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The spirit of El Bulli and the foot print of the world’s best gastronomy

El Bulli is the stuff legends are made of. It holds three Michelin stars since 2002 and was five times voted the World’s best restaurant by Restaurant Magazine.… »

El Bulli

Spherical olives

Here is a small teaser of my dinner at El Bulli last night. Stay tuned for more asap… 😉… »

I take it back: elBulli will not close for good

After posting the New York Times’ news about elBulli not reopening in 2014, I’ve realised that the Spanish news paper El Pais informs on 13th February that FerrĂ n AdriĂ  didn’t say anything about elBulli not to open again in 2014.… »

elBulli Closure

I know it’s yesterday’s news. Well it’s older than that actually. Anyways, I’d just like to ensure that you all know that due to the celebration of elBulli-founder Ferrran Adria hitting 50 in 2012, the best restaurant in the world will remain closed for private customers dring 2012 + 2013.… »