Monthly Archive for December, 2008

noma 13

The Last time I dined at noma (May 08), René proposed a break of five to six months for me to see how much noma would develop over a half a year’s time.… »

No More Copenhagen Post Food Blog

I’m not writing articles for the Copenhagen Post’s Food Blog any longer. I realised that it took up too much of my time and that I couldn’t keep up with very good food the way I would like to.… »

Noma – Best Meal in 2008 by OA Guide

An assortment of chefs, food writers, restaurant owners and bloggers and more than 90 people from all over the world have  replied to the question from Steve Plotnicki, Opinionated About Dining, “Name the best meal you had in 2008” and noma was on most people’s lips!… »

The Kitchin – From Nature to P(a)late

The month of September offered me a visit to eminent Edinburgh. It was my first trip to Scotland ever and the hilly beauty, the exciting history, the medieval architecture, the dark and Gothic look, the views to the sea, the impressive castle and the whisky completely overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t help myself falling for the Scotch capital.… »

René Redzepi Rewarded Chef of the Year!

The Spanish 10th food congress was last week rewarding René Redzepi, noma, Chef of the Year on the international scene!… »