Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Copenhagen Post – Food Blog

The Copenhagen Post has introduced a new food blog culumn in their In and Out Guide and they’ve invited Zarah Maria, Jennie and me to write it based on the content of our blogs respectfully.… »

Outstanding Oud Sluis

Sergio Herman is a true culinary artist and this is a write-up of a truly culinary perfection, foodwise.

During one of my spring visits to noma René (Redzepi) recommended me to go try Sergio Herman’s  reastaurant Oud Sluis in Holland, situated close to the Flemish border of Belgium.… »

My First Lunch in Edinburgh

I’m in Edinburgh and really enjoying this gothic and mediaeval but fantastic town. I got here yesterday with the first  British Midland flight and was starving at lunch time and this is what I ate:

Native oysters

I have a terrible craving for oysters.… »

MR Revisited

NOTE: This restaurant has close down!

Actually it’s the third time I visit MR. First time was in 2006, the most recent was in 2007 and so now on 25 August was my third visit, this time having the whole restaurant to myself.… »