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Corton – Cool and Complex

With only three nights in New York City Corton was one of the restaurants I initially, but sadly, had left out of my dinner plans.… »

WD~50 – Works for Me

WD~50 stands for Wylie Dufresne in 50 Clinton Street, NYC. Wylie is the head chef and owner. He holds one Michelin star.… »

Back From New York

Thrilled to be back home again, I’d just like to make a little list of the posts I’ll be working on in the weeks to come.… »

Burger Joint NYC – if you love burgers

Whether this burger is the best in Manhattan I cannot really say as it is my first burger here. But I do agree with Luxeat that it’s one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.… »

Stranded in New York City

Because of the ash cloud emerged from the erupting volcano on Iceland, I am not able to go back to CPH today as scheduled.… »