Monthly Archive for July, 2007

Le Sommelier – Where did the Sophistication and Elegance go?

Le Sommelier is a French brasserie and wine bar owned by Francis Cardenau, Jesper Boelskifte and Erik Gemal Witting. Francis was the chef at Kommandanten before he came to Le Sommelier and he was the first in Denmark to be awarded with two Michelin stars.… »

Breaking News: Tyvenkokkenhanskoneoghendeselsker becomes Nouveau

NB! This restaurant is closed down and doesn’t exsist anymore.

Wow! What an evening! What absolutely surprising and fantastic food!

The restaurant with the peculiar name Tyvenkokkenhanskoneoghendeselsker (The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover) has got a new owner: Kasper Rune Sørensen.… »

Classic Søllerød Kro

Visited on 24 June 2007

Søllerød Kro is an old inn about 20 kilometres North from Copenhagen in the old village of Søllerød.… »