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Knuthenlund – The Native Cooking Award 2014

Sunday September 7 I attended The Native Cooking Award 2014 at Knuthenlund estate on the island of Lolland – one of the southernmost parts of Denmark.… »

Chef-Sache 2011 – Touched by Kindness

On 18-19 September I had the great pleasure of attending what I would like to call the friendliest food event ever, Chef-Sache 2011 – The international culinary symposium in Germany.… »


Autumn 2011 – The third round of CHEF-SACHE, the international culinary symposium in Germany.

• The gastronomy branch elite under one roof.… »

Dinner in the Fields of the Isle of Lilleø

This is a unique opportunity to visit the Isle of Lilleø, eat Anders Selmer’s fabulous food of Kødbyens Fiskebar and dine in the middle of the fields of Hans Lund Farm full of apple trees and vineyards of the renowned Danish wine Arwen.… »

MAD Foodcamp – Back to nature for better produce!

Imagine the Roskilde Festival taking place in Copenhagen and with food instead of music?

That’s what’s going to happen at Denmark’s first open air food festival: MAD Foodcamp the purpose of which is to celebrate the Nordic food & nature, the seasons, the harvest and the food of our region.… »

Back Stage at The Flemish Primitives

From time to time during The Flemish Primitives I went back stage to see what was going on behind the scene and in the kitchen where chefs prepared for their presentations.… »

Impressions from The Flemish Primitives 2011

On the 13th of March 2011 I arrived in Ostend, Belgium, with a good handful of food bloggers and food consultants.… »

Tweeting from The Flemish Primitives 2011

I’m at Oostende’s beautiful beach for this year’s culinary event of The Flemish Primitives. Follow my comments and photos at!/verygoodfood.… »