Monthly Archive for March, 2010

AOC – Makes Me Happy

I must tell you about my AOC visit. Last week a friend of mine and I were talking about AOC and the fact that none of us had visited the restaurant since it opened September last year.… »

Michelin 2010

The news we have been waiting almost a year for is here, the new red Guide Michelin: Main Cities of Europe 2010 is here.… »

CPH Crawl 4/6: noma

So, we arrived to the fourth restaurant visit this evening. Not that I was really hungry anymore, but I was still very excited and curious about what the second half of the crawl would bring us.… »

Geranium Revival

Just to ensure you all know the good news about Geranium‘s reopening this summer.

The restaurant will be situated in a new location in the Østerbro area of CPH and part of the national stadium Parken.… »

CPH Crawl 3/6: The Paul

Next up was The Paul, named after head chef and owner Paul Cunningham. Tivoli is closed at this time of the year, and the restaurant is only open on special occasions and for private parties.… »

CPH Crawl 2/6: Herman

Second stop on our tour around the best restaurants in Copenhagen was Herman at the Tivoli Gardens run by head chef Thomas Herman.… »

The Flemish Primitives – Is Belgium the New Black?

On February 8th I attended my first international culinary conference, The Flemish Primitives, which took place in Bruges.

Named after a group of painters who were active in the Netherlands during the 15th and early 16th century in the flourishing cities of Bruges and Ghent, The Flemish Primitives today is the a group of Belgian chefs as well at the name of this annual culinary congress.… »