Monthly Archive for February, 2009

OFF4 – Danish Gastronomy in France

Image courtesy of Laurent/GoT

The fourth Omnivore Food Festival in Deauville took place this week on the 23-24 February 2009 and about ten French bloggers were invited to cover the event amongst the press.… »

Spoiled at Søllerød Kro

I do love Burgundy wines. Somehow Jan Restorff knows that – I don’t know how, but he does. I have always dreamed of one day tasting an Echezaux, Grands-Echezaux, Romanée Conti, Richebourg, La Tache or any of the other marvellous Grand Cru Burgundies in that range, but I didn’t really expect to ever get the chance of tasting any of them.… »

Poetic and Powerful El Poblet

Of course, I was disappointed when I realised what I expected would happen – no reservation at El Bulli for the 2009 season.… »