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La Vie Revisited

As they do every summer, my parents-in-law are right now touring Europe on bicycles. This means that when my father-in-law turned 70 last week, we had to meet up with them in northern France to celebrate.… »

La Vie – The Essence of Beauty and Taste II

After enjoying a fabulous lunch at La Vie as well as a wonderful trip to Schloß Ibbenburg’s lovely garden we returned to Osnabrück just in time to explore the beautiful old town centre – and to gain a little more appetite for the La Vie dinner that was waiting for us.… »

La Vie – The Essence of Beauty and Taste

The second stop on my summer trip to a couple of the best German restaurants was at restaurant La Vie, run by head chef Thomas Bühner and his charming wife and hostess Thayarni Kanagaratnam. … »

Chef-Sache 2011 – Touched by Kindness

On 18-19 September I had the great pleasure of attending what I would like to call the friendliest food event ever, Chef-Sache 2011 – The international culinary symposium in Germany.… »

Aqua – When Precision Engineering Meets Passion

This summer I had the immense pleasure of expanding my knowledge about German high-end restaurants. During a five-day drive from Berlin to Westphalen, I visited two places that both confirmed what too many northerners don’t realize: Germany is more than a freeway.… »


Autumn 2011 – The third round of CHEF-SACHE, the international culinary symposium in Germany.

• The gastronomy branch elite under one roof.… »

Schloss Berg Revisited

In connection with a business trip to Heidelberg I fancied revisiting Schloss Berg which is managed by head chef Christian Bau and his sweet wife and hostess Yildiz Bau.… »

Stunning Schloss Berg ***

In the little Art de Vivre booklet of Germany’s best places to eat I took note of the Schloss Berg castle and restaurant.… »

Restaurant Résidence – Classic Elegance

It wasn’t a recommendation but the need for an overnight accommodation that made me select this place after reading about it in the L’Arte de Vivre and Michelin guides.… »

FACIL – Modern German Dining

Just back from Berlin, where I highly treasured the pieces of restaurant advice I had got. Thanks very much, Ingo! I tried two restaurants and this is how I experienced the first one, Facil.… »

German Thoroughness at s’Laurent

S’ Laurent is a nice Bib gourmand awarded low key restaurant serving delicate interpretations of the German cuisine offered generously and in large portions.… »