Monthly Archive for July, 2008

In de Wulf – Go There!

The weather was lovely, the sun shining and the sky blue with white puffy clouds here and there above the old red bricks farm of In de Wulf.… »

noma 1st and formel B 10th Best Restaurants in Europe!

Travelers from all over the world have voted on TripAdvisor for the best places to dine in Europe and rank noma the best above both Fat Duck and El Bulli!… »

Restaurant Résidence – Classic Elegance

It wasn’t a recommendation but the need for an overnight accommodation that made me select this place after reading about it in the L’Arte de Vivre and Michelin guides.… »

Huh, ads?

Yeah, well. I have realized that it’s quite an expensive hobby I’ve got. Maybe a few Google ads can pay for the wine… or some of it.… »

The Summer Trip

Ridiculous name for this post as it was raining almost the whole time and the temperature barely exceeded 20 degrees Celsius.… »

Intimate Ensemble

Ensemble is a restaurant I have desired to visit for a very long time. It even had two Michelin stars for a short while until 2006 when the sous chef Morten Schou and Nikolaj Egebøl took over from Jens Vestergård and Mikkel Maarbjerg.… »