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Radio – established by Noma founder and entrepreneur Claus Meyer and with chefs Jesper Kirketerp (former Noma) together with Rasmus Kliim – has only existed for a few months and is located across the street from the former radio studios of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Radio’s focus is to present a modern and urban eatery, closely connected to its suppliers. The dishes are inventive and delicate with quite some power to the taste. I had the most juicy pheasant ever, brilliantly cooked sous-vide and combined with burnt leeks. The wine pairings are intriguing too and focus is specially on France, Germany and Austria.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday dinner, Friday – Saturday lunch and dinner

Contact Information
Restaurant Radio
Julius Thomsens Gade 12
1632 Copenhagen V

Phone: +45 2510 2733

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