe. He.
    Måske kan du finde et par tip her på Snakvin: Søg på Odense.

  • Hmm. Der er vist ikke mange i blogosfæren der spiser ude i Odense. Jeg må se om jeg kan opdrive en madanmelder på Fyns Stiftstidende :)

  • Hej Lasse

    Ååååh, det er jeg glad for at høre!! :-)

    Hmmm. Det er en svær opgave – beouf bernaise i Odense. Jeg har ikke selv været der men har hørt godt om Brasseriet Der er dog ikke lige den ret på kortet pt. så vidt jeg kan se.

    Det er der heller ikke på Sortebro Kro, hvor jeg heller ikke er bespist endnu, men godt kunne tænke mig det.

    Er der ikke nogle odentiske gastronauter out there? der kan hjælpe os???

    Bedste hilsner

  • Hej Trine,

    Vi havde en rigtig god aften på Søllerød kro. Tak for tippet!

    Jeg er jo nødt til at vende tilbage efter flere. Har nemlig en ven der netop er flyttet til Odense. Som afskedsgave fik han så lovning på en omgang beouf bernaise så han kunne smage en rigtig bernaise, som de laver den på Oubæk, Boheme og så videre.

    Så kunne være du vidste hvor man finder en bernaise i Oubæk-klassen i Odense (eller kendte nogen der gør)?

    Mvh. Lasse Riis

  • It’s insanely expensive – $300 now, and remember, in the US that does not include tax (8.25% in LA) or tip (18% is standard for fine dining, I usually give more). My entire meal wound up being $500, compared to ~$310 at noma. But it was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, so I just closed my eyes and jumped in. Plus, think of it as dinner and a show. ;) I can’t say it’s definitely worth sacrificing two trips to noma, but I think it’s something every foodie should experience at least once.

    I think Asian restaurants tend to be underscored by Michelin, despite Japan being the new capital of fine dining even by their standards. I bet Yamazato will be excellent, and I hope you enjoy it!

  • JC

    Wow! What a meal you had at Urasawa!

    I simply do not have the experience of this cuisine to appreciate what you went through other than to try and imagine the experience through your excellent write up.

    So, Yamazato (one Michelin star) seems a good starting point to me and although it will not compare with your experience, it will set me along the path to understand this cuisine.

    Visiting Urasawa’s website I also was shocked to see the price! Some $275? Normally it is visitors to Europe that think prices are high given the comparative strengths of the dollar and Eurozone currencies but that is a huge price for a meal! Virtually double a Noma menu. But your account of it is so good that I would do it in a heartbeat!

    Lucky you for having the opportunity!

    I will surely report back on my Yamazato experience in Amsterdam.


  • Not to hijack your blog, but speaking of kaiseki (kaiseki is the Japanese seasonal tasting menu), my Urasawa write-up is done. :D And it didn’t take me nearly as long as my other ones!

    If any of you ever come to Los Angeles, you have to go to Urasawa. Even if I have to take you there. I’m willing to make that sacrifice for you. ;)

    As far as sake goes, I like it dry. I had one called Senshin at Urasawa, that was very good. The chef’s favorite is Kubota Manju. They both cost the same – right in the middle of the sake list. If you’re a little iffy about it and don’t want to spend too much money, Hakkaisan is good too.

  • Hej Neil

    What a great read. Thank you for that. My Paul lunch was on a Saturday as well. But we were not the only ones ;-)

    I have no idea what Japanese kaiseki is, so had to look it up. But I’m with you on wine though :-) Looking forward to hearing more of that!

    Have a great trip!


  • Hej Trine

    Summer always seems rather busy with family holidays and the like so much so that excellent dining opportunities become limited. However, I have to tell of a marvellous lunch at The Paul one sunny, summer Saturday (I wish more restaurants would open for Saturday lunch – but therein lies the tale).

    I had a visitor from England for the weekend and we made a reservation at The Paul where we were given a fantastic table outside on the terrace overlooking the lake in Tivoli. On such a wonderful summer day it was the perfect location. But what made it slightly surreal was that we were the only people there! (I guess I just answered my own query about Saturday lunchtime opening). At one point I counted nine staff for us two customers (although no doubt some were preparing for evening service).

    We took the lunch menu with wine pairing and couldn’t fault it. The standout item for me was a Læsø langoustine (accompanied with rabbit) that was cooked to such perfection that it quite took my breath away. I have a soft spot for Paul’s food and this was a good example of why – whilst it is not as innovative as other meals I have loved this year, every ingredient has a role to play in the dish and the cooking is of an extremly high technical standard. (And I love the location).

    Anyway, I am looking forward to a visit to Yamazato in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks time. This will be a first for me but I have had a real desire to explore Japanese kaiseki for some time and there are no opportunities to do that in Cph. We’ll put ourselves in the hands of the sommelier – I’m 50/50 about letting him take us down a path of saki – I love my ‘normal’ wine too much – but we’ll see how the moment takes us. It promises to be memorable.


  • Neil, Thank you! You’re spot on – aren’t you?

    Long time no see btw – where have you been dining this summer? I’m sure you can roll out some good recommandations, let us know please! :-)

  • Forgive my intrusion into this conversation but, if it is this Sunday that you need a table, I think The Paul may be open and serving Paul’s Halloween Menu.


  • Det må jeg prøve en søndag, tak for tippet!

    Der er desværre kun særlige gourmet-egnede begivenheder i imellem Februar og Maj, resten af året må man selv finde på dem.

    Jeg kommer skam bare hjem fra en firmatur (forretningsrejse lyder for posh) lørdag og så er det bare længe siden vi har været ude og spise “fint”.

    Jeg vil se om jeg kan spotte ham!

    - Lasse

  • Hehe. Det var sør’me så lidt. Det er bare ikke særligt let at finde noget godt som er åbent søndag.

    Gourmet kan man nok ikke helt betegne det men det er altså super lækkert det som Ricemarket serverer og de har åbent til kl. 21 om søndagen.

    Er det måske noget særligt som skal fejres? Altså når det nu skal være (d)en søndag?

    Rigtig god fornøjelse, og hils Jan! :-)

  • Hej Trine,

    Selvfølgelig! Den eneste Michelin-restaurant jeg IKKE tjekkede. Søllerød it is!

    Man skulle tro der var et marked for mindst een gourmet-restaurant, eller bare et ordentligt brasserie i søndags-København. Måske efter “finanskrisen”.

    Efter en vinmenu frygter jeg det vil være uoverskueligt at krydse Øresund, så tror jeg gemmer Malmö til et mini-kro-ophold.

    Tusind tak for hjælpen.
    - Lasse

  • Hej Lasse

    Søllerød Kro har! :-)

    Pontus fra noma anbefaler følgende i Malmö:
    Restaurang trappaner


    Vendel at Sturehof


    Men om de har åbent søndag, ved jeg ikke. Har ej heller besøgt nogen af dem… endnu ;-)

    Gourmantisk hilsen

  • Hej Trine,

    Jeg har nu udtømt mit personlige netværk af madelskere for at finde en
    gourmet-restaurant i hovedstadseområdet der har åbent om søndagen. Men
    uden held. Så tænkte at jeg ville spørge dig.

    Hvor tager man hen? Malmø?

    Mvh. Lasse

  • Andy, I haven’t yet had the opportunity of trying any of these, but I’d select from the top:

    Malling & Schmidt
    The focus is on nordic food products using modern techniques. They are open Wednesday to Saturday, Tel +45 86 17 70 88

    Prins Ferdinand Tel +45 86 12 52 05

    Molskroen – 45 Km from Århus

    Kocherier Tel +45 86 18 64 00

    Restaurant WH – 10 Km from Århus
    (but without the chef Wassim Hallal after whim the restaurant was named) Tel +45 72 2008 87

    Thanks for asking :-) good luck!

  • Is there anywhere good in Aarhus? I have a short trip there this week with one evening free. Any ideas welcome.


  • You’re welcome, Ingrid!

    ‘Højbordet’ means a high table – a table that a bit higher than a normal table and where you sit on bar chairs. Actually there’s a picture of it that table on the Cofoco’s front page:


  • Thanks, Trine! Will check these places out and let you know what we decide. Out of curiousity, what does “hojbordet” mean?


  • Hi Ingrid

    Sure I can! :-D

    What first springs to mind is the Cofoco in Viktoriagade, Vesterbro (link above) which has a big and very long high-table that is great for parties. Ask for “højbordet” when you book.

    I would also recommend FAMO 51 (not FAMO as this place is tighter) because there would be room for one long table as well – and for the food naturally ;-)

    Both places are used to big parties at the size of yours.

    In case you’re requesting fine dining and somewhere were you can all sit at the same table I’d suggest Paustian and Geranium (and of course noma, but it’s probably booked already).

    Let me know if you need more help – I’m thinking further also.


  • Hi Trine,

    Can you recommend a place where a large group can eat in Copenhagen? I am planning a dinner for about 10-15 people who are all attending a conference at University of Copenhagen. Thanks for any recommendations ;-)


  • Hello Torsten

    I think it looks like a great plan!! Wow.

    Hope to hear from you how you like it. If not here, then perhaps by email: verygoodfood at gmail dot com?

    Bo Bech, I really should try him again soon…!

    Kind regards

  • Hello Trine,thank you .Now,my reservation is Dinner on Friday -Geranium,Lunch on Saturday – Bo Bech,Dinner on Saturday-Noma.I hope that is a good combination for my first visit in copenhagen ??
    Best regards Torsten

  • Hei there again Torsten – MR? I hope to have my review done by the weekend. Very good food :-) and I confirm that the style is very similar to Geranium and noma. Stay tuned, please.

  • You know, Torsten, that’s not an easy choice!? It’s more than a year ago since I visited MR last time. Can I get back about it next week? ;-)

    - either way I’m sure you’ll find the choice to be very good.

  • Hello Trine ,
    thank you for the answer,now i have two problems,MR is closed on Saturday lunchtime -geranium also,now what do you mean.My plan! I change the reservation by Bo Bech to the lunchtime,now i have time for one dinner MR or Geranium? I prefer Geranium -is it also you favorite.
    Thank you and Good night

  • Hello Torsten

    Well, in that case I think I’d recommend you MR, where I expect to go very soon so you might find more info here next month.
    Geranium is fantastic and a must go.
    The Paul is less molecular but very good too.

    There are other very nice options such as Herman, Dragsholm Slot and Søllerød Kro but they are leaning more to the classic cuisine.

    Hope this helps – otherwise let me know! :-)

    Good luck!

  • Hello Trine,thanks for the answer.My favorites are a modern style/young creative chefs like oud sluis,hof van cleve ,in de wulf,jonkmann,amador.I have one reservation to a dinner by Bo Bech and one reservation to noma.I need restaurants for the lunch time on saturday.

  • Hi Torsten,

    I’d like to know a little more of your preferences to better advice you with something of your liking. Do you mean top restaurants only?


  • Hello Trine,please can you send me informations about the best restaurants in copenhagen 2008.I’ve plan a trip in october2008(noma und Bo Bech are booking).Thank you foyour answer.
    Best regards Torsten

  • Hey Rosie

    Ah, that’s a tough one! ;-)
    However, noma and the food you get there IS unique and you will find nothing like that place anywhere in the world. If I had to choose between Glashuset and noma I’d pick noma without blinking, although I love Glashuset too. But that’s me.

    The town of Lønstrup where Glahuset is located is a beautiful place because of the special nature there, the beach with colourful fishing vessels, the Rubjerg Knude, the heather hills, the roughness and the beauty all at the same time. It’s a holiday trip.

    What are generally your preferences?

    Happy anniversary for your boyfriend! :-)

  • Hi Trine,
    Ok – another question. I keep thinking about Glashuset. On a specialness scale of 1-10, is it close enough to 10 for a really nice treat for my boyfriend? We are celebrating his 30th birthday while he is here visiting.
    I now the Noma is supposed to be heavenly, but the countryside makes both of us really happy. And artisans, crafts, and great food in the countryside makes us positively swoon. . . . which is why I just cannot get Glashuset out of my mind.
    What would you say?

  • Hi Trine,
    I am working for the Wanas Foundation – a great outdoor sculpture and installation art park in south Sweden. It is a beautiful spot to spend my summer. Come on by and visit if you have some restaurants to review in the area.

  • Rosie – what are you doing in CPH by the way?

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Trine!
    When my boyfriend comes to visit, we will try one of those places – if I don’t just throw caution to the wind and head north to Glashuset.
    I am sure I can find directions on the web.
    I wish I had more time to explore the Copenhagen you describe with such lovely, edible language on your blog.

  • Hello Rosie

    How sweet of you to say so. :D

    Pastries… pastries… you know there’re not many good pastry shops around here. I do LOVE van Hauen’s cakes though (and La Glace of course). Have you ever been to Sophienholm The park is adorable with the view to Bagsværd Sø there are canal tours… The pastries are not as good as van Hauen but home made, I believe.
    Oh, and yes there is of course Søllerød Kro where I sometimes just pop in for afternoon coffee and cake – it’s such a pretty place and they are famous for their desserts.

    Do let me know if you need more information, directions or anything!


  • Hello Trine,
    Your webiste is wonderful! I am itching to go to the Glashuset now, and hopefully sometime this summer I might be able to.
    My question for you is about a good pastry place in or near Copenhagen. I visited the city for the first time over the weekend, and was completely entranced by the Statens Museum for Kunst and the Botanical Garden. The downtown pedestrian shopping scene was a little overwhelming, however. I would love to know of a place outside of the downtown where I could enjoy a wonderful afternoon snack. Any suggestions? I would travel for it!
    Thanks so much!

  • What an embarrassing shortcoming. Thanks, Peter! I have corrected it.

  • Kiin Kiin is Thai food!!!

  • Hej Lisa! Hvilken ære! Og jeg er så ærgerlig over at jeg ikke har en eneste post om spisesteder i Sverige. Endnu. To come!!
    TUSIND tak for din hilsen og din reference. :-D

    Åh – hvad vil du anbefale mig i Malmö, Göteborg og Stockholm?


  • Hej Trine! Ville bara tacka för din fina sajt och all information. Vi har skrivit om Noma och Geranium på vår sajt. Håller just på att färdigställa recensionen av Nimb (bara lunch dock).

  • I haven’t tried it yet, no. But obviously plan to soon. I hear the Herman should be good, but for Nimb I know no one who went there so far. I heard the newspaper reviews are thrilled about it. the website is not very informative.

  • Hi Trine – have you had the opportunity to try any of the new NIMB restaurants in Tivoli?

  • Hi Simone

    Okay, uncommon, good and modern, but less “nouvelle cuisine” with a trendy ambiance and people not too uptight? Cofoco! Cofoco is the best place I can think of which matches all your adjectives.

    Saa Hvidt is great as well! Great value for money.

    Otherwise… ehm. Well, if you don’t succeed in booking one these then I’ll think again.

    Oh, sorry to say it, but I didn’t get to try Pierre Hermé. The cue outside the shop was long and I hadn’t much time. :-(

  • I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to noma! Great.

    Thanks for narrowing your dinning wishes. I’ll have a think – is it for weekdays or Sunday? I ask because Sunday can be a bit difficult.

    Am enjoying it and today the weather was lovely (but unfortunately I spent most of the day in an office).

    What do you do in Jylland, if I may ask?

  • Hi Trine!

    Thanks for your answer.
    Actually I live in Jylland for a few months! And I haven’t had time yet for visiting Copenhagen. And I miss Pierre Hermé (good goat cheese as well)
    Sunday evening is ok for me.

    Finally, I have a reservation for Noma (kind of… “come at 21.30 and we will get you the first table available” ; hope it won’t be too long) I’m looking forward to discover it!

    I am still looking for another restaurant ; I want something good and modern but less “nouvelle cuisine” + a trendy ambiance and people + not too uptight. (By original, I meant “unusual” or “uncommon”, hem… it seems that it wasn’t the right word). Do you have an idea ?

    Enjoy Paris!

  • Hi Simone

    Thank YOU so much for stopping by an to leave a comment! :-) Actually, I’m in Paris right now, so I’d like to get back to you by Sunday evening – or it that too late for you?

    Em, by original Danish – do you mean “old fashioned” Danish?

    As for noma – you know lunch is not always full. I suggest you try and ring them anyway. That’s is you have time for a lunch. Sometimes noma also do get cancellations.

    Where in France are you from? Brussels – do you live there?

    I have to pay Pierre Hermé a visit. And I am on Saturday! :-P

  • Hi Trine,

    First of all, thanks for this great website! I’m looking for a restaurant in Copenhaghen, and this place is full of “very good” information!
    But if I’m very interested in food (I’m french !!!), I also want a special, original, and still Danish “ambiance” for a 2 people dinner…
    What could be your suggestions ?
    Norma would be the ideal, it seems both very modern and very cosy and nordic (“hyggelig” !) but I guess it’s already booked for my day…

    What are on your opinion the best restaurants in CPH, with a non “classical” inner design ? (more … fashion !)

    Tak !

    PS : Yes, you should definitely try Pierre Hermé, I’m a fan, I love it… But if you go to Bruxelles, you should also try the Pierre Marcolini chocolates : original, sophisticated and SO good..

  • great news – I can look forward to a treat of photos and prose!

  • Hi Yin

    By coincidence I’m going there next week – will be my first time ;-).


  • Hi Trine

    Thanks for the list. Was wondering if you or any of your readers had any thoughts on Saa Hvidt?



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