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New High-Class and Beautiful Gourmet Magazine

AROMA is a brand new Norwegian food, wine and travel magazine full of stunning photos and stories about, well yes, food, wine and travel.… »

Best 2011 Meals on Sternefresser

The German Sternefresser restaurant blog has sampled the answers they received from the the best chefs, bloggers, journalists and other gastro-makers includiing Very Good Food;).… »

Opinionated About Dining Best Meals of 2011

Opinionated Obout Dining encapsulates the best meals of chefs, critics, bloggers and restaurant afascinados…… »

Dinner in the Fields of the Isle of Lilleø

This is a unique opportunity to visit the Isle of Lilleø, eat Anders Selmer’s fabulous food of Kødbyens Fiskebar and dine in the middle of the fields of Hans Lund Farm full of apple trees and vineyards of the renowned Danish wine Arwen.… »

MAD Foodcamp – Back to nature for better produce!

Imagine the Roskilde Festival taking place in Copenhagen and with food instead of music?

That’s what’s going to happen at Denmark’s first open air food festival: MAD Foodcamp the purpose of which is to celebrate the Nordic food & nature, the seasons, the harvest and the food of our region.… »

66 Best Nordic Restaurants on iPhone/Android

It’s now possible to get an iPhone/Android app with a collection of the 66 best restaurants in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with telephone number and website url.… »

Tweeting from The Flemish Primitives 2011

I’m at Oostende’s beautiful beach for this year’s culinary event of The Flemish Primitives. Follow my comments and photos at!/verygoodfood.… »

The Flemish Primitives 2011

The concept of this year’s Flemish Primitives culinary event on 13th – 14th March is ENGAGING – EXCHANGING – EXPLAINING. The program is packed with exciting sessions by famous chefs, e.g.:… »

Will Noma get 3 Michelin stars? I need your help!

The Danish news paper Politiken has asked me to predict 2011 from a Danish and gastronomical point of view. One of the things I mentioned is that I believe Noma will get three stars in the Main Cities of Europe 2011 guide.… » Recommends Very Good Food recommends Very Good Food in their feature on Copenhagen Cooking:

Episode # 66 – from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Very Good Food is on at 4:35 but the entire clip is great viewing!… »

New NOMA cook book out for pre-ordering!

Finally some exciting news about the noma cook book! René Redzepi has named his new book “Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine” and it’s going to be released this autumn.… »

Back From New York

Thrilled to be back home again, I’d just like to make a little list of the posts I’ll be working on in the weeks to come.… »

Stranded in New York City

Because of the ash cloud emerged from the erupting volcano on Iceland, I am not able to go back to CPH today as scheduled.… »

Why do we blog about restaurants?

Today, I watched Steve Plotnicki being interviewed by Anthony Bourdain in the No Reservations feature. Three American guys are being asked why they blog about food and restaurants.… »

The Flemish Primitives – Is Belgium the New Black?

On February 8th I attended my first international culinary conference, The Flemish Primitives, which took place in Bruges.

Named after a group of painters who were active in the Netherlands during the 15th and early 16th century in the flourishing cities of Bruges and Ghent, The Flemish Primitives today is the a group of Belgian chefs as well at the name of this annual culinary congress.… »

How To Travel With a White Truffle?

I guess it isn’t everyday white truffles pass through the airport security check point at Copenhagen Airport.

On Christmas day I flew from CPH to Aalborg to visit my family in Northern Jutland.… »

Team FC Foodies Needs a Sponsor

Like last year, noma is arranging a five-a-side db invitational football tournament for gourmet restaurants. Forreign restaurants are joining as well and it’s the goal to raise money for Action Against Hunger.… »

Tips at Danish Restaurants?

To tip or not to tip – that’s the question. Well, it’s a question I often get here on the blog and something I also wonder about myself.… »

This Year’s Michelin Stars for Copenhagen?

It is this time of the year. Everyone interested in gastronomy starts pondering about the best restaurants in Copenhagen and how they will be rated in th new release of the only international guide which is covering my city.… »

OFF4 – Danish Gastronomy in France

Image courtesy of Laurent/GoT

The fourth Omnivore Food Festival in Deauville took place this week on the 23-24 February 2009 and about ten French bloggers were invited to cover the event amongst the press.… »