Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Disappointing DR

This is a different post from what I usually write, but I just feel I have to say this.

It has taken me a few days to really digest Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s (DR) noma documentary.… »

Autumn Time is Truffle Time

Autumn time is truffle time. The moisty, earthy smell of this strange fungus is autumn in its purest sense and as the best truffles are in season at this time of the year, this is when to opt for the truffle dish.… »

A Comment on the Noma Documentary

For you guys who were not able to see Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s noma documentary tonight, I thought I’d like to make a comment.… »

Noma Documentary

Danish Broadcasting Corporation has been following noma day and night with a camera for months, and this has now resulted in a documentary that will be run the on DR1 channel the 12th November 8pm.… »