Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Refreshing Ti Trin Ned

First time I heard about Ti Trin Ned (ten steps down) was when the Danish news paper Politiken printed a review years ago.… »

Report and Interviews from The World’s 50 Best Event


There is a great interview with René Redzepi at the very end. Enjoy!… »

Geranium Ranked World 77th Best!

Denmark has not only one but TWO restaurants listed on Restaurant Magazine’s list of the world’s best restaurant.

Geranium is listed as number 77th on this year’s S.Pellegrino… »

NOMA – The World’s Third Best Restaurant!!

This is amazing. Amazing but understandable for a huge fan like me. NOMA has just been awarded the world’s third best restaurant by British Restaurant Magazine and after El Bulli as #1 and Fat Duck as #2 of the 2009 list.… »