This is my list of places worth eating in Copenhagen. All good value for money. I have linked to blog posts describing the places in detail – where available.

Is this a exhaustive list of good places in Copenhagen? Absolutely not. These are just places where I have enjoyed dining – or eat regularly in between gourmet escapades. Copenhagen is a food hot spot, and new places are opening up all the time, so I cannot keep up with them all. So that a place is not listed here does not mean that is isn’t good. Probably I just haven’t been, or maybe I have but didn’t like it. That doesn’t mean that you won’t.

If a restaurant closes down, if I’ve been disappointed the last time I visited – or if I haven’t visited for more than a couple of years – I remove it from EATCPH.

I wish you a nice and epicurious stay in Copenhagen.

Gourmet Restaurants | Medium Priced | Reasonably priced

Gourmet Restaurants

Expensive, but excellent, places.


Former chef at The Fat Duck, Per Se and chef de cuisine at Noma, Matt Orlando knows his way around a kitchen. In 2013 he opened his own place: Amass, and months before the launch it was hyped by the press. Rightfully so, I think.


Michelin ** All the plates were picturesquely beautiful, the food was flawless and the menu as a whole was composed with wit and distinction. Actually, the strong focus was what impressed me the most.

Formel B

Michelin * Formel B still holds one star but has changed the concept since its beginning as French-inspired conservative gourmet restaurant (please note: my blog post from 2007 on Formel B was written about Formel B as it was then). It’s still top notch food but the price level has dropped to that of a […]


Geranium is the home of Rasmus Kofoed, Bocuse D’Or Gold Medalist of 2011 (and silver and bronze medalist from 2007 and 2005). Internationally styled Geranium is a place of sheer perfection and precision. In 2012 #49 on San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best restaurants.

Kadeau København

The food is based upon Bornholm produce of extremely high quality – even the plates are made by Bornholm artisans. I would call the cuisine creative, exciting and delicious – very much in the New Nordic style, but less avantgarde than places like Relæ. Kadeau should be high on the wish list of any food loving Copenhagen-farer.

Kiin Kiin

Outstanding haut Thai cuisine that received it’s first Michelin star in 2008 and much well-deserved. It is the only Thai restaurant in the world awarded a Michelin star.

Kong Hans Kælder

With Mark Lundgaard as new head chef “The King” is back on the throne with a superb classic French cuisine and will, I think, regain at least one star, as one of Copenhagen’s most lavish and luxurious places to dine.



The über hotel’s restaurant has been rebooted with Ronny Emborg as head chef. Don’t come here for crazy avant-garde, the cuisine is classic but sharp and elegant. Ronny Emborg is an extremely skilled chef and produces some stunning dishes.

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

Romantic and beautiful setting in the Frederiksberg Garden serving excellent and surprising food with elements from all over the world


Experience the heavenly lightness of good food with ingredients which originates from the Northern countries. New Danish Cuisine. René Redzepi is a genious! 2-stars Michelin


Relæ is not a common restaurant, it’s a place that challenges traditional concepts and challenges you, the diner. In fact it’s the most cutting-edge, avantgarde place in Copenhagen.

Søllerød Kro

classic and lovely dishes inspired by Danish and French traditions and served with distinct, friendly and perfect waiting.


Studio got its Michelin star within its first year, and the new The White Guide puts Studio on the top shelf, calling it International Master Class. The food is super elegant, innovative, flawless and with a clear Noma heritage, as Torsten was the chef behind many of Noma’s signature dishes.

Medium Priced Restaurants

Fabulous restaurant and high-end bistros you can enjoy without the need of calling your bank in advance.


Where Noma used to be is now Barr, and here Thorsten Schmidt enhances and improves on classic Danish dishes to bring the original Danish cuisine to new heights.


Wow. Bæst is a pizzeria and charcuteri, but then again, so much more than that. Most of the sausages and hams are homemade and utterly delicious and the mozarella is to die for.


Bror’s dishes are simple, but produce and techniques are world class. The wines are all natural. A wonderful and exciting place, in the spirit of Noma and Relæ but with its own charm and egde to it.


Homemade Italian food, pasta, risotto main course, dessert combined with an excellent wine list featuring many top Burgundy wines as well as Italian.


Posh and beautiful people kind of place featuring very creative cuisine with sometimes special food combinations.


Gorilla is an eatery owned by Rasmus Oubæk and Jesper Marcussen and the rest of the team behind Pluto and Oubæk Steak. Gorilla is a large, place in the hipster-dense meat packing district.

Kødbyens Fiskebar

The style of the food seems inspired by noma which Ander Selmer was once part of. The interior is rough but the atmosphere is funky.

L’Osteria del Grappolo Blu

L’Osteria del Grappolo Blu is the informal eatery that serves delicious Italian food with the focus on the South of Italy where head chef Alfredo Franco grew up. Great sincere friendliness, dedication and passion for the food and the wine and the way they share it with the guests.


Situated next to the popular Market Halls, Musling focuses on shellfish, fish and vegetables, and former Ensemble chef Morten Schou serves really delicate, tasty and innovative dishes. Of course, you can have excellent oysters and mussels too.

No. 2

No. 2 is the bistro of the lovely AOC. Everything works at this place: Location, service, and of course the food. The wine list is – of course – composed by sommelier and owner Christian Aarøe.


Orangeriet is a casual restaurant for lunch and dinner. It’s situated in one of the most historic and beautiful locations in Copenhagen. Great value and high quality produce.

Photo: Restaurant Pluto


Restaurant Pluto is owned by Rasmus Oubæk and Jesper Marcussen, the guys behind the now closed Retour and its siblings Retour Steak. Pluto is a bistro with a twist, serving protein rich tapa-ish dishes. Great oysters and foie gras!


Little brother to Kadeau and situated in the western part of Copenhagen (at the address formerly occupied by Kadeau Copenhagen itself, actually), Pony serves a simpler, bistro-ish version of Kadeau’s cuisine. It’s very elegant and delicious food, the sorroundings are nice and relaxed, and the service is among the best in class. For great value go […]

Restaurant Palægade

Top notch open face sandwiches for lunch and excellent classic Danish cuisine for dinner. Lovely ambience and even lovelier food.

Restaurant Radio

Radio’s focus is to present a modern and urban eatery, closely connected to its suppliers. The dishes are inventive and delicate with quite some power to the taste.



The food is very Formel B, very elegant and delicate and the wine list is just as outstanding. Even though the dishes are all entre-sized, I sufficed with three courses – guys should probably go for the fourth as well. Lovely place, great value, great food! Comes highly recommended.

Reasonably Priced Restaurants

Reasonably priced restaurants bistros and cafées. Reasonably priced - not cheap. Nothing is cheap in Copenhagen.

Aamanns Take Away

modern pieces of the traditional Danish open-face sandwiches. You can take the smørebrød with you or eat it at shop. One of the best smørebrød places in town!


Shares kitchen with the 1* star Michelin restaurant Kiin Kiin. The food is great, of high quality produce and very tasty. Make sure to try the tuna tartar, and the pork bun gau bao.


A wine bar and bistro, serving the classic french bistro dishes made from the best produce. Everything is so delicious. Go for the charcuterie or the tartar, or simply the dish of the day. Go for the full meal, a snack or just a glass.

Hos Fischer

David Fischer serves simple but very, very delicious and savory Roman food, including some seriously heart warming home made pasta dishes, in his own cosy trattoria at the corner of the little Victor Borge’s Square in the eastern part of Copenhagen.

Il Grappolo Blu – La Pizzeria

Besides serving some of the best South Italian cuisine in town, Il Grappolo Blu also makes one of the best pizzas in town. So, it’s only fair to list this place both under medium priced and reasonably priced restos, as a pizza and a beer will not set you back more than DKK 180,-.

Manfreds & Vin

Modern gastronomic eatery and the first natural wine bar in Copenhagen. a la carte dishes or a 4-course set menu features starter size dishes perfect for sharing across the table. Consider it Danish avantgarde tapas.


One of the best bistro places in Copenhagen for Asian/Thai food

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  • Hello Trine,

    What a marvelous website and collection of restaurants! I am thrilled to have discovered your blog. I will be in Copenhagen for a week at the end of October and I have reservations at Amass and Geranium. I am very excited to try them based on your input. However, while I am in the city, my daughter will have her 21st birthday (she is an American student studying there this semester). She wants me to take a group of friends out to dinner to celebrate, and I would like some recommendations for restaurants that are fun and festive and would be memorable for a 21st birthday dinner. Can you advise me about a few choices?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi- I am wondering if you can help me figure out the name of a restaurant I have eaten at 4-5 times. It’s near the D’Angleterre, has a couple of levels, is old, somewhat small, and served very good dinner fare. I’ve eaten sweetbreads, steak, mussels, etc. there. And I believe the napkin rings and/or silverware had Anno 1668 (or some similar date) on it. I think it was only one word name as well. I’ve searched online for it and cannot find it- perhaps it closed over the last 6-7 years? Please email me directly if possible. Thank you so much in advance,
    Scott Taylor

  • Hi,

    Cool site! I was preparing for my trip in July next month on Google and found your site. Probably will go to some restaurants you’ve mentioned here.

    Kind regards,
    Helena (

  • Jesus Loves YOU

    we are a group of 10pax on our way back home to singapore from iceland, we are making a 4 days stop in CPH, eta at 1600hrs on 7th dec 2016,

    can you introduce us to a good denish restaurant near tivoli garden where we are staying on arrival so take we can walk, prefer seafood.

    during our stay what restaurants should we not missed for lunch and dinner.
    including a good asian restaurant.

    God Bless

  • Hi – thanks so much for this guide, very helpful. I am visiting in June with my boyfriend for just one day and hoping to book lunch and dinner somewhere. Maybe a cheapish tasty lunch and a slightly fancier dinner (but not astronomical), and I would love to go somewhere very #scandi for dinner. The thing is that my boyfriend doesn’t eat any fish or seafood except prawns. Can you make any suggestions?


  • Hi,
    Thank you for the listing of restaurants.
    This summer we will be travelling through Copenhagen by train and spend only one night. We will celebrate our son’s 21st birthday with our family of six. Can you recommend a casual, yet festive restaurant for us that won’t break our bank? I would think DK300 pp including drinks? I know Copenhagen is quite expensive and normally we would just eat a pizza but for the occasion we would really like to go to a nice (Nordic) restaurant. Maybe you know hidden treasure….?? Many thanks, Mascha

    • Hi Mascha,

      Yes, unfortunately DKK 300 is not much in Copenhagen these days. My suggestion would be Restaurant Cofoco in Abel Cathrines Gade in Copenhagen West (not far from the central station). Cofoco is the original restaurant in the Cofoco chain (you might want to check some of the other restaurants out as well). It’s not *strictly* Nordic, but definitely with a Nordic touch to it. 4 courses is DKK 275,- (including service and taxes – and remember, that you don’t have to tip in Denmark). They serve wine by the glass from 65,- or bottles from DKK 300,-.

      Have a nice stay!

      • Dear Trine,
        Thanks so much for your reply! Cofoco looks great indeed and we would surely go there but unfortunately they are closed Sundays… We’ll look into the other Cofoco restaurants as well. Again, thank you for your kind help.

  • Hei Trine! Takk for en super blogg med så mange gode tips! Vi er 3 matglade venninner som planlegger å spise litt i København i mai. Jeg lurer på om du har tips til en god asiatisk restaurant? Gjerne med sushi også eller dim sum. Vi har spist på Kiin Kiin (som var fantastisk) Alex (før den lukket), sticks&sushi ) – ellers planlegger vi Bæst og kanskje Pluto. Vil gjerne spise på litt hyggelige steder med god stemning i tillegg til god mat:) Hva tror du?
    Har du tips til gode steder for lunch også? Gjerne med champagne:)

  • Thanks for a very nice suggestion.
    I am looking for reasonable price place with romantic hyyge atmosphere for a date tomorrow. any specific place to recommend? prefer not a crowded one, not it stroeget for sure. thanks.

  • Hi,
    My wife wanted to go to London for lunch next Wednesday and decided it would be more exciting to fly to CPH, as for lunch instead.
    I’ve started to research restaurants and finding that so far, all the ones I’ve looked at do not serve lunch, especially on Wednesdays.
    Can you recommend some places, perhaps more traditional that serves lunch on Wednesday.

    Best regards


  • Hi Trine,

    Thanks for putting all this amazing information together! Our family of three (our son is 4 years old) is heading to CPH this summer for five days and I’m starting to research where we want to eat. Assuming the very high-end (Noma if we could even get a reservation, Geranium etc.) is out of the question with a young child, do you have a sense of how a well-behaved kid – who will most likely just watch a movie on a tablet (sometimes you just have to be pragmatic) – would be received in the mid-to-higher range spots? I’m thinking of places like Husmanns Vintue or Schonnemann for a traditional lunch, and Manfreds or even Uformel for something more contemporary (or dare I say Relae, Radio, Pony, Musling etc.). Looking forward to any insight you may have.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Marco,
      Sorry for the tardy reply. I don’t think it would be a problem at all to bring you son to those mid-to-higher range spots at all. People are pretty relaxed here. 🙂


  • Hi Trine, Your suggestions look amazing. I will be visiting Copenhagen this coming monday for a week and I have a seven year old son who is celiac. Do you have any modestly priced restaurants that would satisfy our desire to try good nordic food, as well as any other suggestions, but that will also have tasty gluten free food that is not just salads. Thanks Lisa

    • Hi Lisa
      Well, I’m not an expert on restaurants with gluten free food, but I know that Palæo in Pilestræde 32 and at the food market Torvehallerne are gluten free.
      It’s my impression though that most good restaurants have gluten free options.
      Sorry I cannot be of better help here :-(.

  • Dear Trine,

    I will be visiting Copenhagen on July for the first time with my wife and 10 month old daughter. As a chef Im looking forward to experiencing and absorve some of your very unique food and style. After a bit of research i came up with a similar list, the thing is, we have a baby. I know how it can be with a 10 month old baby in some restaurants, with the right amount of bad luck it can spoil everyone’s night. Short story, Relae is out of the question for this matter, do you think Radio, Manfred & Vin, etc. would represent a problem taking a kid into dinner with all that crazy logistic?

    Best regards,

    Tiago from Portugal

    • Dear Tiago,
      Happy to hear that you are coming to CPH. First of all I’d like to say that you actually could go to Relæ with your baby! I went there with my friend’s baby at 6th month with no problems. So, I suggest you just write Christian & the team and explain, I’m sure they will understand and arrange accordingly. 🙂 But otherwise, for sure Manfreds will work with your baby, as will the Bæst (their pizza, mozzarella, home-made sausage) place. I’d also say that Radio is baby-safe too – the biggest problem with Radio is to reserve a table, you need to book in advance ;-).
      Let me know if you need of any help here!
      Best from

      • Dear Trine,

        Thank you very much for your quick response and help, I will definately write to Christian since I would very much like to try Relae, there’s really nothing quite like it by this side of Europe. Your suggestions seems perfect for our 5 day stay, thank you once again for your attention and availability.

        If you ever come to Porto in Portugal i’ll be glad to retribute :).

        Best regards,

  • Dear Trine,

    Congratulations on your site, very helpful, well done and inspirational.

    I travel to Copenhague end of April for my wedding. I am doing a research to decide in which Restaurant to host our Wedding dinner. Unfortunately I can visit Copenhague before this date so I have to trust my instinct, suggestions and my own research.

    It will be a very small dinner. Its me and my by then wife, her parents and a sister. We would like a very intimate and cozy restaurant, classy, elegant, formal and with a beautiful interior. Well prepared food but not necessarily super adventurous. Her father is a gourmet but not into avantgarde cuisine.

    If you could suggest us some options that could fit our dinner would be awesome, thanks



  • Hi there,

    I wondered if you know of any places that have private dining rooms for a dinner in April.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Hi Trine,
    Thank you for such a helpful blog. We are travelling to Copenhagen for new year but struggling to find anywhere that we can book for lunch on New Year’s Day as everywhere seems to be closed – any suggestions would be gratefully received.
    Thank you

  • Hi!

    My boyfriend and I are spending new year eve in Copenhagen this year and were wondering if you had any suggestions?! We’d be looking for affordable / medium priced food with a great atmosphere and cosy! Happy to not be central and to eat earylish (may be the only time we get a reservation! and to wander into the centre for midnight?)



  • Hi Trine,

    Great info on the site, thank you.
    I am interested in a Restaurant where you participate in a cooking class beforehand and then sit down and enjoy the food you just learned to cook. Is such a thing possible in Copenhagen? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Or if not, maybe you know of a place that does a 1 day cooking course. It is a gift idea for a foodie friend!

    Thanks and keep up the great blog!

  • Hi Dawn!!!
    Your blog is amazing, so much useful information!
    We are a young couple traveling for 10 days in CPH
    We would love to experience the danish kitchen for affordable prices.
    1 good restaurant and the others hopefully value for money prices, around 150-200 per each.
    Thank you so much! keep the job 🙂

  • Hi Trine, excellent blog and post. I am visiting Copenhagen for the first time October 22 and I have two days (definitely not enough). I will be solo so I’m looking for great food and atmosphere at places where I can eat at the bar. Do you have some suggestions? Budget not too much of an issue but I enjoy variety low end to high and would prefer local specialties/unique to CPH (some great sounding Italian above but heading to Italy after). I appreciate a good wine bar. On the waiting list for lunch at noma but doubt I will get in. I greatly appreciate any ideas you have. I’m super excited about your beautiful city!

    • Hi Jen,
      So sorry about the tardy reply! Anyway here goes for great bar eating and great atmosphere:
      High-end: Studio (part of the Standard establishment, former head of R&D noma), Taller (kitchen counter, awesome and unique Venezuelian)
      Medium: Relæ (kitchen bar), Fiskebaren, Geist (kitchen counter or view to the street)
      Cheap: Bæst (high-table for people without reservation), Mandfreds, Lillebror (view to the streat)
      Hope this helps and thanks a lot for your kind words!

  • I will be going to Copenhagen during 26-28 this month and Noma is fully booked during those three nights. Would you have any recommendations similar to Noma?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sharon,
      I would go for Studio by Thorsten Vildgaard. He was the sous chef and head of R&D at Noma for 7 years. Studio is great.
      Relæ (Christian Puglisi also former-Noma) is also an option, it’s less fancy than Studio but a fantastic place as well.


  • Hi Trine,

    We’ll stay in Copenhagen from Wednesday to Sunday and like eating well. Our dinners are already booked (Noma, Geranium, Amass, Taller).

    Do you have any suggestions for Sunday at lunch? We also like pastries and desserts a lot. Which place is the best? Strangas Dessert Boutique?

    Thanks a lot for your help and your very nice blog.

    Best wishes from sunny Switzerland,


    • Hi Fred,
      Here are a few Sunday lunch options: Søllerød Kro, Fiskebaren, Manfreds.
      Strangas is fabulous! And, open on Sundays :-). La Glace is excellent too (tables put a bit tight though) but they are closed on Sundays.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  • Hi Trine,

    We have a large group of 10 adults and 5 kids who will be in CPH. Do you have any recommendations for good restaurants that could accommodate us for dinner and would be kid-friendly as well?


    • Hi Caroline
      Osteria del Grappolo Blu would work perfectly I think, it’s Italian. Otherwise Bæst and Fiskebaren would be other good places for your group. If you look for fine dining, then Søllerød Kro would be kid friendly too. 🙂

  • My wife and I are visiting Copenhagen for the first time. We wanted to have one splurge dinner on our trip. We booked a reservation at Amass and Studio and are debating which one we should choose. We love your blog and were wondering which one you would choose.

    • Hi Mike
      Thank for your sweet words about the blog. 🙂
      I think that Studio is little more splurgy and luxurious food wise where Amass is more naturalistic and rough in it’s expression.
      Hope this helps, otherwise let me know.

  • Hi I am looking for a place in Chp to taste reindeer. Strange question I know… it is a long story!
    Any suggestion?

  • Trine,

    Great blog. Our family ( with kids ) are going to be in Copenhagen next month. We would like to visit a traditional Danish restaurant that is semi-family friendly. Our kids usually don’t order from the “kids menu,” but NOMA would not be appropriate for them either !

    Maybe a couple or selections I could check out ? Thanks so much for your time.


    • Hi Manuel,
      Thank you 🙂
      Restaurant Kofoed is a nice and relaxed place but serving modern Danish food with a focus of produce from the island of Bornholm.
      I think also Radio would work well. Book well in advance as it’s a small place.
      If you enjoy fish the Kødbyens Fiskebar is another option.
      Are you looking for fine dining Søllerød Kro is wonderful and very used to kids/families!
      Hope this helps, otherwise let me know.

  • Hi. Do you have a review of restaurants open on Monday Nights? Realize a hard day for fine dining? Cheers.

    • Hi Dominic,
      Yes, Monday evening is a bit difficult. Here are some suggestions that are open Monday nights:
      Kiin Kiin
      formel B

      and alternatively no.2 and Geist.

  • Hi Trine,

    So glad to have come across your blog! I am planning to come to Copenhagen for 4 days in June and was feeling overwhelmed by the number of great restaurants!!

    Here is my lunch/dinner itinerary so far. Would love your thoughts! Especially as I cannot decide on Sat dinner and Sun dinner options!!!

    Thurs late lunch Smorrebrod at Aamanns
    Thurs dinner Ralae
    Fri Lunch Kadeau
    Fri Dinner Mielcke
    Sat Lunch Radio
    Sat Dinner Amass / Scarpetta /Fiskebar
    Sun Lunch Street Food market
    Sun Dinner Chai Wong/ Arioiidee/ Baest


    • Hi Aysha
      You itinerary looks good to me! 🙂
      This would be my order of priority for Sat and Sun dinner:
      Sat Dinner Amass/Fiskebar/Scarpetta
      Sun Dinner Baest/Chai Wong/Arioiidee
      Hope you ahve fun here!

      • Thanks Trine for your suggestions 🙂

        I had a few more questions! Would you recommend Amass or Studio? What are your thoughts on Host? And if I was to go to one pizza place, should it be Baest or Mothers?

        Thanks again,

      • You’re welcome!
        Pick Studio if you look for New Nordic Cuisine style, Torsten worked 7 years for Noma as sous chef and with R&D.
        Go to Amass if you want a mix of Danish/American as Matt used to work at Le Bernardin, Per Se and grew up in California (before he moved to Noma).
        I like Höst a lot! Excellent value for the money.
        And for the pizza place Baest is a must. Excellent food and vibe! 😉

  • Hi
    my wife and I will be arriving late (21.30) into CPH on Fri for a long weekend in town. We were wondering if you know any places where we can still have a reasonably nice dinner late at night – say at 23.00 or so. Any ideas?
    PS – love your web site. some great recommendations which we are going to try!

    • Hi Rob,
      Bæst, MASH and Kødbyens Fiskebar are serving food till 11pm so I would suggest you try one of those places.
      Glad you like my recommandations.:-)

  • Hi Trine,

    Thank you for the great recommendations on this blog. Knowing that a lot of places are closed on both Sunday and Monday, what would you recommend for a restaurant itinerary if my girlfriend and I will be there for lunch and dinner on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday in August. Thanks!


    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. 😀

      Not knowing your preferences and budget makes it a little tricky to provide recommendations. However, here are some suggestions 🙂
      Saturday dinner: almost all of the restaurants in the Eat CPH list are open on Saturday evening. Book well in advance.
      Saturday lunch: Geranium, Kadeau, Relæ
      Sunday lunch: Søllerød Kro, Kødbyens Fiskebar, Marchal
      Sunday dinner: Søllerød Kro, BROR, Uformel, Bæst
      Monday lunch: Schønnemann (classic Danish smørrebrød), Restaurant Kofoed (produce mainly from island of Bornholm), Aamanns (more modern take on Danish smørrebrød)
      Monday dinner: Kiin Kiin, Formel B, No.2
      Open all days lunch/dinner: Café lillebror, Manfreds & Vin, Marchal

  • Thanks for the website! Your recommendations are excellent!

    Do you have any restaurant recommendations for lunch?

  • Hi! Your website is amazing!!! Congratulations! It’s really useful!
    I’m going alone for one day to Copenhagen and would like to enjoy two restaurants that are nice for solo travelers!
    Do you have any special recommendations? Maybe one has a nice bar to sit and face the kitchen, I don’t know! I would love to hear them! Thank you so much! And congrats again!

    • Hi Juan!
      Thank you so much! 🙂
      For counter seating and dinner alone I’d recommend following in prioritised order:
      Fiskebaren (facing the bar, not the kitchen)

  • Hi Trine

    Soon going to Copenhagen and have been through your page again. My choices fell on Mielcke and Hurtigkarl, Søllerød Kro and Manfreds.

    So just to let you know that your writings are appreciated.
    Thank you
    Jan (

    • Hi Jan
      Thank you so much for letting me know. 🙂 🙂 Very kind of you and I hope that Mielcke and Hurtigkarl, Søllerød Kro and Manfreds will all treat you well!

  • Thanks, your recommendations for lunch are amazing – how to choose? Ok, so I was sad not to be able to get reservation at Noma, but really sad when Kadeau announced their summer holiday over the days we are in town. What do think of these picks?
    Monday Night – garden setting to calm our travel nerves – Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
    Tuesday Lunch –aamanns for local fare
    Tuesday Night – Studio for amazing food in fun setting
    Wednesday Lunch Uformel for fun
    Wednesday Night Relae to wrap it all up.

    • Dominic, it looks like the perfect plan!
      You could go on noma’s waiting list. It is my impression that they often get cancellations.
      In fact I didn’t know that Uformel is open for lunch, that’s fantastic!

  • How fun is your blog and incomparably comprehensive – amazing! Feel I have just been to Copenhagen reading your reviews. We are coming in July 6 for only two days. Your reviews are perfect for dinner, though wondering if you have suggestions for the perfect local Copenhagen lunch? Light, relaxed, local and of course amazing food. Cheers and nice work.

  • Both me and my wife like to eat well when we travel. However, on our first trip to Copenhagen we are travelling with our 2 kids aged 6 & 10. We still prefer to eat well but unsure which of these Michellin restuarants which usually have their fixed degustation menu will allow us adults to eat their menus but have a smaller menu for the 2 girls? Thank you.

    • Hi Vincent,
      It’s a bit hard for me to advice here as I think it’s different from restaurant to restaurant. In general I think you’d need to order the same for your girls as for you but why not ask the restaurant directly?

  • Trine!

    Tak för en super fin blog

    Ska rejse till Köpenhavn snart
    Ä*r lite nyfiken på Marv & Ben, har du varit og spis der?
    Om, hvad tyckte du?

    Thomas Larsén
    Kökschef / Sommelier
    Finlands Ambassad

  • Hi Trine,

    Great blog and instagram pics.
    can you recommend us a top sushi place in chp please?
    we’ll be in cph for nye, hope the places open.
    thanks so much!

  • Hi Trine.
    Came across your site trying to figure out dress code? for these michelin rated restaurants. Great job with
    the recommendations by the way. I just booked a last minute getaway trip to Copenhagen for next week Nov 12-16 for me & my girlfriend. Made a few phone calls & rsvp for following : Noma, Gernamium, Amass, Ralae & others like BROR, Fiskebaren.

    From your experience, do you think the menu being that they are all different yet similar Nordic cuisine, would they be rich & heavy for every night & or would you suggest varying our dining options. Noma & Geranium having 20 courses would they be too much? And also trying to keep a reasonable dining budget in mind.
    Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks! B

    • Hi Bernadette

      I would say that neither of the restaurants you list are too much. In fact, I find that menues are on the light/just right side. Much stimulation to the mind and not too much food despite the 20 courses. Also they all have their own style and I don’t find that they are too similar. So I would say your budget could guide you. 🙂

      Hope this helps & wish you a great time here.


    • Hi Trine

      My husband and I will be visiting CPH for the first time for New year. We are staying for 4 nights between 30th Dec – 3rd Jan. Aside from the 31st which we have already prearranged we have not booked any restaurants in advance but are a pair of foodies. We like to visit Michelin restaurants when we can but felt on this trip most would be closed or unlikely to have any availability so we’ were going to ask the concierge on arrival for recommendations. I came across your blog and think it’s brilliant. Very good advice all around. Do you know of any good restaurants that will be open over the period of our stay or do you think I should just email a few from your list and see what they say.

  • Hi Trine,
    Just came across your blog and love the structured 🙂 approach to describing the go-to restaurants!

    I have already proceeded to book some of the above for my upcoming trip to CPH- looking forward to trying out the food scene! However, still looking for a great place to have brunch. (for a group of ~10…) so wondering if you know of any good places which are fun, have good food, and possibly a cool view or location.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Nina,
      So sorry for the late reply. I am just back from a trip to the US. Brunch is not my strong side but Marchal in d’Angleterre hotel has as great brunch on Sunday and could be a breakfast option as well. Otherwise, Toldboden has a nice view to the harbour
      Hope this helps a bit.

  • Hi Trine,

    Just stumbled across the site and love the tips.

    I’m on my second trip to CPH this weekend,(looking forward to Amass & BROR) and would love to know if you have any good tips for cookbook shops?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Therese
      I think I’ll suggest you check-out the Arnold Busck bookstore on Købmagergade. It’s a big shop and located near Round Tower.
      Hope you will have a great time at Amass and Bror. Good choices!


      • Thanks Trine,

        Had a great time again this weekend and managed to get one book from Arnold Busck.

        Already planning my next trip and will definitely keep an eye on your blog for tips



  • Hi Trine,

    Yours is a great website and a fantastic resource. Thank you!

    My husband and I will be visiting Copenhagen this Nov/Dec and have a reservation at NOMA for 4 Dec for dinner. Trouble is it’s for 4 people (all that was available when our turn came on the website) and we are only 2. Do you have any advice for places to find people who might be interested in joining us? We are, of course, trying friends and family but so far have come up empty handed.

    Thank you for any advice!



    • Hi Stina

      You’ll probably have a ton of responses, but if not we’ll be happy to join you

      We live in Copenhagen and we’re mid-fifties, married since the flood and as Rob Crydon insist in the “Trip to Italy”, very affable 🙂



      (and yes, Kim is a male name in Scandinavian culture)

  • Hi Trine, I am making my first visit to Copenhagen in October and am quite excited. I will be there for three days. Love the list above but could you boil it down to six or so that you would recommend for a first time visitor from New York. I will likely splurge on one meal but generally prefer comfortable, moderate priced and hip places not overrun with tourists.
    One other question: are you on Twitter?
    Best, Gary

    • Hi Gary
      Apologies for the late reply and thanks for you nice words. My Twitter and Instagram handle is @verygoodfood and I’m most active on Instagram.
      My 6 choices would be:
      Studio for the splurge where you can sit at the bar counter with a view to the kitchen.

      Hope you will have fun here!

      • Thanks Trine! I am super excited about my visit.

      • Trine, a couple follow-up questions if you don’t mind . . .
        I will be traveling solo . . . any particular restaurant work better for solo travelers?
        Any recommendeded breakfast and/or brunch spots?
        Any cool places to get a drink w/ or w/out a view?
        All the best, Gary

  • Hi Trine,

    Many thanks for all your ideas and suggestions on restaurants in Copenhagen! I have had a lot of fun reading through your top picks.

    My husband and I will be visiting this coming December for my 30th Birthday. I was wondering if you could recommend a spot for dinner more on the fine dining side of things (I have been considering AOC, CLOU, Studio & Noma). And also a more casual/fun spot with more of a bar/ atmosphere for the following night. We are staying close by to the ‘Kongens Nytorv St Metro’ and ideally looking for places we can walk to or grab a quick taxi to.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Holly
      Sorry for the tardy reply. The three of AOC, Studio and Noma would all work I would say. I haven’t yet been to Clou but understand that it’s an very small intimate restaurant. For the casual place Fiskebaren springs to mind with the large bar in the centre if the restaurant. Where it is situated in the meat packing district there are also many other bars. Other options could be Geist or Salon 39 (in Taxi distance).
      Congratulations! 🙂


    • Just came to think of uformel which would be an option for the second night 😉

  • Hi Trine,

    Thank You so much for this excellent advice!

    We will be in CPH in september for 3days to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We have booked Bror for friday night, Bar n vin for sat lunch and thinking of sollerod krog for sunday lunch. What would You recommend for late lunch on friday and dinner on saturday?

    Will be so thankful for Your help!



    • Hi Päivi,
      Thank you so much. For the late lunch on Friday I would recommend you try the traditional lunch place Schønnemann, it’s very good and cosy and special interior. For Saturday dinner there any many options so it depends on what type of food you’d prefer. Pluto is very convival, good food that mixes sourthern European and Nordic bistro style. No.2 could be an option too for Nordic bistro. If you’d like more upscale I’d suggest Formel B (1 Michelin star) where all dishes come at the price of 130 DKK and you just compose your own menu.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  • Hello there!

    I will be visiting CPH but all nights that I am there Kiin Kiin is fully booked. Which of their other restaurants would you recommend first?

  • Love the restaurant list. I will be visiting my girlfriend in Copenhagen in October and want to do one nice dinner out (we’re both college so one night is as much as we can do, though we wish we could do more). We are both vegetarians which does limit our options. I know Relae has a vegetarian menu but do you have any other suggestions, preferably one that are not Noma prices bust similar to Relae?

  • Hei!

    Jeg skal til cph 14-17 august for å feire min manns 33års fødselsdag. Men jeg sliter med å velge resataurant! Hva er dine topp 3 aften og frokost restauranter? Og så må vi jo velge en der vi kan feire fødselsdagen…

    Takk for hjelpen!

    • Hej Marianne

      Det kommer selfølgeligt meget an på, hvilket slags mad, I kan lide, og hvilket prisleje, I er ude efter, men her er et par bud:

      Til aften i mellemprisklassen:
      – FormelB* – Virkelig fantastisk mad til en rimelig penge
      – Nummer 2 – High end bistro, fantastisk value

      Og i den dyre ende:
      – Søllerød Kro
      – Kiin Kiin
      – AOC*

      Til casual frokost:
      – Schönnemann – dansk frokost i topklasse
      – Aamans – smørrebrød eller på Etablissementet
      – Bar Vin – vinbar, men med super mad

      Til fine dining frokost:
      – Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
      – Søllerød Kro
      – Marchal

      Hav en god tur og en dejlig fejring 🙂

  • Hello, was hoping you could recommend a nice place for local lobster! Preferably with some outdoor seating. Many thanks

  • @ Jim C, i recently visited Barburrito in Skindergade, i dont know much about the Mexican kitchen, but was surprised to actually find a mexican restaurant in Copenhagen that wasnt one of the normal turist traps, but surprisingly good prices, atmosphere and food…

  • We are going to visit Copenhagen in the beginning of the July and was wondering if you could recommend any Mexican restaurant since I could not find it in your list of restaurants.

    Appreciate your help!

    Best regards
    Jim C.

  • Hei Trine, takk for en super blogg! Jeg ser at du ikke har Dim Sum på lista di lenger.
    Jeg var der sist år og ble veldig skuffet.
    Dårlig mat og dårlig service. Kan det være at vi bare var uheldige?
    Er der andre steder med god dim sum i sentrum (lunch)?

    • Hej Rigmor
      Jeg beklager det sene svar. Det er flere år siden jeg har været på Dim Sum, men jeg er ked af at høre at I havde en dårlig oplevelse. 🙁
      Ricemarket har gode Dim Sum men udvalget er ikke så stort. Jeg har hørt at Fu Wa på Jagtvej skulle have gode dim sum, men jeg har ikke selv været dér.

  • Hi Trine,
    Loved reading up the ones you have mentioned. Now it will be great if you can kindly help me with few suggestions – my wife is more or less “chicken”eterian – so any place in cph which you would recommend for chicken steaks (i know chichen steaks are not “steaks” 🙂 ) and i love pork so anywhere both could be found.
    We are from India and thanks in advance.

  • Thanks a lot Trine. I think I’ll go for Relae. The only thing that makes me hesitate a bit is that your friend Aiste from Luxeat, whose judgement I really trust, wrote a bad review on Relae. Do you think thats was just bad luck or the wrong day?
    Thanks, Gerhard

  • Hi Trine,
    I’ll get to Copenhagen in the end of February. I am trying to make a choice between Relae and Restaurant Radio for one evening. What would you choose/recommend?
    Thanks a lot, Gerhard

  • After looking at this blog, went to Bar Vin and Fiske Bar. They were great – great food, not too expensive. Thank you for this great blog!

  • Hej Trine!
    Min mor vill bjuda 7-9 personer på 80-årsmiddag. Skulle Grönbech och Churchill vara ett bra val? Har du något annat förslag om budgeten ligger på cirka 1 000 DKK per person, vin inklusive.
    Med venlig hilsen

  • Hej. Kender du til et godt spisested i nærheden af Viften i Hvidovre?
    Mange hilsner Helle

  • Hej Trine,
    Torsdag-Lördag på tu man hand (2 personer). Lunch bokad på Manfred på torsdag, förslag på middag på torsdagskvällen? Lunch på Husmanns Vinstue på fredagen men inget bokat på kvällen. Förslag?
    Har varit på Formel B. Grönbech, Krebsegaarden, Oysters&Steaks, Madklubben, Radio, Relae, Fiskebaren m.fl.
    Stort tack på förhand!

  • Hi there – just perusing your blog and trying to find some great food in Copenhagen. Coming for 4 days in a few weeks with two 8 year olds. Wondering if you have some recs for great restaurants where kids (who are somewhat picky) would be welcome and enjoy. I am a bit of a foodie and would love to try some of these places you talk about and don’t want to sacrifice every meal for kid food like we often have to do here in NYC. Can you send some thoughts about best places to bring kids? Thank you!

  • Hi Trine

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. My friends and I are coming to Copenhagen in late July and are going to Noma for Saturday lunch. Can you recommend somewhere casual and which opens till late for Saturday dinner? We are already booked for Sunday lunch at Kødbyens Fiskebar. Thank you.


    • Hi Mona,
      Thanks for your comment. I would go for Kødbyens Fiskebar on Saturday evening and instead have lunch at Manfreds or Søllerød Kro on Sunday. 🙂

      Hi Ali,
      Thank you too for your comment. BROR is a restaurant where you could easily bring your kids and Aamanns, Ricemarket, Manfreds, Hos Fisher, Osteria del Grappolo Blu and Søllerød Kro would also work, I think.


  • Hi Trine,
    may I ask you for your recommendation on raw food in CPH? If you had to choose one raw restaurant which one it would be?
    And for smorebrod? (I have already been in Aamanns.)
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Michala,
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to say, I don’t really have any experience on raw food places. For smørrebrød I like the Royal Cafe next to the Royal Copenhagen flagship store, Aamanns and Schønnemann.
      Hope you have a nice stay.

  • Hi Trine,
    You are correct about Eksdtedt being in Stockholm. Sorry for the confusion. Plan to be there as well as CPH.

  • Hi have you tried cofocos Host yet? The interior looks amazing but didn’t know if the food matches?
    Thanks for a great website

  • Dear Trine,
    We will be in Copenhagen in early July this year. Any information on Restaurant EKSTEDT? Sound interesting. Love your blog. Regards from the USA.

    • Dear Ed,
      I’ve never been to Ekstedt unfortunately so information there I’m afraid. By the way, the restaurant is in Stockholm as far as I’m aware, not CPH.

      Regards from

  • Hi Trine. Beautiful blog ! I’m going to Copenhagen early January and taking some friends out to dinner. A place called M/S America was recommended to me as a good price performer. Can you comment on that ?

    Thanks, Jack

  • Hey Mara
    CPH around Christmas and New Year’s is a tough one because many close for the holidays. I suggest you try one of these:

  • hey Trine,
    i will spend new year season in cph (27th dec to 2nd jan) and all seemes closed. i would like somthing nice and romantic, but not too expensise or already booked.


    PS: your blog helped me for 3 other visits to Copenhagen

  • I have family visiting Copenhagen for a week. Any suggestions for a large party with children? Thanks!

  • Hi Trine!

    Gorgeous blog! So I’m going to be in Copenhagen by myself this coming Saturday night through Sunday evening. It’s far to short of a time! I know this is a huge ask but could you recommend a one must go restaurant for dinner on Saturday night or lunch on Sunday? I’m up for gourmet to everyday but the biggest factor is that I’d like to feel comfortable sitting at the bar myself. I think this entails 1) a bar and 2) a certain energy so I don’t feel all alone at the bar! I’m from New York and am open to all kinds of cuisines – I’d love your recommendation on a favorite. Thanks so much.

    • Hey Nora
      Thanks very much for your kind words.
      As to your question here are some suggestions all favorites of mine.
      Saturday w/bar:
      Kødbyens Fiskebar
      Chai Wong

      Sunday lunch w/bar:

      Sunday gourmet w/ cosy-ness 😉
      Søllerød Kro

      Let me know if you need more help.
      Good luck!


  • Richard Adam said ‘ Do you have any idea how helpful your blog is to visitors to CPH? ‘

    Your blog helped me A LOT!!

    It has been close to a month since I’ve been back from CPH. Missing it a much!
    …. and thanks to your website, I was able to make decisions and choices that made my Danish vacation so much tastier. I was fortunate enough to have been to some really great restaurants:

    – Kodbyens Fiskebaren
    – Geist
    – Aamanns
    – AOC
    – Geranium

    I enjoyed all of them and Geranium was a standout………. It was the best 2 hours i’ve spent eating in my life… and I have been to my fair share of restaurants.

    Keep up the good work that you’ve put into this blog page. I’ll be visiting and planning for my next trip to CPH.

    Ferraby from Australia (p/s: Give me a shout if you are ever in Melbourne)

  • Hi Trine. You may recall I asked you about Noma and changing the reservation because I didn’t know if my friend would accompany me to CPH. Now I know he will be able to come. Well, based on our discussion I only reserved lunch for one person and they have just allowed me to change the reservation to 2 people, so I think that is the way to go — reserve the lower number and ask to change to the higher number. Hooray! 🙂 Also, I had made a lunch reservation at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl but I’ve just been informed by them that they will close for lunch from Sept 1st, so I made a reservation at Sollerod Kro for that time. Geranium is full for dinner during the time I’ll be there, but I will definitely check out Manfreds & Vin. 🙂 Thanks again. Do you have any idea how helpful your blog is to visitors to CPH? Amazing!

    • Hey Richard
      Thanks for your note and for the sweet words about the blog. I really appreciate it! :-).
      Sorry the tardy reply, am just back from a fantastic trip to Stockholm that included Frantzén/Lindeberg (-amazing!) and Rolfs Kök (-wonderful).
      Anyway, your CHP trip seems to be very well organized with Noma with your friend, Søllerød Kro and Manfreds & Vin sounds great! I hope your’ll have a good time here.


  • Hi Trine,
    My husband and I will be visiting CPH in early October with another couple. We have a reservation at Noma for lunch one day which is set. We will be there on a Sunday and want somewhere good for dinner. It doesn’t seem like much is open on Sundays. Can you recommend anywhere in particular? Thank you again for the blog and your help!

    • Hi Jamie

      Thanks for your comment and kind words! For Sunday dinner I highly recommmend you Søllerød Kro, beautiful and romantic settings, lovely food and top service. Otherwise Geist could be an option too, fancy decor and innovative dishes.
      Hope you have a great stay in CPH!

  • Thanks, Trine, for the recommendations!

  • Hi Trine,

    I found your blog and was delighted! It has helped book restaurants for my 1 week trip to CPH next week. I have only one question; I know it`s difficult to choose but between AOC and geranium wich one do you recommend?

    Thank you for sharing your experiencies…


    • Hi Josana
      Thanks for your kind words, I’m very happy to help!
      Geranium is slightly more light and the focus is mostly on bringing out and presenting the taste in vegetables. So if you fancy a bit more meat or a bit more substantialness (although not much at it’s still very delicate food at AOC) then I would pick AOC. Hope this helps. Let me know what you choose and what you think! 🙂


  • Trine, thanks for updating this page! My 3-day Copenhagen visit (first time) is coming up in early September and I have reservations for Noma (lunch), Kiin Kiin (dinner) and Aamans (dinner). If you had to pick one or two “musts” or “shoulds” — any recommendations? Also, I’m curious — are the restaurants generally ok if you photograph the food? I would like to –especially Noma, which will likely be once in a lifetime for me. 🙂 Thanks! Richard

    • Hi Richard
      Thanks for getting back!! 🙂 Noma, Kiin Kiin and Aamanns sound great! if you want to add something, then I would consider adding Geranium as the fine dining and Manfreds & Vin (wine) for a cheap bite and drink. Actually, Manfreds is a fab place (I love it), vibe, very simple but so delicious food and if you’re into natural wines it is the very first only natural wine bar in CPH!

      Let me know if you need more info!!

  • Hej Trine!

    Thanks for sharing this nice list of restaurants! We plan to go to Copenhagen on Tuesday and we feel like having sushi for lunch and a nice steak for dinner. Do you have any places to recommend? We seem to have the same taste in restaurants so I was hoping you have some tips for us. I looked at Alex Sushi – is it something you can recommend?


    • Hi Maria
      I’m not sure what sushi places are open for lunch actually. But Sushitarian, Umami and Stick ‘n’ Sushi are OK places. Have not been to Alex. For steaks => MASH ;).

  • Hi Trine

    Thank you for a very nice blog.
    I am going to Copenhagen for a weekend in October with my wife. We are going to Geranium for dinner on Saturday.
    For dinner on Friday I think I have narrowed it down to Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Nimb Louise or AOC (not successful in getting a reservation at Noma or Formel B). Have you been to any of these lately? Any view on what would be the best choice?


    • Hi Steffen
      Thanks so much for your kind words. 😀 I have been to all three but not to Nimb Louise after the new head chef Allan Poulsen took over May 1st this year. Considering month of October I think perhaps the old arched basement room of AOC would be a nice choice? 🙂

  • Hi Trine. My collegue, Lisette, recommended that I contact you about dining in CPH. I’m planning a lunch for 12 persons in CPH and was looking at the restaurant – Søren K in the Black Diamond. Have you had the opportunity to eat there – any opinion about their food?


    • Hi Dawn
      I haven’t been to Søren K in 4 years, so I don’t really know the current status. What kind of place are you looking for?


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