Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Chef Pugliesi blogs about his new place: Relæ

Christian Pugliesi and Kim Rossen, who met each other when working at noma, are in early April going to open their brand new restaurant Relæ in the Nørrebro area of CPH.… »

Exciting News: Rasmus Kofoed and Søren Ledet to open new restaurant

At the Omnivore Food Festival Rasmus Kofoed, former co-owner of Geranium, reveals that a new press release will be sent out in about a week’s time stating the exciting news about the new restaurant he and Søren Ledet are going to open later this year.… »

CPH Crawl 1/6: Kiin Kiin

The evening of the CPH Crawl on 4th February 2010 began for me when I precisely 17:45 entered the doors to the modern Thai cooking restaurant Kiin Kiin.… »

I take it back: elBulli will not close for good

After posting the New York Times’ news about elBulli not reopening in 2014, I’ve realised that the Spanish news paper El Pais informs on 13th February that Ferràn Adrià didn’t say anything about elBulli not to open again in 2014.… »

elBulli will close for good

In an interview last Friday (February 12th) Ferran Adriá informed that in December 2011 El Bulli will close for good. This was stated on the Diner’s Journal about dining out on the New York Times blog.… »

VGF in panel at The Flemish Primitives

Quite surprisingly I was invited to be a part of a panel in front of a large audience at The Flemish Primitives.… »

The CPH Crawl – In Search of the Perfect Dinner

Inspired by Steve Plotnicki’s crawls in New York City with first chef Sergio Herman and later the food critic Jay Rayner, Laurent and I organised a crawl of CPH’s best restaurants on 4th February 2010.… »