Nordic Chefs’ Summit 2014

I’m back.

It’s been almost a year without any real activity on this blog. I didn’t stop eating – I just didn’t feel for doing writeup upon writeup of the meals.… »

Noma rules once more

For the third time my beloved Noma has been declared the world’s number one restaurant at Restaurant Magazine’s and San Pellegrino’s The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.… »

noma – one more time

Time for a new noma post! Today 2nd of August is my birthday so why not celebrate with a few words and photos from my latest visit to noma?… »

CPH Crawl 4/6: noma

So, we arrived to the fourth restaurant visit this evening. Not that I was really hungry anymore, but I was still very excited and curious about what the second half of the crawl would bring us.… »

noma 13

The Last time I dined at noma (May 08), René proposed a break of five to six months for me to see how much noma would develop over a half a year’s time.… »

Why I Never Get Tired of Noma

I have to show you the photos from my latest noma lunch, because René did it again! The menu I got on April 30 completely overwhelmed me.… »

Noma and the Surprise

Can you bear another noma post?

Mum and me like to meet for a mother-daughter day once or twice a year, and for our date set to 13 March 2008 I had decided that I would invite my mum to noma for lunch.… »

Noma and Grandma

I wanted to take my grandma to noma for a very special reason, and I’ll tell you, but first I need you to know a little bit about her to put it all into perspective.… »


I love the autumn. The colourful trees in bright yellow and powerful red coats, the blue water peeping out between the naked branches at the far end of my garden, the brown leaf on the lawn of my cottage.… »

Noma – Heavenly lightness of good food

Scandinavian food when it’s best

I’m in love. In love with noma. It’s as simple as that. noma is the best place to eat in Copenhagen at the moment, in my opinion.… »