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Nordic Chefs’ Summit 2014

I’m back.

It’s been almost a year without any real activity on this blog. I didn’t stop eating – I just didn’t feel for doing writeup upon writeup of the meals.… » Recommends Very Good Food recommends Very Good Food in their feature on Copenhagen Cooking:

Episode # 66 – from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Very Good Food is on at 4:35 but the entire clip is great viewing!… »

No More Copenhagen Post Food Blog

I’m not writing articles for the Copenhagen Post’s Food Blog any longer. I realised that it took up too much of my time and that I couldn’t keep up with very good food the way I would like to.… »

Copenhagen Post – Food Blog

The Copenhagen Post has introduced a new food blog culumn in their In and Out Guide and they’ve invited Zarah Maria, Jennie and me to write it based on the content of our blogs respectfully.… »

Ads? Nah!

As long as Google Adwords can’t match the content of my blog any better than with lipo suction, diet products and other totally irrelevant ads, I won’t smudge Very Good Food with them.… »

Camera Comments

I’ve decided to create a Camera Comments page to gather all the camera comments there so they are easy to find in the future instead of attched to various post I publish.… »

Huh, ads?

Yeah, well. I have realized that it’s quite an expensive hobby I’ve got. Maybe a few Google ads can pay for the wine… or some of it.… »