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Medium priced restaurants and high end bistros


In the old warehouse on Strandgade 93 in what used to be Noma, Restaurant Barr is now open for business. Head chef is Thorsten Schmidt – former owner and chef of Malling & Schmidt in Aarhus – and he and René Redzepi have cooperated on the concept.… »


Bæst is brother to Relæ and Manfreds&Vin – yet another restaurant in Christian Puglisi’s and Kim Rossen’s small empire of restos in the northern part of Copenhagen.… »


Former Noma sous chefs Victor Wågman and Samuel Nutter founded Bror without any external funding. This means they can stay true their own ideas, which – of course – are heavily inspired by their former boss, René Redzepi.… »


Michelin: Bib Gourmand
The term Enomania origins of old Greek and means manic need of wine and wine is owner Damiano Alberti and wife Charlotte Skov Bak’s passion.… »


The interior of Geist is quite posh and the restaurant is a beautiful people place. There are two big dining rooms and the one with view to the square features the open kitchen with a counter table.… »


Gorilla is an eatery owned by Rasmus Oubæk and Jesper Marcussen and the rest of the team behind Pluto and Oubæk Steak.… »

Kødbyens Fiskebar

Michelin: Bib Gourmand

Excellent and delicate fish and shell fish food in Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district. It’s owned by Anders Selmer and Bagge Algreen-Ussing.… »

L’Osteria del Grappolo Blu

The restaurant is the baby sister of restaurant Il Grappolo Blu, which is a fine dining place with an amazing collection of Brunello di Montalcino wine – maybe the best collection in Denmark.… »


Musling directly translates to “clam” or “mussel”, but in Danish musling is also a very cute, diminutive word – something you might call your girlfriend. … »

No. 2

No. 2 is the bistro of the lovely AOC. Everything works at this place: Location, service, and of course the food.… »


I’ve only been here for lunch, where Orangeriet serves classic Danish open sandwiches on rye bread (with a twist, but nothing too fancy) and they’re quite delicious.… »

Photo: Restaurant Pluto


Restaurant Pluto is owned by Rasmus Oubæk and Jesper Marcussen, the guys behind the now closed Retour and its siblings Retour Steak.… »


Little brother to Kadeau and situated in the western part of Copenhagen (at the address formerly occupied by Kadeau Copenhagen itself, actually), Pony serves a simpler, bistro-ish version of Kadeau’s cuisine.… »

Restaurant Palægade

Restaurant Palægade is the fourth resto in the Formel B empire, besides Formel B itself, Uformel and Restaurant Sletten.

It’s a true gem.… »

Restaurant Radio

Radio – established by Noma founder and entrepreneur Claus Meyer and with chefs Jesper Kirketerp (former Noma) together with Rasmus Kliim – has only existed for a few months and is located across the street from the former radio studios of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.… »



I love the current trend of gourmet restos opening bistros: So many more lovely places to go. The most recent spin off is Uformel, a smaller brother to the excellent, Michelin starred high end bistro Formel B (a personal favourite of mine).… »