at my favourite restaurantWho’s Very Good Food? My name is Trine, I live in Copenhagen and have blogged about gourmet food on Very Good Food since the beginning of 2007.
I love dining at excellent restaurants and drinking great wines, and I adore places that surprise me – be it the three star kinds or a less fashionable bistro. If you like that too, you might enjoy to read about the great gastronomy of the many places I have visited. Or just to drool over the my photos of hundreds of legendary dishes.

People have different taste in food and wine, so I don’t write reviews, but try carefully to describe the taste elements and everything about the experience that thrills me. It’s up to you to make up your own mind whether to visit a place or not. The purpose of Very Good Food is simply to share very good food experiences and the joys of fine dining – from haut cuisine to simple delis and all over the world.

About me

When I’m not blogging I have a full-time job in as a localization manager in a global software company. I write this blog in my free time and unless I state otherwise, I pay for the dinners myself.

I’d like to stress that only write about places I would return to. So, even though my review might seem a bit pessimistic, I would still love to return to the place for another lunch or dinner.

The restaurants I link to under ‘Restaurants I Recommend’ on the right-hand side are all places I have visited and where I have found very good food, but not necessarily written a post about. I only link to places that I recommend you to visit.

I don’t think that a bad review of a restaurant will do anybody any good, so that’s not my business.

My photos?

I primarily use a digital SLR Canon EOS 500D with a Canon 50 mm Prime 1.4 USM lens instead of the kit 18-55 mm. Sometimes the big one isn’t appropriate and in such cases I use my petit Canon Ixus 950is which is best used with bright lights. Oh, read my unofficial photo advisor’s cool tips, if you like.

Petit Fours

Sometimes I write posts that are not about restaurant, but more sort of a private and personal kind. I mark these posts with the ‘Petit Fours’ category tag.

Enjoy! That’s what we are here for.

Trine Lai

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  • Hi Trine,

    I am moving to Copenhagen early next year to launch a heath focused fast casual concept. I would love to speak with you about your insights into the every changing food trends of Copenhagen. If it’s not too much, could we Skype briefly or grab a coffee?


  • Hi Trine,

    I’m writing to you from a British TV Production Company – Denhams. I tried emailing your personal email but it bounced back. I’d very much like to chat to you about a BBC food programme we are producing in Copenhagen. Please could you email me so we can discuss further?

    Many thanks,


  • Great site! Headed over to Copenhagen tomorrow from NYC and hoping to hit as many of these as I can. Thank you for the info.


    • Hey Leon, thanks for your kind words and good luck! ?

      • Loving your blog and insights! So many choices its difficult to decide where to go! I am visiting Copenhagen with my husband to see my son studying abroad there this fall. We will be there Friday-Monday nights. I would love a good range of types of restaurants. I have made a reservation at Kiin Kiin since my son loves Asian inspired cuisine. Also have one at BROR. An other recommendations for our little group of serious foodies (that have good appetites!), price doesn’t really matter- its our one opportunity to eat there!
        Keep up the great eating!

      • Hi Stephanie,
        So sorry for my tardy reply, the last few days have been hectic…
        Anyway, I hope your reservation at Kiin Kiin is for Monday as many good restaurants are closed that day but not Kiin Kiin. And, I would do BROR on a Sunday night. Saturday lunch you could do Relæ, I just love that place. Amass could work for lunch on Friday. Then this leaves Geranium and Bæst for Friday and Saturday night. 🙂 For lunch on Monday I suggest Schønnemann for trying out the traditional Danish smørrebrød (open-face sandwiches).
        Good luck and I hope you’ll enjoy Copenhagen!


  • Hi Trine,
    Thanks for you blog is very helpful and well made it!! We are new in CPH, we opened two days ago our first out-side italy, Food Truck at Torvehallerne, the name is LùBar, and is in the main square!!
    We do typical Sicilian food, Arancino. I hope you ll pass by!!

    Thanks Lucrezia

  • Hi Trine – There is so much good info here. Planning a trip to Copenhagen from Aberdeen for my birthday and will try to eat at as many of your restaurants as possible.

    Why no posts since November?

    Hope all is well and you are just taking break!

  • Hi Trine,
    I have enjoyed following your blog, it is very informational for fellow foodies.
    I was in Copenhagen in October and was able to eat in many of your suggested restaurants.
    I am returning next month for a very short time so I have been carefully considering my options.
    I do not see that you have written much about Geist except that they have a lovely space. I
    have made a reservation here for a Sunday but after reading about so many other restaurants
    I am second guessing my decision. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Dear Trine,
    I need your expertise. I need to send some wonderful food to some friends in Copenhagen and I was wondering if you can recommend a store/restaurant that can arrange the delivery. I live in the US an I am having troubles finding a place like that over the internet. Any recommendation would be great.
    Thank you!

  • Hello Trine

    maybe my question will sound rather “mainstream” for somebody with your passion for food…
    Although I had the opportunity to test Noma and its peers, I’m searching for the best table for traditional danish smorrebrod, herring and the likes …
    I know Schonnemann and Lumskebugten, but what would be your favorit ?

    Kind regards
    Virginie (Switzerland)(where by the way, there is a few addresses to add to your wishlist!)

  • I visited your blog and I find it very interesting…
    I wanted to insert references to your articles in my portal (an example http://eatingoutwell.com/en/copenhagen/v/kiin-kiin/ )
    I think there are no problems (about the content and not even about the authorship)
    I hope to make you happy with this.

    Have a nice day

  • hi Trine,

    Good morning, How are you?

    We will be in Copenhagen soon in April. We would have loved it but did not get booking for Noma. Which other restaurants do you recommend?

  • Hej Trine _ jeg skriver til dig , da jeg som caster skal finde medvirkende til en reklame.
    Det er en reklamefilm , til henholdsvis DK, Sverige, Norge og Finland.
    2 film med 2 medvirkende til hvert land.

    De skal alle optages i København i uge 9 eller evt uge 10 – ca 1/2 dags optagelse i studiet.
    Manuskriptet blir skrevet udfra de medvirkende. Dvs at man ikke skal sige noget – som ikke er sandt for den medvirkende.

    Reklamen er for NeoPhos – opvasketabletter.
    Og grunden til at vi leder efter madbloggere er jo at de selv fotograferer deres mad og lægger billederne op på siden. Man har brug for at ens tallekener og bestik ser rent og pænt ud.

    Udover løn får man lov til at kreditere sin madblogg.

    Rettighederne er 1 år TV og stills ( kun supermarkeder)

    Hvis du kunne være interesseret vil jeg meget gerne modtage en lille film – lavet på din tlf eller I pad – behøver på ingen måde være fancysmart.

    2 – 3 min hvor du præsenterer dig selv, og fortæller om dig – din blogg og hvad du kender til Neophos ( hvis du kender dem )
    Filmen skal bare sendes hertil denne adresse inden onsdag i den kommende uge.

    Så tager vi stilling til om vi skal gå videre med dig – og du hører fra os.
    Lønnen forhandles herefter.

    Og hvis du evt skulle ha forslag til andre bloggere fra de nævnte lande, vil jeg naturligvis blive taknemmelig for at få dem 🙂

    Håber at høre fra dig.

    MVH Karin Jagd

  • Hej Trine,

    Jeg har med interesse læst dine blogs de sidste mange måneder og synes at det virkelig er flot. Jeg tænkte at jeg lige vil skrive til dig mht vores restaurant, El Viejo Mexico, på Store Kongensgade 61, i København, hvor Børsen har valgt os som den bedste mexicansk restaurant i København. Vil bare dele mine tanker med dig og hører dig om evt. nogle gode ideer. Vores facebook side er http://www.facebook.com/ElViejo61.

    Glæder mig meget til at høre fra dig.

    Sina Bolghari
    EL Viejo Mexico

  • Hi Trine,

    Just met Lars who told me to read your food blog on all things CPH and more. Love it already. Am totally envious of your 25+ visits to Noma and your very special 10 course lunch there. Will be following your foodie travels with much interest.


  • Hi Trine,

    We both share 2 passions, localization and good food. Although I’m working for a UK based company now, I don’t forget my Portugal. I was wondering why you don’t have any references to PT restaurants… I would be more than happy to suggest some pearls that we have over there…

    Rodrigo Cristina

  • Hej Trine!
    I love your blog and digging in it whenever I need some inspiration for CPH dining since my home in Sweden is very close. I’m going to Geranium this weekend and very excited over it. Before that we were thinking about a tea/coffee place in the afternoon. Do you have any suggestions for that?


  • Dear Trine,

    I share your passion for excellent gastronomical experiences and I am also living and working in Copenhagen. I would very much like to get inspiration from you on how you started following your passion and also discuss a potential idea with you, if you are interested in meeting up with a fellow foodie who also has a full time corporate job. 🙂

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  • I LOVE your blog!!! Thanks so much for writing about all the beautiful and yummy places. I am hoping to visit Copenhagen soon and I will make sure I use your recommendation during my culinary adventures. Much love to you.

  • Hej Trine, jeg har en invitation til dig, men har ikke din adresse. Vil du sende mig den?
    Bedste Hilsner

  • hello,

    I’d love to talk to you about featuring in the inflight magazine for Brussels Airline, Bthere. Your blog is great and I’d love to ask you a few questions.

    If you’re interested please get in touch!


  • Hi Bill

    Bror and Fiskebaren are fantastic places, I’m sure you’ll have a good time there.
    For lunch on Sunday I’d recommend Manfreds & Vin, and for Monday either Aamanns, Schonnemann or Royal Copenhagen’s café should work well.
    Ooooh, Amass would be a treat 🙂

    Let me know if you need any other info.


  • Hi Trine,

    I am a San Francisco restaurateur visiting Copenhagen June 30 – July 2 … unfortunately a Sunday and Monday. Most places (including noma, of course) are closed. We have reservations at BROR Sunday night and Fiskebar Monday night.
    What would be your recommendations for lunch … for example Amanns vs. Schonneman, etc.? We are also trying to get into Amass.

    Thank you,


  • Kære Trine

    Jeg har en invitation til dig – men jeg har brug for din email adresse – vil du sende mig den?

    Mange hilsner

  • hello you know georgian foods?georgian cuisine?i am to kopenhagen,

  • Hi Trine,

    I really enjoy reading your blog! As you seem to be the expert on Danish food and restaurant have some questions for an upcoming trip to Denmark and a search for Danish products. Could you perhaps send me an email so we can get in touch?

    Kind regards, Marleen

  • Hey there. Please elaborate more on the recipes. Take mielcke- hurtigkarl where the appetizers are only shown with no explaining and dessert noted as bon fire meaning what?the ingredients?.
    cool set up just like foodsnob bloq but without the same attention to detail though.

  • Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological world all
    is existing on web?

  • Hi Trine

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I am definitely pleasantly surprised. Love the quality of your pictures and the clear and simple layout is great.

    Looking forward to follow your blog!


  • Hi Trine,

    Success! It was nervewracking (lol), but I finally got through online at 10:08 and was able to book lunch on one of the days I’ll be in Copenhagen. I was also dialing the phone the whole time but never got through. I tried to book again and got through online again at 10:28 and all dates in September were fully booked. I’m so excited to be able to experience Noma. Thanks again for your great blog — very helpful to people who want to visit Copenhagen!


  • Hi Trine and Neil,

    I decided to ask Noma about booking online for 1. I sent them an email and got a bounceback message that they do not answer individual emails due the volume of emails they receive. BUT the next morning I did receive a response — very nice and decent of them! I will (hopefully) book for 1 because I’d rather not risk booking for 2 and then have to ask to change it to 1. Now I am becoming a nervous wreck about trying get a reservation! (LOL)

    Here was the response:

    Dear Richard

    Thanks for your mail.

    Yes, you can book a table for 1 person online and I would recommend you to try on telephone as well (+45 3296 3297).

    Have a nice day.

    Med venlig hilsen/Best regards

    Thomas Bagge

    noma booking

  • Thanks Trine and Neil for the noma advice! I’ll be up very early Pacific time to try to make reservations. 🙂

    If you recommend any other particular restaurants for solo diners (either lunch or dinner) please let me know. I’m not shy about dining alone unless the restaurant is weird about it or not set up for it. I’ll be in Copenhagen for 3 days in early September and againg coming through for one night later in September.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Richard
      Sorry the slow response, I’m in France:).

      Fiskebaren has a nice bar counter where it’s great to sit alone and also Ricemarket has such and where I go alone myself. But any restaurant really welcomes a sole diner. September is a nice month here by the way.


  • Richard, the online system will not accept bookings for one anymore, as far as I remember.

    I have changed 2>1 in the past without any issue, although, given the number of times I’ve been lucky to eat there, I’m sure they would not have dreamed of making an issue out of it.


  • Hi Trine,

    Great web site! I am visiting Copenhagen for the first time for three days in September. Your site has been tremendously helpful in planning. I am going to try to get a reservation at Noma. I read the instructions on their web site so I know when to try. Do you recommend telephone or online? Also, I may have a friend joining me in Copenhagen so if I make a reservation for two but wind up going alone, will they let me change the reservation to one? By the way, is it worthwhile to eat at Noma alone? Thanks!

    • Hi Richard
      Thank you very much and I’m happy to hear my information has been helpful.
      For starters, noma is absolutely worth it alone. I’m done it 2-3 times and described it here . The staff is marvellous and you will not feel you’re on your own.
      I’ve successfully booked online, so recommend that. But you need to be ready when the open at 10 am CET on the day. It’s my impression that their cancellation policy has gotten more strict, so I’m not sure if they will let you change from 2 => 1. Perhaps it’s easier to change 2 => 1?
      Let me know if you need more information.

  • Hi Trine!

    Thanks – I secured reservations but have to wait on Fiskebar until the booking opens. But unfortunately Kong Hans Kælder is closed Sunday. I will have to return to Copenhagen again 🙂 I secured a reservation at Le Sommelier based on a bit of research and your site. If you have any different recommendation for a Sunday let me know…

    Many thanks again!

  • Hi Neil,

    My kids are 1 and 3. We will have a babysitter available if needed but prefer to have family lunches…

    Thank you for your advice!
    We appreciate all of the blogs and advice.

    Kind regards,

  • Anu – how old are your kids? – I think I’m a bit more qualified than Trine on this particular advice ;).


  • Hello!

    I love your site. We are going to visit July 29 through Aug 1. We are torn on where to go and unfortunately many restaurants are on holiday or not open Sun – Tues. We will visit Hong Kans Kaelder on Sunday and Geranium on Wed. Any recommendations for Mon and Tues? I was thinking Kiin Kiin or Soellerad Kro or Fiskebar or Fischer… I looked into Herman but it is closing soon to be replaced by Nimb Louise? Do you think that will be a good choice Monday night?

    If you have any casual kid-friendly rwcommendations for lunch (dinners are without kids) that would be great also.

    Thank you for any help! I loved reading your blogs…


    • Hi Anu,
      Thank you for your sweet words! 🙂
      You are right, many restaurants have closed around those days. Herman has just got a new chef de cuisine, Allan Poulsen, and the restaurant has therefore changed name to Nimb Louise (“Herman” was the surname of the former chef). I haven’t been to Nimb Louise yet, but went to Henne Kirkeby Kro when Allan was head chef and had a fantastic dinner http://verygoodfood.dk/tag/henne-kirkeby-kro/. So Nimb Louise should be worth it for sure.
      For Kong Hans Kælder note that the chef de cuisine Thomas Rhode Andersen is pursuing the paleo style food now and is less classic French-oriented compared to what it was before (I haven’t tried it). I love both Kiin Kiin and Søllerød Kro but they are closed those days. Too bad because Søllerød would be a place you could bring your kids for lunch.

      Here is what I would do:
      Sunday: Kong Hans Kælder
      Monday: Nimb Louise
      Tuesday: Kødbyens Fiskebar
      Wednesday: Geranium
      Lunch with kids:
      Kofoed http://verygoodfood.dk/tag/koefoed/
      Manfreds & Vin (not Monday) http://manfreds.dk/
      Nimb Brasserie http://www.tivoli.dk/composite-8834.htm
      Kanalen (not Sunday) http://www.restaurant-kanalen.dk/
      Lumskebugten (not Sunday) http://www.lumskebugten.dk/

      I wish you a great time here and do let me know if there’s more info you need.

      Best from

  • Hey Keith
    I’m happy to help! 🙂
    For Friday I would think the Fiskebar is a perfect choice as you can hang out there after the dinner. They are open till 3am I believe. And if you want to go somewhere else there are plenty of bars in the meatpacking district and that very lively part of Versterbro.
    For Wednesday night I’d recommend Relæ http://verygoodfood.dk/2011/02/19/rel%C3%A6-in-summer/ or Manfreds & Vin http://manfreds.dk/
    Let me know if you need more info. Wish you a great time here.

  • Hey there,

    I have a quick question for you. Sorry to bother you with this, but I love your blog and see you seem so knowledgeable about Copenhagen I thought you’d be best to ask.

    Myself and my girlfriend are going to Copenhagen next week Wed 02 – Sat 05 May

    We have a lunch reservation for Noma on Thurs 03, but I am having trouble picking places to go for food on the other nights.

    I have Wednesday Evening and Friday Evening to fill (Thursday I think we will go to Tivoli Gardens).
    I am thinking we should go to Fiskebar one of the nights (maybe Wednesday).

    Can you a good place for us to go? There is just too much choice!!!
    I guess we are looking for somewhere a little more casual than say Noma, and if it’s a Friday evening, somewhere we can hang out for a while and enjoy our last night.
    We don’t want food that is too ‘fine dining’ as we do not want to eat too much rich food over a couple of days…
    Or at least somewhere in an area where there are some cool bars or something we can go afterwards…

    If you have time to make some suggestions…I would appreciate it.



    P.S: I can return the favour if you come to Dublin some day 

  • ELSKER din blog! (^_^)

  • Hi Trine,

    I am on the search for mystery diners/guests in Copenhagen. I hope you don’t mind me posting here. Would you or your readers be interested?

    You might be interested if you like to eat out, give feedback on your dining experience and get your meal paid for in return then this might be of interest to you.

    To become a mystery diner/guest you need to have an eye for detail, access to the internet, a camera/scanner to send over a picture of the receipt, as well as a good written command of English. If this sounds like you then please visit our website to apply to become a mystery diner or see our Facebook page:
    Many thanks,

  • Hi Trine

    I love what you are doing..
    Keep it up great 🙂
    Rasmus Grønbech is going to be honored in a big event in Bern Switzerland on the 7th of July.
    Please advice on Email if you are interested in more information on this.



  • Dear Trine,

    one thing first: your blog is great! I love reading it and it is extremely nicely written and very interesting.

    In the next issue of our special interest magazine for gastronomy and hotel-business ROLLING PIN, published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are featuring a story about “raw cooking”. And I have to tell you that I love your pictures of the event. Therefore I kindly ask you if you could send us some pictures of the dishes of the great chefs at the event in high resolution (min. 300 dpi).

    I would be very happy if you could help me in this case!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

  • Kære M. Engelbrecht

    Jeg ville vælge enten L’Arpege eller L’Astrance.
    Ledoyen har jeg aldrig besøgt og har ikke rigtigt har lyst… L’Arpege prøvede jeg til en hastig 4-retters frokost og vil meget gerne tilbage og prøve “carte blanche”

    God tur 🙂

  • Kære Trine,

    Jeg skriver til dig, da jeg skal til Paris i slutningen af juni måned. Planen er at spise på én restaurant, der har opnået 3 stjerner i Guide Michelin.

    Hvilken restaurant ville du anbefale? Tænker selv lidt Ledoyen eller L’Arpege.

    På forhånd tak.

  • Hi Albert

    At Christianshavn opporsite the Metro station try Lagkagehuset. It’s excellent (and not cheap;)

  • Hi Trine,

    your posts on noma have been fantastic for me. i actually have the great luck of a reservation for lunch at noma soon, and was wondering if you knew any breakfast spots to sit down at beforehand?


  • Hi Neil

    Just realized that I haven’t replied to you about Bo Jacobsen’s Paustian, sorry.

    I got the “tartellet” with black truffles which was perfect, rich and very tasty, I really enjoyed it. I also liked the other rich starter of “gratineret” fennel. I did not enjoy however that both the starters were served at the same time. The service in general was fuzzy and seemed inexperienced. My main course of halibut (as far as I remember) was good, rich sauce but not as outstanding as the two starters. All in all a nice dinner but a little more expensive than I had imagined (so not two starters next time ;-)).

  • Hi Jeroen

    Both Geranium and especially noma are very relaxed about the dresscode. Perhaps I would wear a dress in Geranium but for noma I have often been wearing jeans.

    Thank you 🙂 and I wish you have a great time!

  • Hi Trina,

    Really great blog. I have a question: This Thursday I’m flying into Copenhagen being lucky having both reservations for Noma and Geranium. Now my wife is worrying a bit about the dresscode of those restaurants. Could you help out? (I’m hoping we can stick to cabin luggage 😉

    best regards

  • Hej Trine

    I noticed you were at the ‘new’ Paustian recently. I like the sound of it very much. So quick question, ‘yes/no’?

    I’ve been here long enough now to have a good appreciation of more traditional Danish food which is why I quite like the sound of it.

    vgf (at) neildonovan.co.uk if you’d rather your opinion wasn’t public 😉


  • Hej Frederik

    Det er da fantastisk! Og du er meget optimistisk synes jeg 🙂

  • Hej Trine,

    Hvad siger du til disse odds?

    Bookmaker: Noma får tre Michelin-stjerner!

    Scandic Bookmakers er nu ude med odds på de kommende Michelin-nomineringer. Bookmakeren tror på tre stjerner til den hæderkronede Restaurant Noma.

    De kommende Michelin-nomineringer bliver de mest interessante længe, set med danske øjne. Vi har i Restaurant Noma, en oplagt kandidat til at få hele tre Michelin-stjerner, samtidig med at verdens bedste kok, Rasmus Kofoed, også forventes at hive stjerner hjem til sin restaurant Geranium. Vores oddssættere spår faktisk tre af slagsen til Restaurant Noma, siger pressechefen hos Scandic Bookmakes, Frederik Skov.

    Specials – Michelin-Stjerner 2011 – Restaurant Noma Specials
    Får tre Michelin-stjerner 1.80
    Får to Michelin-stjerner 2.05
    Får 1 eller ingen Michelin-stjerner 10.00

    Specials – Michelin-Stjerner 2011 – Restaurant Geranium Specials
    Får en Michelin-stjerne 2.00
    Får to eller tre Michelin-stjerner 2.50
    Får ingen Michelin-stjerner 4.00

    Specials – Michelin-Stjerner 2011 – Danske restauranter
    Mindst 10 danske restauranter får mindst en stjerne 2.10
    Under 10 danske restauranter får mindst en stjerne 1.65

  • Hi Trine,

    Greetings from Germany. I would love to send you an email – would you be so kind to send me your adddres?

    Thank you and best regards


  • Hello Trine,

    We just wanted to stop by and let you know that we love what you’re doing with Very Good Food – your perspective, engaging tone and mouthwatering photography are truly inspired. We also wanted to offer up a way for us to work together.

    C+E is way to give our readers informed access to ideas and cities across the world, while at the same time giving our family of contributors a far larger audience and an opportunity for them to make a little bit (but hopefully a lot!) more money from their content.

    We have spent months pouring over thousands upon thousands of blogs and sites and have decided to launch in 20 cities with a handful of blogs in each. We would love to work with you here in London, there in Copenhagen and beyond. We would use the content you post up on your blog, so there’s no extra work for you at all. At the same time you would be credited for any content, which means extra traffic for Very Good Food.

    We couldn’t attach the one pager, but just give either Luc [luc AT chorusandecho DOT com] or I an email and we’ll get back to you straight away. And if you have any questions or thoughts about being involved don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of us.

    Luc Le Corre and Jean-Robert.

  • Hello i am opening a new singular restaurant in Buenos Aires Argentina, i would like to have and email from you to send you the press dossier. Thank and hope to hear from you.

  • Hi Trina,

    I write for a student newspaper in Oxford and I am doing a article on fine food. I was wondering if it might be possible to use your photo http://verygoodfood.dk/wp-content/uploads/img_3840.jpg in the article? Full credit would be given, although as we are a student paper I would be unable to offer you any money. I would have emailed but I cannot find a contact email for you.



  • Hello Richard,

    That’s a funny coincident!
    However, I’m afraid I’m not able to provide any help here – I have no clue why. But thanks a lot for asking! 🙂
    Good luck with your business.

    Kind regards

  • I don’t know if you can help but I thought I would try. I own a company that sells Black Garlic (garlic that has been aged to make it have a deep, rich, sweet flavour). Last week my website http://www.blackgarlic.co.uk suddenly erupted with orders from Denmark. There were so many that I thought it was some sort of virus. I don’t remember doing any sort of marketing in Denmark and I just wante to know if you could find out anything? Was it on TV? What made people suddenly start ordering? I’d love to find out.
    Kind regards


  • Tusen takk:) Har akkurat startet min, men den blir vel like mye en interiørblogg som en matblogg, http://mys-pys.blogspot.com/ Ting som inspirerer meg:)

  • Takk for en fantastisk blogg, en nytelse å lese! Er det ok om jeg linker til din blogg på min, vil gjerne at flere skal få lese den!

  • Hi Nick
    Thanks so much for your comment and I’m very sorry it toke me so long to reply.
    Anyways, MR has closed for good and The Paul is closed for the winter so that leaves Herman, AOC or Formel B. I haven’t been to Formel b since Jan ’07 so I’m not sure what to say except that you can be sure of the one * level and a nice experience.

    Herman, I think, is one of the most luxurious restaurant in CPH but at the same time friendly and the food is definitely innovative and delicious – and it provides great service.

    For AOC, it’s a slightly more personal experience which I believe is because the owner, Christian Aarø is (always) present in the restaurant. There’s just something about this place that has made me completely fall for AOC. The food is flawless, fun, creative and delicious.

    Have you heard that Geranium re-opened? I still haven’t been but am going very soon. It should be on your list as well. 😉


    Hi Eva,
    I have sent you a private email.

  • Hi Trine,

    My name is Eva, I work for Olive magazine in UK.

    We’re working on a feature on Copenhagen for our February issue and would like to write about some restaurants featured in your blog. We’re after images of restaurants and food and I’ve noticed that you’ve been to some of the ones we’ll be writing about. Could you please let me know if you’d consider letting us use your photos.

    Here’s the list of places we’ll be featuring:
    Holberg no 19
    Manfreds Take Away
    The Moose bar
    Kodbyens Fisskebar
    Bar 1105

    Kind regards
    0044 208 43 33552

  • Trine,

    My wife and I will be in CPH for three days in late November and although we will try to get on a wait list for Noma, I was wondering which restaurants you would recommend for fun, innovative and delicious food with great service. We are trying to decide between MR, The Paul, Herman, AOC or Formel B We have eaten at 8 out of the top 10 restaurants in the world, sans Noma and Osteria, so we have a very open palate.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hi Edward
    Thank you! I have sent you an email 🙂

  • hi Trina, Very nice blog , btw do you have an e mail? i have a question i would like to ask.

  • Hej Sine, jeg har sendt dig en mail. Tak! 🙂

  • Hej Trine, jeg skriver fra et stort pr-bureau i københavn, der er har en del kunder indenfor food og køkkentilbehør og vil høre om jeg må skrive dig på vores interne medieliste?
    Har du en mail vi må kontakte dig på? Du er velkomme til at skrive til sende mig en mail.

    Venlig hilsen

  • Hi Alexa

    Thank you so much for your immensely kind words! Good luck with all of it over the next months! 😉

  • Hi!

    I wanted to comment here to let you know that I love your blog, and will be looking through and trying all of your suggestions over the next four months – I’m a studying in Copenhagen for the fall semester/study abroad!

    I was already excited for Noma, and after rereading your posts on it .. I cannot wait until December.

  • Hej Trine,

    ved ikke om du allerede har været der, mem ikke skrevet om det – men: Jeg var på Da,huskroen for nylig. Der er kommet nye fremragende folk i suppe, steg og is-køkkenet. De laver nu knivskarp gourmetmad. Fem retter for 325 kroner – synes det i særklasse er det bedste value for money-måltid, jeg har fået i Kbh. Skynd dig at omtale det, før stedets lidt bedagede rygte går ud over det gode initiativ.


    PS: Nej – har ikke fået procenter fra stedet – altså ikke ud over dem, der var i den tilhørende vinmenu, men kan sætte til de fem retter, og så bliver prisen 600 kroner. Rimeligt, ikke?

  • By the way, I forgot to ask when you would be in New York. I would like to invite you for cocktails if you have some free time. Best, Nancy

  • Hi Trine. Thanks for your response. We had dinner at MR in its former incarnation, and enjoyed it. Would you choose MR over Sollerod Kro? As for Stockholm, it worries me that you were not able to get a reservation at either place. How far in advance did you try? The trip would be disappointed without having dinner at my desired choices, both in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Do you have any suggestions? Finally, as for New York, I like Eleven Madison Park for high end. I have not been to Per Se. The sushi and 15 East — if you sit at the counter is great. Cocktails at the Barroom at The Modern are delicious. Don’t waste your time on the NYC cupcake craze, since most are mediocre (except Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington St.). Personally, I don’t think the NYC restaurant scene compares to Copenhagen’s, which I find fresher and superior. Again, many thanks for your help, Nancy

  • @Julien
    Thanks a lot for you comment and link to your interesting blog. Wow, you’ve been to elBulli, lucky, lucky you!

    So good to hear that you’re coming back here!
    I know zero about when Geranium will open up again, but I will let you all know here when the boys have set the date. AOC is a must, I believe – assuming you have read about my experience there. MR & Paustian are both good. Other options are Søllerød Kro http://verygoodfood.dk/tag/soelleroed-kro/ or Mielcke & Hurtigkarl http://verygoodfood.dk/2009/07/06/seduced-by-mielcke-hurtigkarl/ as you’ll be here during summer and can eat outside. M&H is situated in the most beautiful flower garden of Frederiksberg. If it’s not warm enough for dining outside, at least you can enjoy the apperitif with the view to the garden.
    I love Kiin Kiin http://verygoodfood.dk/tag/kiin-kiin/ too by the way…
    In Stockholm I myself wanted last year to visit Franzén/lindeberg and Matthias Dahlgreen http://www.mathiasdahlgren.com/(both 2-stars in the 2010 guide), but was unable to get a reservation. I visited Mistal http://verygoodfood.dk/tag/mistral/ which also comes highly recommendable.
    Now I have a question for you 🙂 Where would you recommend med to dine in NYC?

    In month of July many of the best restaurants close for a few weeks but good to hear that you have settled Kiin Kiin already.
    Since I am not a cook/chef I have no real connection/info to “the back stage stuff” but I would recommend you contact any of the places I list on the gastronauts guide to Copenhagen page http://verygoodfood.dk/gastroguide/

    Many thanks for your request 🙂 Have sent you an email.


  • Hi Trine,

    can I get in touch with you about one of your great photos that I’d like to use for a wine review?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Trine,

    I have been reading your blog for the last few months now and love it. I am a cook from Canada who is coming in July to Copenhagen on a year-long working holiday visa. So, I thought that I wold ask your opinion on some things.

    Do you have any recommendations for good restaurants that you think I should try to work at? I have an Asian cooking background and have a stage set up at Kiin Kiin. I hope I can get a job there but nothing is for sure yet.

    Casual or fine dining restaurants are both fine, I just want to make sure that they are busy and are held in a high regard by the food community.

    Or maybe you have some tips on which kitchens are the most friendly or best at teaching?

    I would love to hear back from you and get some feedback.

    Thank you so much,


  • Hi Trine. I want to thank you for your recommendation of Texture in London. We had a wonderful meal there last week. This summer, we plan to return to Copenhagen in late August. We want to return to Noma and Geranium (assuming it has opened by then). Where else would you suggest? We will have two more dinners. I am thinking MR or Paustian or AOC. Would you recommend these? Or perhaps suggest others? Also, we will be in Stockholm for 3 days and would love suggestions if you have them. Many thanks in advance, Nancy

  • Hi Trine!

    It’s great to read your reports. I have started by personal foodie blog as well – it’s in German though. You might want to check out http://www.troisetoiles.de – we could exchange links as well.

    Best regards from Hamburg, Germany.


  • Hej Anne

    Tusind tak for din søde kommentar. Ønsker jer en fantastisk noma-frokost, og hvis jeg må, vil jeg anbefale jer at besøge Aamanns Etablissement.


  • Anne Christiansen

    Hej Trine

    Min soester som bor i Moskva har lige sendt mig linken til dit web site; jeg har laest i timesvis. Jeg bor i London, vores mor i Aalborg og vi flyver alle ind den 23. April til Kbh. for at fejre vores mors 70aars foedselsdag. Vi har en reservation for lunch i Noma og nu er det simpelthen svaert at vente efter at have laest alle de fantastiske kommentarer om Noma. Og nu er vi i fuld gang med at bestemme hvor ellers vi skal spise i vores 2 dage i Kbh. Brill blog tusind tak.


  • Many, many thanks to you, Siss, for this very sweet comment. When you say that, it makes it all worth it. I’m touched too.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for writing this beautiful blog!
    I only discovered it a few days ago, and I’ve already been lost for hours, reading your posts.
    What a joy for the rest of us, with you sharing your enthusiasm and love for verygoodfood!
    I’m moved, touched, thrilled, and I definitely recognize your passion for everything epicurean…
    (Now, if only Oslo could be a bit more like Copenhagen,
    I’d be very happy!)
    Thank you again, and keep up the wonderful work!

  • Harald,
    I’ve been informed that it’s on 16th of March. Btw, see:

  • Trine,

    Do you know when Michelin will publish the 2010-guide for Main Cities in Europe (sometime in March I believe)? I expect you will be quick to announce the results for Denmark? I am anxious to see if Noma gets the third star, although I am not sure if that will put any pressure on them to change their style in any way?

  • Elusive Moose,
    Great to hear! And thank you 🙂

    Hi Bo W
    Wonderful news that you finally made it to noma and I’m delighted it was everything that you expected. Thank you so, so much for your feedback. It’s comments like yours that makes it all worthwhile.

    Herman is coming up reeeeeally soon 🙂 and hopefully Paul on Sunday…

  • Hi Trine,

    After following (devouring) your blog for some years now, I finally understand why you are so in love with NOMA.

    Just returned home from the most amazing night in the company of Rene and his excellent staff and of course the Nassaaq dinner. Have tried several times to get a table but all the dates I wanted was fully booked – last week I called them to check if they had gotten any cancellations for tonight…and yes they did, lucky me:-)

    Thanks for all your posts about NOMA, you are spot on!

    When are you posting the next part from the restaurant crawl – some of us are waiting.

  • Hi Trine
    Just back from our long weekend in Copenhagen. I’m so glad I read about Cofoco on your blog – it was a real discovery, and we had such a lovely meal there! Excellent food, fantastic service, and a great buzz (we ate at the communal table on Sat… great fun!). Also ate at Auberge, their (slightly more upmarket) sister restaurant, and again, a terrific meal – divine food, lovely setting, and a very friendly, knowledgeable waiter who made our meal there a really lovely experience. Would whole-heartedly recommend both restaurants 🙂

  • marv woodhouse, so great to hear that you enjoyed noma and Aamanns so much. And what a funny coincident that Douglas was there when you were. 🙂
    Have sent you an email.

  • Trine,

    Aamanns and Noma were amazing. Perhaps the two best meals of my life. I was actually in Aamanns at the same time as douglas…we had a really good night.

    I had a request to ask you…could you send me an email?

  • Hi Douglas,
    Thanks for your kindness and I’m so sorry to reply this late but I have been out of town, which you have probably noticed. I’m not sure I understand what you mean about doing some work experience? Where to eat or?
    I have been to St. Juohn, you know and I really liked it!

  • HI Trine!
    Love the website. Im staying in copenhagen next week, im dining at Noma tuesday and thanks to your review we are going to Aamanns etablisshment tomoro night (monday). Im there for a whole week and would like do some work experience. Could you give me some advice? Im a chef working in London at st Johns retaurant. I know its last minute but any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Douglas McMaster

  • Although surely if I’m staging at Noma thats the team I should be playing for!? Wouldn’t want to be branded a Traitor! Remember reading your post about it sometime ago looks like good fun!

  • Ahh Foodball Now i get it! ha!

  • Was it Football or Food ball!? If Football you can most certainly count me in!

  • Food Ball? Sort of “Taste Of Copenhagen” event type thing?

    Been to Malmo alright but haven’t been to Trio yet, have seen photos of a few meals looks pretty awesome! Will add it to the list!

  • Great with the stage in noma and such a long time in CPH. Then you’ll be here when the food ball takes place Sunday June 27th? 🙂
    BTW, have you ever been to Trio in Malmö?

  • Cool awesome,

    Summer being 5 weeks from the end of may till the start of July. In the lucky position of having a stage in Noma which I’m really looking forward to! Should be great, So also planning to eat at a few places aswell. Did Bo Bech in November when I was over but missed out Geranium both times I was in CPN! So heres hoping this time they will be open with something new!

  • Hey Josh,

    I’ve only heard that they should open something this year. But I haven’t got any details at all. Yet. :-/ Will ask around 🙂

    Summer – what month would that be?

  • Hey Trine,

    Any word on what the guys from Geranium are up to or plans that they have? In CPN this summer and hoping they will have a new place to visit!


  • Hi Peter,
    As far as I’ve heard the cookbook was sold out long ago, but the brave guys are working on a new one. I’ll share the info here when I know it’s out. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I am trying to find an English version of _Noma_, the cookbook by Rene Redzepi.

    Might you know where I can find a copy to buy?


    . Pete

    ___ J. Peter Creasey … petercreasey@gmail.com ___

  • Wow, Marie that’s fantastic news! You’re most welcome to contact me for any info you might need and don’t find here.

    Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

  • Wonderful website!!! I’m off to Copenhagen at the end of Feb and will certainly make good use of your reviews before I travel, to find the best places to eat in the great Danish city. Thanks again for a gem of a site! 🙂

  • I am a cook and blogs are usefull to see what others are cooking. But more important than the pictures you can take, are the professional opinions you are able to make. I saw your review about a restaurant I can talk to you in private about, only one question, did you actually go into that kitchen and smelled its disgustin odor? I worked there for a week, thats all I could stand working in such a mess. I went there because I saw your blog! You compared it to noma! So you think its possible to give great food, good for you, in restaurants as such?? I think it is now your moment to take a step forward if you want to be respected. You hang into Noma like it would be your restaurant, now try to figure out whats going on in the kitchen of this restaurant. It is not fair to good, long lasting cuisine such fashion pseudo critics like you.

  • Hej Trine,
    Har du en mail adresse, hvor jeg kan sende dig en invitation privat?
    Hilsen Nina (fra din gamle gymnasie klasse på RG)

  • Har du en mailadresse, hvis man gerne vil sende dig pressemeddelelser eller invitationer til events?

  • Hej Trine,
    vi arbejder i dag på et indslag om foodblogging.
    Har du et tlf nr, hvor jeg kan få fat på dig?

    Jakob Nielsen
    Journalist, TV2
    20 24 38 97

    send evt en sms, jeg er muligvis ikke ved min mail så meget

  • Hi Trine,

    Can I have your email address to arrange a link exchange? My new website is called Good Food Glasgow and will eventually have a good solid pagerank. contact me at info[at]goodfoodglasgow[.co.uk]



  • Dear Trine,

    could you please send me an e-mail? I have an important “foodie-question”!


  • Kære Trine!

    Har prøvet at kontakte dig, men kunne kun finde din firmamail; får dog en ooo-mail, så kan jeg få dig til at skrive til mig?

    På forhånd tak!

    Kasper Bergholt

  • Yeah its a pitty bout Dahlgren I think I’d really like it.

    Thats funny bout Bo a friend of mine went and said it was pretty poor. We had dinner in MR when I was over in August but it was the night after Noma which somewhat overshadowed it!

  • Aww, what a shame about Mathias Dahlgren! But I’ll look forward to hearing about Oaxen. 🙂
    Bo is not my first choise, I would pick MR, Mielcke&Hurtigkarl, Søllerød Kro, Herman, Kiin Kiin over him.

  • Is Bo’s worth a visit, How did you find it?

    I am heading to Sweden this weekend, going to Oaxen. Unfortunately while we are there Mathias Dahlgren is closed for their summer break which is a pitty!!

  • Good to hear about Mugaritz. Must admit that for me El Poblet wasn’t as mind-blowing as I had thought it would be, still good though.

    Yes, went to Bo’s in March.

    Other than Schloss Berg and maybe Zirbelstube (Bad Mergentheim) I don’t really have anything scheduled nor plans for the autumn. Sweden perhaps…?

  • Probably Mugaritz, it was pretty awesome, such a massive amount of effort (and money) has gone into the place. Celler de can Roca was brilliant as well had such a good lunch there.

    El Poblet was actually a little disappointing it just didn’t hit the heights I was expecting it to. Although I was on my own for this meal which may have contributed to that. Arzak was what I was expected, it was a little tired and very expensive for what we got I thought.

    Have you any eating lined up? Have you been to Bo Bech’s restaurant?

  • Wow, Josh, thank you soooo much! Looks wonderful. Wish I can make it to the west part of Spain sometime.
    What did you like most?

  • Hey Trine, Just back from Spain went to a few places! Thought you might like to see the pictures, havent had a chance to put up the menus yet but still worth a look!!


  • Hej cyclone bill!

    1000 tak for din kommentar, den glæder mig rigtigt meget. Og jeg er super glad for at høre at du var begejstret for noma og tak for linket til dine fotos. Dejligt! 🙂

  • Hej – ved ikke lige hvor jeg skal gøre af denne kommentar, så nu ender den bare her. Jeg har fulgt din blog længe og med meget stor fornøjelse – ikke mindst dine indlæg om Noma, som har været stærkt medvirkende til at jeg i tirsdags selv spiste der for første gang (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyclonebill/sets/72157620817000870/detail/). Det var en kæmpe oplevelse og virkelig dejligt – du har vitterlig ikke overdrevet! Tak for det.

  • Hi Trine

    Anytime you come down under be happy to show you around,They have a great Danish club


  • Hello Torsten
    I’m so happy to hear that! Great.

    Hi Raymond
    Thank you so much for your sweet words, I very much appreciate it! I completely fell in love with Edinburgh and hope to return one day. Never been down under. Yet. 😉


  • Hello Trine ,thanks for your information.The trip to noma was fantastic!!!Best regards Torsten

  • Hi Trine

    I’am writing to thank you for all your blogs on Noma i was lucky enough to cook along with Rene & Torsten his sous chef for the
    Melbourne food and wine festival ,Copenhagen is so luck to have a place like Noma and someone like Rene who is brilliant in spreading the word for your cuisine,our piece is on cookingdownunder.com.au
    again thank you and it’s with yourself that is putting Copenhagen
    on the map.like your report on Edinburgh as i’am from there now living in Australia all the best and keep up the great work


  • Torsten!
    I hope it’s not too late to tip you about two places in Christianshavn:
    Café Wilder http://www.cafewilder.dk/ on the corner of Skt.Annæ Gade and Wildersgade. It’s a cosy place for coffee and a light breakfast.
    In Torvegade there is also the fancy and fantastic bakery Lagkagehuset http://www.lagkagehuset.dk/ on Torvegade, the main street right at the bus stop.
    Wish you a GREAT time at noma tomorrow!!


  • Hello trine,now ,on 1st of april we go to restaurant noma,because the trip last year was cancelled.Now can you tell me some good places in the near from noma where we can make a breakfast and a coffe time in the afternoon.Thanks Torsten

  • Hej Lasse

    Aaaaaaah, tak for update! Jo, man ville jo være et skarn om man ikke ville have Kokkeriet på ønskelisten. 😉


  • Hej Trine,

    tak for dine råd om steder, hvor jeg kunne finde et godt måltid. I mellemtiden nåede Kokkeriet jo at få deres Michelin-stjerne tilbage, og dajeg så deres meget fornuftige priser, kunne jeg ikke stå for fristelsen. Og for pokker, hvor var det dejligt. Maden var virkelig knivskarp – og hvem pokker ville tro på, at retten “grisetunge, østers og ræddike” kunne landes fornuftigt? Stor ros.


  • Hej Lasse!

    Ah, det er da en dejlig lille opgave! 🙂

    Hmm, jeg ser flere muligheder:

    Saa Hvidt
    – som jeg gerne ville lave en reportage over. Elsker Frederiks fantasi, lethed og smutte kreationer.

    – i den gamle skovriderkro hvor jeg allerede har været to gange fordi det er go kvalitet (Christian, køkkenchef, kan virkeligt noget) og alligevel lidt fornyet og kreativt. Smider måske snart lidt billeder af stedet. 😉

    Kiin Kiin
    – i teatermenuudgaven. Eller at full throttle og spørg om du må tage din egen flaske vin med mod propafgift.

    Magstræde 16
    – snup antipasti først også en pizza bagefter. Så er der en extra slat til en go’ flaske vin.

    – evt. på en fredag til fiskemenuen. Ummmmmmm.

    – er jeg jo altså og ret glad for…

    Tak – og er spændt på at høre nærmere!
    God fornøjelse

  • Hej Trine,

    en lille opgave: Har tømt sparegrisen for denne måneds gastronomiske udskejelser. Der var lige godt 1.500 kroner. Hvor i Kbh synes du, to personer får mest for de penge?

    Og hvis ikke du har tid til den slags service, så er det helt forståeligt.
    Tak for fortsat forrygende læsestof herinde.


  • That’s better… 😉

    Thanks for the link…

  • Sorry the belated reply, Rasmus!
    Oh, this really made me LOL!!!
    I’ve written “bay laurel leaves” instead – is that better? 😉 Thanks so much!
    Since your blog doesn’t comprise restaurant reviews as such I have catagorised my link to you under Other Very Good Blogs. Hope that’s OK.

    Amy, thanks you so much for your very kind note! Vegetarian food is not my speciality. But Paustian http://www.restaurantpaustian.dk/en/ has a set menu all based on vegetables and I’m sure it’s delicious. Otherwise I recommen consulting my page http://verygoodfood.dk/gastroguide/. Noma http://www.noma.dk could easily make a vegetarian menu for you as well, I’m sure!! Just ask for it when booking. Noma is THE MUST GO. Hope you have a great time here!

  • Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

    I went to Alberto K. while Tina Repstock was still headchef…she is very talented. Someone else is runnning the kitchen now, probably great as well. In any case the view is the same. Spectacular!

    By the way I have just read you review on In de Wulf…sounds absolutely delicious… I have been living in Bruxelles for a year and a half, but hadn’t heard of the place… might be moving back, so will definitely try to go… I just noticed you mentioned the “store kolde bord”… “where the vinegar-marinated herring with laudanum is the invariable first course.” I’m not quite sure what you’re thinking of with “laudanum,” but as far as I know laudanum is “opiumsdråber” as mixture of opium and alcohol that was popular among the working class and the literary elite of the 19th century…

    Just thought I’d mention it so the non-Danes doesn’t get the wrong idea about “det store kolde bord” 🙂

    P.S. Have included a link on my site…hope you’ll link back.

  • Hi Trine,
    Great blog! I am coming to Denmark (Copenhagen) for the first time in a couple of weeks and was wondering if you had a post or some tips on the must eat foods of Demark? I am vegetarian although my friend is not.

    Once again terrific blog!


  • Hi Rasmus

    Thanks for your charming comment – and congrats on you own interesting blog! Keep it up! 🙂 Wow is it really 8 times at noma the past year? I didn’t actally think it was as much. Will eb hard to beat that record in 2009.

    Alberto K. is one place I’ve never been but might be something I get to try out. I’m such a big fan of Arne Jacobsen and have wanted to go there for years.

    Yeah, and better get to noma while you still can!


  • Hej Trine,

    Fascinating blog you have here. You itinerary is quite mindblowing. 8 times at Noma last year alone. How is that possible? Very jealous.

    Of the great ones here in Copenhagen, I have “only” tried Geranium, Formel B, Alberto K. and Madeleines Madteater, but I can see I need do a bit of saving, so I too can sample the Noma experience – preferably before they get the third star and the prices go further up… 🙂


  • Hej Trine
    Tak for en god blog. Gider du sende mig en mail, jeg har et par spørgsmål til dig.

    Mvh. Mette

  • Hi PAUL

    Thanks so much for your kindness! 🙂

    I planned to do a wrap up of my dining experiences in Edinburgh, but now I’ll do my Kitchin review instead!

    Stay stuned…

  • Hi Trine, Love your website. Will you be doing a review of The Kitchin in Edinburgh?

  • Hello Christoffer

    Thanks very much for leaving a comment! What lovely photos you show of a Swedish country side famili gathering 🙂


  • Hello Trine!

    I think you have a nice foodblog, check out my bolg.I got your adress from Daniel Roos.

    Best regards


  • Dearest Nancy, I so happy to hear you’ve had a great trip. Thank you very much for letting me know! It’s great to hear that you tried K Bar also as it is my favourite bar. Not sure I have said that. I take it that you skipped Den Gule Cottage?

  • Thank you Trine for your great advice. Our week in Copenhagen was fabulous. Noma was devine, but Geranium was even better. The food, together with the amazing wine pairings, provided a fantastic experience. MR was also lovely, so was Restaurant Nouveau. The service at those two was extraordinary. Kanalan was fine, but not at the same level as the others. In Hornbaek, Sostrene Olsen was a great experience. The marinated salmon was the best I have ever had, and the plaice was cooked expertly. In fact, it was probably the most expertly cooked fish of the week. Also, the Skt Petri was a great hotel. Our room was upgraded and the service and style was exceptional. We also went to a few bars for cocktails — K Bar, Cafe Zeze and Cafe Wilder. All were great and we felt among the Danish. Finally, we also ate well at Meyers Deli, emmerys and that great bakery in Christianshavn across from the metro (whose name I forget, where people line up all morning long) for what we call “Danish”).

  • Thanks for the tips! I have been to Hotel Dagmar actually… but unfortunately Weis was fully booked that evening I was there.

    Let me know how you like Alter Meierhof if you succeed in going there before me! 😉

  • Hmm…I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

    Hotel Dagmar is over rated. Not very good at all. Weis Stue on the other hand is quite good, traditional Danish food. Café Kolvig is enjoyable if you don’t try and get exotic and order their “fresh” tapas.

    Time to check out where Alter Meierhof is.

  • He he he. Well, Hotel Dagmar isn’t that bad, is it? But on a Saturday evening I would leave before the piano man starts opens the ball 😉

    I’ve heard – but never been – Alter-Meierhof http://www.alter-meierhof.de/ is supposed to be lovely. Is that too far?

  • This is great! I wish we’d get some good dining establishments down here in Ribe or surrounding areas. Gives me an idea for a blog: verybadfood.dk. 🙂

    I’ll be checking in often.


  • Hi Pierre,

    Thanks a lot for participating in our team (I was the one with the knee injury – luckily it feels better now). It was great that you could help us out.

    Great pictures and the short movie of Looking North seems great. Hopefully it’ll be aired sometime soon in Denmark!

    All the best
    – Allan

  • Hi Pierre

    It was my pleasure that you joined the team! Thanks for you comment 🙂

    Thank you so much for informing about the doc. I watch the appetizer on your site. I’d love to see the whole thing and will try to figure out if it would be possible to get it from DR.
    Nice photos also!
    Anyways, if you’re in CPH same time next year I expect you to be on the team again.

    All the best

  • Hello

    I’d like to thank you for letting me ( the rasta guy) play with the blogger’s team yesterday, it was cool and fun.
    Just wanted to congratulate you for your site, cool.

    Just for your info I have made a 52min documentary last year at Noma while Rene was making food with some of the great chefs in teh world of Gastronomy, you can check a brief footage on my site.
    We are trying to get a Danish Broadcaster to have shwon.
    Beside Danmark’s Radio international is distributting ot internationally

    all the best

  • Yin, we (or at least me) LOVE your comments here!! Thank you! 😀

  • Ah Trine – you flatter me when you suggest I am knowledgeable – I wish that were true, most of it is greed! 😀

    But if I may add a little more to the feedback for Nancy – my MR visit was 18 months ago, so there should have been further progression since then – so it probably depends whether you’re looking for another shining example of new nordic or modern innovation. The style and decor of the restaurants also provide very differing experiences. Does that make sense?

    (and again, apologies to Trine for this interruption to normal transmission from verygoodfood)

  • Nancy, I’m so sorry I forgot to reply to this question of what two to choose from MR, Nouveau and Geranium – which is a hard question so I fully understand your struggle! Nouveau is more classic and has a French touch to it with foie gras and so on. So if you fancy tastiness more than experiments that should be your choice. MR is quite unique in the sense that the decoration and furnituring is a bit like a luxury flat with the lounge downstairs and the dining rooms upstairs. Food-wise I consider MR innovative, creative in a slight cheeky way. It’s refreshing.
    Geranium is one not to miss in my opinion. I believe it’s an upcoming star. With the beautiful, beautiful setting in the garden Kongens Have.

    My very food knowledge friend Yin has been to both MR and Geranium, read her reviews:
    Perhaps Nouveau would be a good choice not to make all your dinners new Nordic cuisine. In my opinion their wine list is better than the one of MR.
    Is this of any help to you? 🙂

    Hej Peter
    Jeg er virkeligt ked at det har taget mig så længe at svare din søde kommentar.
    Ja, det var jo foie gras macaronen jeg ville prøve! – Og dem med trøfler. Heldigvis får jeg igen en chance for at proviantere til september, så der skal det alstå lykkes. 🙂 Dejligt at få gastronomiske indtryk fra byernes by.
    Bedste hilsner

  • Hej Trine

    Mit besøg på Alberto K var i forbindelse med mit firma, og jeg var faktisk ikke forberedt på, at jeg også skulle have en gastronomisk oplevelse. Men det var det – i hvert fald den aften. Jeg kan desværre ikke fortælle dig hvem, der har ansvaret for at svinge kokkekniven i køkkenet, men det skete altså til min udelte tilfredshed.
    For lige at digressere lidt kan jeg fortælle at jeg pt befinder mig i Paris. Det glæder mig, at du har fundet frem til Pierre Hermé, for de macarons (makroner er ikke en god oversættelse) er aldeles fantastiske. Min favourit er vist stadig den med roser, men der er mange fantastiske: olivenolie og foie gras – hvem kunne forestille sig disse ingredienser i en dessert? Den skøre alsacer, der driver stedet kan heldigvis – tak for det! I øvrigt synes jeg at jeg generelt er meget imponeret over råvarerne hernede. Limousine-kvæget fra min slagter er fænomenalt, min ostehandler er fantastisk og min yndlingsbager (sammen med Poulain) Kayser (også fra Alsace) leverer verdens bedste baguettes.

    Mange hilsener

  • Hi again. So, I am honing in on my planning for Copenhagen. Here’s my latest struggle, which I hope you can solve. If you had to choose two of the following three for dinner, which would you choose: MR, Nouveau and Geranium. I’m verging on obsession with this and hope that you can help. Thanks again for all of you delightful posts. Best, Nancy

  • Hi Lasse, ‘gastromaniac’ what great term and no apologies needed! Verygoodfood is only 18 months old – so still a baby. 😉 Anyway, it’s great pleasure for me to know you’ll visit in the future. Thanks very much for your comment.

    Hej Peter, mange tak for din kommentar og for forklaring om AK! 🙂 Ved du også hvem der nu regerer i køkkenet nu efter Betina? Og, om jeg må spørge, hvad fik dig til at besøge netop Alberto K frem for en anden gourmetrestaurant?

    Hej Mikkel, tak for din henvendelse. Jeg har sendt dig en mail.


  • Hej Trine

    Jeg kan ikke lige finde en mailadresse her på bloggen. Har du mulighed for at kontakte mig på mikkel@kommunikationscast.com eller på 20480929.


  • Hej Trine

    En kort orientering om Alberto, hvor jeg med den største fornøjelse spiste i slutningen af april. Alberto Knappenberger var den første direktør for hotellet, og havde sin residens på den øverste etage – muligvis dér hvor restauranten ligger nu.


  • Hi Trine,

    I read about this blog in Danish paper ‘Politiken’ today. And I must say, that I find it very interesting – and very pro!
    I can’t believe that I’ve been a ‘gastromaniac’ living in Copenhagen for quite many years whitout visiting your blog. From now on I will.


  • You welcome! And thank you for mentioning your favourite places in Paris, which I forgot to say last!

    Hotels are difficult for me because I can only rely on what my (foodie) friends tell me. My impression of Skt. Petri is that it’s a very fine hotel, though. The location is good, it’s in the old centre (but the building it modern, used to be a warehouse) and in walking distance to all the museums and attractions and cafes. It’s not cheap, but in that category I cannot suggest any better choice if you fancy modern interior, actually. If you prefer closer to the harbour there is fx Admiral Hotel http://www.admiralhotel.dk/Beliggenhed.aspx which has a view of the water side.

  • Thanks again for your response. Yes, this is our first trip to Denmark, so all we know is what we read. We plan to stay at the Hotel Skt Petri. Do you think this is a good idea. If not, I would love to hear your recommendations. Best, Nancy

  • This was exactly what I was hoping for! Yin, you read my mind. 😀 I was jumping around OA/EG because you’re the only distinct diner I know of who has dined recently at both Den Gule Cottage and Geranium and would be the best person to advice Nancy. Thank you!

    So Nancy, I fully understand what you mean about the intense dining. The little yellow cottage is really beautifully located and in July the area full of happy people heading home after a day at the (tiny) beach (hope weather will be better than last year!). It’s sounds perfect going to Louisiana first and then on your way back to CPH make the stop there for your dinner.

    Oct-May is the main season for turbot, I’m sorry. July offers mussels, langoustines, lobster, sole, eel and catfish just to mention a few.

    For the more simplified place I suggest Saa Hvidt by Frederik Hvidt http://www.saahvidt.dk/ if dinner and he cooks lovely fish dishes. Otherwise Kanalen at the canal side will be great and calm.

    Is it your first trip to Denmark?

  • um, I am still learning about the best of Danish restaurants so feel free to ignore me .. but the meal I had Den Gule Cottage 18 months ago was excellent. A friend returned there in April and said it was still very good so if you’re are in the area, then I would suggest it is a perfect choice.

    Trine – apologies for interrupting your blog – please delete if inappropriate! 😉

  • Hi Trine. Thanks for your response. The only reason that I would hesitate to delete Den Gule Cottage from my list is that I love the location, and it may be a bit more modest in price as well. Also, we plan to spend the day at Louisiana and surrounding area and end up in Klampenborg for dinner. However, I have only read guide book reviews of the restaurant. Do you think this reasoning should affect my decision? On another note, I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to handle so many “important” dinners in a row, although we will get a break when we are in Gilleleje. Still, are their any more “simplified” restaurants that you would recommend in Copenhagen. My preference would be to eat as much fish as possible, especially turbot (if it’s in season). In any case, I hope that you are have a great time in Paris, and have time to try two of my favorite places, Les Fables de la Fountaine in the 7th and Au Gourmand in the 1st (on rue Moliere). Thanks again for your advice. Best, Nancy

  • Kære Birgitte

    Tak for din kommentar. Jeg har sendt dig en mail. 🙂


  • Kære Trine – vil du kontakte mig vedr. en artikel om blogging? Gerne hurtigt, da jeg har deadline i morgen formiddag (dvs. 14. maj)! Mvh. Birgitte

  • Hi Nancy!
    Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 Sorry it took me a while to reply but I am in Paris this weekend and not much connected.

    Anyways, wow, what a lot of nice places you’ve booked. I have never been to Den Gule Cottage but I would probably replace it with Geranium, which I would assume to be a little more sharp and distinct.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re going to Gilleleje, it’s such a cosy town. Unfortunately there’re no really good restaurants, so I would recommend you to go to Hornbæk and the Søstrene Olsen restaurant. Hornbæk is 7 km from Gilleleje and you can go by taxi.

    Let me know if you need more info, I’m happy to help! 😀


  • Hi there. I am a big fan of your website and am impressed by your talent. My husband and I are traveling to Denmark in July for a week. We live in New York City and are great food enthusiasts. So far, I have made reservations at Noma, Nouveau, Den Gule Cottage, and MR. Do you think I should replace one of these with Geranium? Also, I would love your recommendation of a more casual place for another night. I was thinking about Kanalen, but I would love your advice. In addition, we are staying in Gilleleje for two nights and would again love any recommendations that you may have for restaurants in that area, or nearby. Thanks in advance, Nancy

  • Hey there Josh!

    noma IS the best! 😉 Book a table three months in advance. I’m a sucker for lunch because the restaurant is less buzzing, the waiters have more time to chat and the fact that there is light during the whole meal somehow is making the eating experience more lovely. You can order the nassaaq menu also for lunch and I recommend you do that to get to try both the classics like the tartar but also some of the new inventions which may become classics in the future. Friday and Saturday evenings are very hard to get. Lunch is easier to book.

    Geranium is very good but much more classic compared to noma. I would also consider MR which is also a * place an quite innovative.

    Let me know if you need more info!

    Good luck!


  • Hey,

    I’m a 20yr old from dublin ireland and im hoping to go to copenhagen in august, the main purpose of the visit to eat in noma! it seems like a really special place and somewhere well worth visiting. you seem to a pretty regular visiter! Im just wondering about bookings and the like and if its tricky to get one. whether to go for lunch or dinner? (i work in a one star here in dublin so have a strong interest in food and dont mind paying for the all out tasting menu if you think thats whats best)
    also where else is worth eating in copenhagen? Geranium looks good aswell.

    thanks, josh

  • Svarede i går 😉 – Sig til hvis I mangler besvarelser.
    Pøj pøj og lad mig endelig høre hvordan det går med jeres opgave!

  • Marie Wöldike og Line Caballero

    Hej Trine
    Vi er 2 design studerende som har fået til opgave at udforme nogle forslag til nye tiltag på restaurant NOMA. Vi har læst dine indlæg om NOMA og tænkte at du måske kunne hjælpe os.

    Vi har derfor brug for at finde ud af hvem NOMAs gæster er og hvad i synes om stemningen på NOMA? Vi skal i vores projekt reflektere over nordiske værdier, tidsånden og hvordan de kan udtrykkes i stemningsdesignet.

    Vi har udformet et spørgeskema, som vi håber du vil besvare. Du finder det på http://www.advancedsurvey.com ,under Take a survey, i højre side, skal du skrive: 61195.
    Hvis du evt. kender andre der kunne være interesserede i at svare, ville vi blive meget taknemmelige hvis du ville sende dette videre til dem.

    På forhånd tak

    Line Caballero og Marie Wöldike

  • Thanks for that piece of information, Est est est. Betina is still nicely decorating the Radisson website. (Last night at least).
    Fragile? Do you mean not consistent, good enough?

    adey, how could you!? You’re the reason I now go to bed hungry!
    My only solace is…

  • Betina Repstock was resently fired from Alberto K…

    The quality of food is fragile…. Now as before….

  • Trine, I know I should put this on my site, but I know you love your food porn. here are some photo’s of a restaurant I went to at the weekend
    The Freudian beasties in my head are telling me to book a flight and go to Noma. But am fighting it!

  • Reminds me now that there is a fine (and expensive) restaurant at the top (20th?) floor of that hotel completely decorated with AJ’s design. The manager Betina Repstock, from what I know, has a good reputation so should be good http://www3.aok.dk/kunder/albertok/. But why it’s named after Alberto Knappenberger I have no idea (is he the owner or what?).

    ZARAH, you know so much about the business, you must know why?

    Naturally, I would like a night in the room 606, but I think I’m too tight-fisted to spend money on a hotel room in the city I already have a flat. 🙂

    There’s also a bar in the hotel, Royal Bar, with his Ægget and Svanen chairs but located at the ground floor. It should have been at the top like the restaurant!

  • I remember AJ designed the SAS Royal Hotel. I might have to buy a couple of place settings – I can’t find anything modern that I like here in the States. I should take a look through the hotel this time too.

  • AJ is my favourite architect. When I dine at home I eat with the cutlary he desighned. Did you know that it was originally made for the Airline company SAS?

    Allan, you’re right!!

  • If you go for the nassaaq you will not be hungry the following day and if you add the wine menu you’ll not only have food hangover as Trine mentions 🙂

  • But of course. 🙂 I love his work.

    Hmm, I don’t have a very large appetite. Maybe I’ll stick with 7 courses.

  • Tann, I wish you a wonderful trip and hope your Clos de la Violette visit will be as lovely to you as it was to me. 🙂

    Yes, I like Illums Bolighus too. Jesse have you ever heard of Arne Jacobsen?
    I had nine courses last time and I could not have managed one tiny bite more after that. If I ever manage the nassaaq I will surely suffer food hang-over the next day. 😉 I really hope you won’t be disappointed.

  • Illums Bolighus! I love that store. And I can’t believe Amazon won’t ship non-books to the UK. That sucks, I’m sorry.

    I’m visiting just because. 🙂 I decided I should spend more time in Copenhagen, until I am somewhat familiar with the city, before I move on to another country. Plus, I really want to try noma.

    Good to know I can get wines by the glass. Thanks! Maybe I’ll do the nassaaq after all, if I can manage to eat that much food. That ought to keep me busy for an afternoon.

  • Hi Trine,it’s really very nice of you and i couldn’t thank you enough!i’m quite relax about tipping now when found out that everything i’m about to order will be added with 15% service charge.i’m more comfortable that way knowing that everything is covered.

    I adore drinking wine with the right food as well!that’s why i love reading your food review (of course all your photos are perfect)The thing is there’re many many things to spend on the trip and Europe is considered the most expensive place on earth so it seems like i’m always on the budget.It’s very nice to know though that i can order wine by glass so i won’t have to get drunk before dusk!

    Trine i’d really love to consult with Le Clos before going there,the only thing that stops me is that my group won’t order much.i’m not sure if they’ll be very helpful to me.So it’s really best if people give informative ideas,i’m totally appreciate indeed :>

    Trine,i’m going there for a leisure trip in April.It’s a week trip in French Riviera and Aix-en-Provence.i plan to spend on 2 gastronomic meals which is one in Le Clos de la Violette (according to your review) and another i’m still very uncertain because Nice has so many things to offer… Since It’s not cheap food so i’m trying my best to make everything worthwhile.

    By the way I’m Thai,i’m sure you know Thai food is very famous but i assure all of you that nothing outside the country taste like genuine Thai.i’m more than happy to give idea and information regarding to thai food if anyone’s interested.

    Thanks so much!!

  • I’m really the last person to ask about tipping. I always feel bad when I tip, because I feel that I tip too less in restaurants. Listen to the “Gastronaut”, it’s much better advice. Thank you, too, for the link to Royal Shopping. I have removed the dot so the link should work now. Can’t find any æbleskive pan.

    Waauuwww adey, thanks soo much for the link to the Madrid Fusion photos. Brilliant.
    More on the pan: Løgismose has one http://www.loegismose.dk/shop/product/4367/ but I don’t know if they ship to the UK. Email them at salg@loegismose.dk. You know, I would think that there must be a shop in London selling these things. But perhaps you never go to London. But why not combine the pan shopping with a noma experience, I wonder.

    Tann, those fine dining places are really helpful and flexible most of the time. I ordered wine by the glass and just asked for one white with the starters and one red for the duck. Since there are seven of you guys, the restaurant might want to know your orderings in advance. I don’t have much dining experience in France, actually, so I feel a bit on thin ice here.
    If there’s anyone out there who would know, please help Tann and me on this issue?

    I’m sure, Jesse that Rene would be happy to make you the seven courses menu for your lunch, and I’d suggest that you ask about that when you make your reservation. You can also easily ask for one or two glasses of wine of your preference. I did that at my nomaddiction and at my second visit there. Are you in town on a business occasion?

  • Hi Trine,
    That’s soooooooo very nice of you to reply so quick!Well i’m traveling with my family of 7,we’re Thai and eat very little but i really love to taste your menu!Oh we’re going there for lunch,since we eat little.What do you think if we order 2 of your menus (90Euro,3 of menu of the day (50Euro) and probably 2 of different main dishes (i’m not sure yet)I’m just the only one who drink wine so maybe i’ll just order wine separately by glass (i’m not sure if that’s possible in France)

    I’m appeciate for your help! :>
    Bon Appetite!

  • Amazon.com won’t ship none-book goods to the UK. Muddafunkers.

  • Trina, Thanks for the info! I may end up booking lunch just because there might be more light for photos (my camera has trouble focusing in low light, and is f/2.8 at best, plus I hate using flash). Will noma allow me to order more than the four courses listed on their website, like you did in your most recent blog post, or do I have to be a regular there before they’ll do anything like that? I don’t think I want to go all the way and order the nassaaq (I’m rather self-conscious about dining alone in such a nice place, and eating the nassaaq alone just seems so pathetic, plus I’m on a budget), but perhaps seven courses. I’m unsure about ordering the wine pairings too – I don’t drink a lot nor very often, and it seems like a lot of wine. I wouldn’t want to drunkenly stumble into the canal on accident after my meal. 😉

    Good information on tipping too…Here in the US, there is no gratuity included in the price, and it is customary to tip 15-18% minimum. I usually tip 20% in a fine dining restaurant if the service was good, 25% or more if it was excellent. So I was unsure what to do last time I was in Europe. I think I ended up tipping 10% everywhere I ate.

    About the æbleskiver pan: adey, why not order from the US? With the US dollar as weak as it is right now, I figure that would offset any shipping charges. 🙂 Amazon.com sells a bunch. I have an older version of the Lodge cast iron æbleskiver pan. It’s heavy but it works extremely well. Oh, and the royalshopping.dk website seems to be down…

  • As for aebleskiver…..

    I dont think they have them right now…but I have bougt some other nice stuff at http://www.royalshopping.dk Fast delivery, super service and a nice selection of Scandinavian designer stuff.

    As for tipping…..

    I dont agree Trine. I would say in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, its largely expected to tip 10% on small bills and 5% on big ones.

    I normally tip 1-2 euros at Pizzahut (no kidding), 5 euros at the local Brasserie, 10-20 euro at the local 1 star michelin and 50 euro at the local 3 star michelin. And my point of view is actually not just my idea, but something I have been discussing with friends in the business. But on the other hand if you dont feel that service was up to par, you just pay zero tip.

    As for the photos….
    They are simply stunning. You must have a natural talent.

    As for dress code, I wear jeans to most restaurant – paired with a nice jacket if its a top restaurant.

    Only in Paris have I been met with a suit requirement, but even there, you dont need to wear a tie. I say, rather freshly washed jeans, than a stinky old suit thats worn out. Dont you hate the smell of old (or young) men in a cigarette/cigar/food/rain suit. I know I do.

  • Hello tann!

    Thanks a lot for your sweet comments 🙂 As for my lunch at Le Clos de la Violette and the tasting menu (menu degoustation) I had there, I think I paid 80 Euro. The wine was extra but not that expensive (cheaper than in DK for sure). I believe the menu, water, wine and coffee made 130 Euro all in all. I just checked the website, there’s also a cheaper lunch menu at 50€ but I recommend you go for the Discover Menu at 90€ and the have a glass of wine or two. What’s your occasion for going to Aix and to this lovely restaurant? I didn’t tip at all. Europe is not like the US. You may pay a low fee for the set of the table (3-4€). Are you having lunch or dinner? Do feel free to ask, if you need more information!

    Jesse, how kind of you to say so! 😀 You absolutely do not need to wear a jacket to noma. I wear jeans myself. They don’t mind what you wear. If you are booking dinner for either Friday or Saturday night, you have to book 3 months in advance. Lunch is easier. I absolutely recommend that you book now, or as soon as you know your schedule.

    My camera is a digital SLR Canon EOS 350D, but I use a Canon 50 mm Prime 1.4 USM lens instead of the kit 18-55 mm. The lens is new and only my latest noma lunch and the Restaurationen posts are shot with it. I always use natural light. The beetroot dessert from my 2nd August noma dinner and the pistachio dessert from MR on 14 May both have flash, which shows clearly and is not nice. Let me know if you have any more questions, I’m happy to help.

    Oh, for discrete locations is use my petit Ixus 950is. Le Clos de la Violette was actually shot with this. It’s best in bright daylight.

    Good luck to you both! 😉

  • Hi Trine,
    No I am not a pro chef.

    Here’s a post from Madrid Fusion that gives you an idea why we are all so jealous of you ;0 )

    I NEED a æbleskiver pan but can only see them for sale online in America! The Cheek. Could you do me a huge unrepayable favour, if you can, do y’know of any website in your homeland that ships these items to the UK?


  • I love your blog! The photos are beautiful! What kind of camera do you use, and is that all shot with natural light?

    I only ever visited Copenhagen once, just before noma opened. 🙁 I’ve been wanting to go back (or even move, if that were possible) ever since. And I finally will, this April. How difficult is it to get a reservation at noma? Do I need to book it now, almost two months in advance? I unfortunately will be alone. And, uh, do I need a jacket and tie?

  • Hello Trine,

    It’s me again,i hope this won’t trouble you further with other few questions.I’m asian and i have trouble understanding french menu,you mentioned separate wines accompanied with separate dishes.I really wonder if all beverages (wine,water,coffee) were included in the price of the menu.
    I also am not sure how much should i tip,is less than 10% of total amount considered impolite?
    I appreciate your help,i hope to experience the magic meal as well!


  • Hello Trine,

    I love reading your blog so much since i always crave for good food.I read your review about Le Clos de la Violette and i’m going there in April.I’d really love to order a lunch set menu since my budget is pretty tight.I wonder if you can still remember the cost of the menu so i can be well prepared in advance.

    Thank you so much,i really do love your review!!!

  • Hey there, Adey

    Sorry the tardy reply. I was busy last night 😉

    Thanks a lot for all your delicious references. I’m happy that I’ve figured out how to export the whole content of my blog in order to backup. So, your info is safe with me. I need to bookmark them though on my wish list.

    Are you a cook – I mean professionally?

    Tonight, I’m going to a wine bar where I’m going to drink some red from the boot’s country. Do you like Italian wines too? I can’t decide whether to have Barolo or Brunello. Always a hard decision.

    Enjoy your evening!

  • Hey Trine,
    (“can’t just do that to a man” just meant, telling me you’d just had the batterballs after I’d been thinking about them, made me want them even more and this wasn’t fair.)

    As for Margaux , hell, I’d even drink Cristal with anything batter & pork related.

    I won’t bother with places you probably have heard of or in your case you’ve been to and I shamefully haven’t ( i.e. the Duck & Textures).

    The most reliably good fine dining establishment in my area is http://www.northcotemanor.com/index.htm and though it is fronted by two guys in their 50’s the head chef is actually a 26 year old woman (the only female chef with a ‘08 star in the UK to my knowledge, much respect to her). They also have two pubs that specialise in our regional beer & cuisine, that to my mind eclipse their other fancy-pants offerings http://www.highwaymaninn.co.uk/ . If you ever find yourself in the English Lake District then you have to promise me right here, right now you’ll go there, I mean it! It’s traditional fayre but the with the execution & quality of a Michelin brigade behind it.

    Not too far away from there is this place http://www.lenclume.co.uk/ which belongs in the international creative category. You could also say it’s a low-rent version of the Fat Duck. I took my mum there for Mothersday last year. And though she loved it (Mums are like that though aren’t they) but that time I thought it was substandard and I did the paying, ouch! This year I am taking her here http://www.restaurantfraiche.com/ and hopefully it will be as stellar as the recommendations I’ve heard.

    Anyway I am tired, in a terrible stinker of a bad mood I’ve been cooking all day and it wasn’t good enough. Made lamb three ways fillet, rack and rillets with pommes anna, carrot foam, flageolet bean puree and it was crap. Had a bottle of this with it http://www.cousinomacul.cl/wines_up_ft.html which showed the food up even more. The Horror. (do you need to know this!!!!?????!!!!!!)

    Anyway Goodnight Denmark.



  • You make me laugh, Adey! 🙂

    Well, the “æbleskiver” were the least interesting part of my noma meal, so yes, fabulous again. Not to mention the wines we got with the food. 😀
    As to the mould, you’re on the right track: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%86bleskivepande But Margaux and batter ball isn’t exactly the perfect match, you think so?

    Yeah, I know EG. Pretty time consuming… But thanks for mentioning Madrid fusion.

    What’s you favourite UK restaurant(s)?

    (Not sure I understand this: can’t just go around doing that to a man!)

  • Well hello,


    Trine y’know you can’t just go around doing that to a man!

    Batter, in a ball ………with pork!!! Fantastico, but what do they cook them in, I mean is there a special Danish mould or something to keep them sphereical?

    Yeah sounds great, hope the rest of the meal was as good? Madridfusion did something about Noma recently but the site hasn’t updated & Docsconz on Egullet (you go on egullet?) hasn’t posted on his time there either, yet.

    But listen lady, it’s not all going your own way, ok, because I have 2 bottles of Margaux.

    So here’s the plan; you get some of those traditional recipe batterballs, I’ll bring the red and some glasses and we’ll meet somewhere round here…


    (I’ll be the one in the yellow raincoat & hat, petrified & crying like a small child in a tiny wooden boat. So don’t be late)

    I’ve just not got round to doing my site. I’ve got all the software and content. But haven’t put it all together.

    Best wishes,

  • Hello Adey

    Thank you for your lovely comment! Yeah, we’re really blessed with some magnificent talent (and hard work, I guess 😉 ) over here.

    You know I just ate those batterballs today (at noma) with minced pork inside and vinegar dust and they were very good. Traditionally they are sweet and to be eaten with jam and sugar but at noma they served them as a salty course. Personally, I prefer the sweet version.

    I’ve checked your site but only see some food photos at the top. Is that right?

    Hope to hear more from you!
    Best from

  • Hello over there,
    Just discovered this fantastic blog. Thanks. It seems that the gastronomic baton has been passed to Copenhagen (lucky, lucky you). You’ve shown me some great restaurants I never knew existed and given some great reviews of the UK ones. Keep it up. Puh-lease.

    You have been bookmarked madam! ;0 )

    (are Aebleskiver; batterballs in the Noma cookbook p.41 as fantastic & traditional as they look/sound?)

    Best wishes,

  • Hej Walter

    Sikke en sød kommentar 😀 – jo jeg vil meget gerne sætte tid af til et interview. Det lyder som en spændende opgave, du har gang i.

    Lige nu er jeg i London 😉 og har ikke helt styr på min kalender. Kan jeg sende dig en mail i løbet af weekenden?

    Mange hilsner

  • Kbh. 30.11.07

    Hej Trine,

    Jeg er ved at skrive eksamensopgave på kurset “Skriv Journalistisk” på Danmarks Journalisthøjskole.

    Min opgave handler om personlige blogs der har stor indflydelse og derved potentielle indtjeningsmuligheder for bloggeren.

    Jeg har tidligere læst din blog med stor interesse, både som inspirationskilde til steder at spise, men også fordi du får så stor respons fra dine læsere …

    Derfor vil jeg meget gerne lave et interiew med dig om din blog.
    Baggrund, indhold, respons fra læsere, annoncering osv

    Har du mulighed for at sætte en times tid af til mig en gang i næste uge ?

    På forhånd tak for hjælpen/venter spændt på din tilbagemelding.

    Med venlig hilsen

    Walther Griesé
    Mobil 27 11 27 48


  • Hi James

    Thanks very much! 😀

    I only link to sites that I use frequently and find very useful, so
    I’ll look at your site, and if I decide to link to it I’ll let you know.

    WordPress.com currently don’t allow any advertising so until I get my site moved to my own server, there won’t be any advertising opportunities. I do, though, find the idea interesting.

    Appreciate your contacting me – my email is goodfoodtrine at gmail dot com, by the way.

    Good luck with MyDish!


  • Hi there!

    Great Blog! I work for a free recipe sharing website called MyDish and am looking to build links to the site. I’d love to get a link in your blogroll / links section, or talk about any advertising opportunities you might have. Check out the site and let me know what you think!


    Hope to hear from you soon!


  • Hi Trine,

    I just wandered back to this blog today since I first stopped by… and I see all these great responses and the one you sent originally! Thanks so much. I actually live in Copenhagen so all of this is much appreciated! I have had my eye on Geranium for a while and it’s nice hear some good recommendations! Anyway, thanks again, I love it!


  • My buddy Julien Tort turned me on to your blog. It’s awesome.

  • Laurent, you’re a genius! An epicure detective! Thanks so much for the links (translated by my automated friend;o).

    Angl’Opera looks very nice too.

    Ohh, how much I hope to be able to go to Paris or France. Soon. Next year.

    I leave a link to some information about the event Copenhagen Cooking which is happening next week if you or someone else is in town.

    I tried to book dinner at noma but didn’t succeed. Instead, I’m going on a beer tasting cruise (organised by noma). I hope it will include a tiny bit of food too 🙂

  • Here it is… and we were both right. The restaurant is called Mini Palais, opened recently by Gilles Choukroun.

    Here after 2 links (in french, but now you have your translator friend…) with a large and detailed description:



    From what i’ve seen of the Menu, the dishes are not that different from his other restaurant Angl’Opera (http://www.anglopera.com)

    Maybe a review can be expected in the coming days.. :o)


  • Good morning Trine :o)

    I’ll investigate on this restaurant you’re talking in the Palais Royal. I think it’s the new restaurant of Gilles Choukroun (one of the chef at the head of the new young and creative french chefs generation), he is already at the head of the Angl’Opera, great and modern restaurant near the Paris Opera.

    I have received the Top 50 list recommended by Luxeat. A lot of US places indeed. Interesting to compare it with other rankings and guides. Good to see L’Astrance, L’Arnsbourg, Michel Bras, Gagnaire well ranked. Amazing that L’Arpège is so higly rated, well, this is of course personal, but i had an average lunch there a couple of months ago and can’t honestly recommend it.


  • No. You celebrated your weeding at Le Cinq? Amazing. Must have been absolutely fantastic. Wow!
    Well, the pictures of that place give a fillip to my appetite for elegant sumptuousness. Maybe because I haven’t tried that so much.
    Thanks for letting me know about the classical extend of the food there. Good to know. And thanks a lot for the link to the best restaurants of Paris, though I do prefer first hand recommendations like your personal ones 😀 (Certainly hope that WordPress’ servers are reliable, what a tragedy if I lost all these grains of gold).

    By the way, I have heard that there is a restaurant in the Palais Royal, which should be out of this world – do you know what that place is?

    So many restaurant, so little time.

  • Ahh… these friends are danish but I didn’t succeed to speak any word until now, even i realize i can read some words and start to understand a little bit more now… maybe one day i’ll be fluent in danish too .. hum, nope, let’s stop dreaming :o)

    Funny you talk about Le Cinq, it is part of the restaurant i like to go in Paris (I even celebrated my wedding there …), so, yes, it’s a great place, but for the food itself there are a lot of better places to go in Paris. The food at Le Cinq is classic, very classic, due to the customers they have, they need to keep focused on classic dishes with reduced creativity, no madness at at all. I went there oftenly, it’s great, the service is top class, the atmosphere is amazing, but there is no comparison possible regarding the food itself with other 3* restaurants in Paris or in Europe. That’s why they have lost one star this year (still have 2 Michelin stas now) but it is quite normal to me.

    So talking about Paris itself, there is at least 2 restaurants to visit : L’Astrance and Pierre Gagnaire. These chefs are really focused on the food, the product, the dish itself, full creativity, high technicity, top service of course, but not that formal. Except these 2 places, you’ll not find similar restaurant in term of philosophy as Noma or even L’Air du Temps in Paris. Otherwise, you have to leave Paris, go inside the country and then you’ll be able to discover fabulous places… you have to go to Michel Bras (my second best experience ever) or L’Arnsourg near the German frontier. These are just extraordinary restaurants to go, 3* experiences you’ll never forget. And there is so many other places i could recommend you, i can spend hours and hours to tell you how great it was…That’s why, reading you comment about the Procope, i can totally understand you, to be honest, as a someone living in Paris, I never go in such places, old fashioned, poor services and food quality, while the price is not thar poor :o)

    In order to help you choosing some places in Paris, you can visit this site : http://www.bestrestaurantsparis.com/, not exhaustive but credible.

    I’ll post before end of this week my review over the Fat Duck, and Yes!, you can expect some english in my comments :o), i confirm it is my best experience ever.. no doubt about this…This restaurant is part of the place i know i’ll visit again once in the future…


  • Good evening Laurent 🙂

    Yeeaaah, please please s’il vous plait write something in English about The Fat Duck, or in French just use English words! I don’t think I know anybody who went there. I’ll go too. One day. Do you still consider it your best restaurant experience ever?

    Those photos of the food at Thierry Marx, they make me speechless. Startling. I like the design of the spoons.

    Never been to Bordeaux. But expect to go to Paris next year where I’ve been a few times over the years. Would like to try Le Cinq. Have you ever been there? Actually, last year in Paris I didn’t know where to find the useful information about a good place to eat and ended op at Le Procope. Gross disappointment and I thought never again. Next time I travel I’ll only eat well. Life’s too short be disappointed about food.

    Your friends are they French or Danish? I mean if they Danish perhaps they’ve taught you a few Danish words(?)

    Of course you’ll have to stay here one more day! 😉

    Thanks so much for your reply.

  • Good morning Denmark !

    Thanks Trine and Allan for your comments.

    Well, it seems that my choice has to be done between Geranium and Nouveau (or maybe should i try to stay one day more ? :o) … Hmmm, i’ve faced easier choices in my life :o)

    Trine, you may ask ! :o) I’ve been in Copenhagen for work a couple of times but this time, I’ll be there the weekend for pure leisure. I have friends living near Aarhus, they will join on the friday and we will experience Noma together. Can’t wait for it, lol, like a kid 1 month before Xmas :o)…

    I’ll try to post some pictures over my Fat Duck experience on my blog asap. I went there last year and it was simply my best restaurant experience ever. The dishes prepared by Heston Blummenthal and his team are simply perfect, well balanced, modern and tasty as you couldn’t imagine without going there once in your life. And i promise, i’ll try some translations in english for the danish food lovers :o)

    Last remark over Thierry Marx : awarded chef of the Year 2006 in France, his restaurant is probably the place to be in France these days. I’ll go there in november this year but a friend told me recently “it was just an experience coming from another world”. I’m expecting some pictures and reviews on the blog from him asap. Here are some links (in french sorry but the pictures are self speaking) in order to give you an idea (the restaurant is located near Bordeaux, i know : there are worse places to live in France… :o) :



    Looking forward to share other food experiences with you Trine !


  • Laurent, Geranium has received top reviews from a lot of newspapers in Denmark and I can only second them. I was there on the opening night and it’s quality. I would choose it over Formel B, which is pretty much French cuisine. If you try both Noma and Geranium you’ll experience Scandinavia 🙂

    Looking forward to your post on The Fat Duck (preferably in English hehe) 😉

    – Allan

  • L’Air Du Temps looks fantastic! Thanks for the tip. Added to my Wish List. The food, from what I’ve seen at the pictures on the website, resembles what you can get at MR (- or the other way round), foamy. The interior is not as stylish at MR, though.

    Funny interview with the chef there. 🙂

    Wauww – you’re going to The Fat Duck!?! Never been there myself. I could add it on my Wish List, but in a way it’s too obvious.

    Thierry Marx. Need to look that up, embarrassed to say. The name’s familiar though.

    I found out about Tyven – it will change the name on 3 September and until then be run with the old name, but run by the new chef and proprietor Kasper Rune Sørensen. Wrote about it also in another comment at that post.

    So, two days in CPH. Is this trip because of your blog? I mean visiting top-notch restaurants, is that your reason for targeting destination Denmark? If I may ask.

    Cheers Trine

  • Thanks for your comment. Just replied and gave some more details.

    There should be some additional posts over the Fat Duck and Thierry Marx soon…

    The day you’ll come in Belgium… One place to go there : L’air du temps (1 Michelin *, probably the second coming in 2008…), many reviews on my blog, every time i go there it’s an unforgettable experience (my “noma” in belgium :o)

    So, looking my weekend in CPH in september, i’ve planned the following : friday evening : Noma (already booked) / Saturday evening : Tykken or Formel B or Geranium (interesting one… i’ll wait a post from you maybe :o)


  • Hello Laurent

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Lucky you! I hope you’ll like noma too. It’s so different from other restaurants.

    As to your question on something else, I’m in doubt. I’ll check what’s happening with Tyven tomorrow when I’m back in CPH, because Kasper, the owner, said that he would be launching a new website, but I have seen nothing yet. The fact that you can actually speak with the man behind the food is unconventional, and I loved that about this place.

    If the food is of highest priority to you, I think I would recommend formel B although the service is a bit stiff, formal and not always perfect. The food is great. MR is good too, service is better but not at noma’s standard. I haven’t been to Ensemble, unfortunately.

    I haven’t been to Geranium either but am planning to in the near future. It seems fantastic too, Scandinavian food elements. It opened in April this year and is owned by the Rasmus Kofoed (the only double medal winner in Bocuse d’Or) and Søren Ledet, who was once at noma, I believe.

    If you seek top-notch service let me know and I will think it over. There is of course Søllerød Kro.

    You know, my aunt and uncle just moved to Brussels and I’ll visit them of course. It’ll be my first time there, so I will definitely be needing recommendations. I’ll check back with you when I know when I going.

    What a pity I don’t speak French. It’s seems you have a lot of interesting reviews yourself! 😉

    Best regards

  • Hello Trine,

    I found your blog last week searching for reviews on Noma as i’ve booked a table there in September. I definitely look forward to it.. sounds really exceptional…

    Congrats for the quality of your reviews and pictures ! I really enjoyed it ! Stored your blog in my favorites now :o)

    I’ve been in Copenhagen a couple of times and had a chance to dine at Tyvven once, it was so good, excellent dinner and incredible wine list. I had in mind to go there again during my next trip to CPH but knowing now it has changed (Nouveau is the new name right ?), i was wondering to try somewhere else, maybe Ensemble or Formel B… What would you suggest ? Or maybe is Tykken still

    Thanks for again your website, and if you come to Paris or Brussels once, feel free to ask for some recommandations, so many places to try here :o)


  • Hello Ada!

    Thanks so much for your kind compliment. 🙂

    I’m aware of a few websites thoroughly describing and comparing price vs. quality. But those are in Danish, unfortunately (mitKBH for one).

    There is of course http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/ where you can search for prices and types of restaurants plus find information about events in Copenhagen.

    My recent post are mostly about rather pricey places, but I’d be happy to offer you some good suggestions for cheaper restaurants if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Actually I’m creating a page with brief description of places both expensive and cheap that offer good food. If you’re coming to Copenhagen I wish you a wonderful time here :-).

    best wishes

  • Hi,
    I came across your website and I really love it. I was wondering what internet websites there are for food in Copenhagen. Is there any kinda of guide that tells the price and the quality?

    Thanks for such a great website!

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