Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Il Mio Divino

By a sudden impulse I had a nice late lunch yesterday at one of my favourite places on the north coast of Zealand about half hour’s drive from Copenhagen.… »

Geranium Revisited

My recent Geranium experience on 12 March was wonderful. What stroke me this time was the combination of the extreme kindness from the staff in a very down to earth way and, of course, the quality and creativity of the food.… »

Trine Needs Slimming

I must share this with you. If this isn’t gluttony, then I don’t know what is. Four great restaurants in four days, how about that?… »

It’s Official! Copenhagen’s Michelin Stars 2008

It’s official! The red Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe 2008 awards following Danish restaurants in this year’s guide.… »