Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Noma 1st: Happy Comment from Lau Richter

Thanks to Laurant, Gastros on Tour on-site here’s a happy comment from Lau Richter, Restaurant Manager at noma:


Noma is number 1 – congratulations!

I got the news by a text message. Despite the rumor during the day I could hardly believe it: NOMA is first on the 50 best restaurants in the world?… »

The CPH Crawl – Conclusion

To wrap up our restaurant crawl of Copenhagen here’s some thoughts I had during and after the evening of what worked well and not so well.… »

CPH Crawl 6/6: Søllerød Kro

So, Søllerød Kro was our last stop on the CPH Crawl. Before jumping into the van and drive up north I rang the inn to inform that we would be fine without a meat course.… »

Back From New York

Thrilled to be back home again, I’d just like to make a little list of the posts I’ll be working on in the weeks to come.… »

Burger Joint NYC – if you love burgers

Whether this burger is the best in Manhattan I cannot really say as it is my first burger here. But I do agree with Luxeat that it’s one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.… »

Stranded in New York City

Because of the ash cloud emerged from the erupting volcano on Iceland, I am not able to go back to CPH today as scheduled.… »

My first Kobe beef burger

I have just been visiting the North Carolina state and the first evening when I was very tired after many hours of travel, I ate this Kobe burger at the Umstead hotel bar.… »

Why do we blog about restaurants?

Today, I watched Steve Plotnicki being interviewed by Anthony Bourdain in the No Reservations feature. Three American guys are being asked why they blog about food and restaurants.… »

CPH Crawl 5/6: MR

NOTE: This restaurant has close down!

The fifth restaurant for us to visit was MR. We arrived quite late, not sure what the time was at that point.… »