Monthly Archive for August, 2007

La Nave – Simple and Honest

I’d like to tell you about La Nave.

La Nave is located on the Ligurian Riviera in a tiny town named San Michele di Pagana between Rapallo and Portofino.… »

Gastronaut’s Goodies

During the last months I have discovered some fabulous blogs about good food and good restaurants. I’m feeding myself and my laptop with creations of these sources in between my excellent eats escapes.… »

Do plums have a sex life?

I have a weekend cottage. I love it there. It’s the complete opposite of my everyday life in the city. I find nature, peace there.… »

Unique noma

I love noma. I just do. Of all the places where I have dined until this date, noma is the best one.… »

Glashuset Revisited

NOTE: New owner. Kim Møller-Kjær has moved to Villa Vest now!

Have you ever tasted a wine made from Danish dandelions?… »

Change my serviette, please!

There’s something about gourmet dining that puzzles me a lot. The serviette and when it gets changed. At most of the top-notch restaurants I have been to, they change my serviette with a clean, ironed and perfectly folded according to that place’s custom every time I go to the loo.… »