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Le Meurice ***

When I attended the Flemish food event in early February (sorry this post has been waiting for months) I connected through Paris and had a nice opportunity of lunching at Le Meurice on 9th February 2010.… »

Le Chateaubriand – Bonne Bistronomie

When I visited In de Wulf, Belgium, for the six hands dinner, I connected through Paris and had an extra night there before I returned to Copenhagen.… »

Paris Report #1

You know already that I took pleasure in dining at Pierre Gagnaire, which was my first 3* Michelin experience in Paris.… »

Discovering Pierre Gagnaire – and a Friendship

“Let me know the day you’re ready for Gagnaire… I’ll join too”, this is what Laurent wrote to me months ago and by that the first very good food / Gatros on Tour epicurious date saw light.… »