Stranded in New York City

Because of the ash cloud emerged from the erupting volcano on Iceland, I am not able to go back to CPH today as scheduled.

My flight back home has been rescheduled for Wednesday, but at this point I’m not sure CPH airport will be open again. After 2 weeks in the States and not knowing when I’m going to return, it puts a different light on my visit here, I admit. Meeting a friend yesterday was nicer than usual: I am not alone here.

Eating aside (I will come back to this later), I enjoy walking around the streets, watch the people, marvel at the variety and differences, feel thrill at amazing architecture.

Being stuck, well I guess NYC isn’t the worse place to be. 😉

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  • Thanks Trine for the recommendation of Per Se.
    Probably around Christmas, when I step by in New York (if I get lucky with the bookings..given the limited tables they have).
    PS: I think you will manage to join Back Europe pretty soon. Heard that flights could resume with their normal operations as soon as this weekend.

  • S Lloyed
    I did manage to visit Per Se – you should go 😉

    Thank you JC, in fact already went to Yasuda but want to go back for more. Also tried Ssäm Bar, Noodle Bar and Ma Peche which is very new and not yet running full menu. Loved them all 🙂 So, Ko is the only one I missed out. Too complicated with the booking system.

    Laurent, an option would be to fly to Gothenburg and by train or car to CPH (2,5h I think).

  • No, London is next week, but i go by train, so no risk.

    But i’m really getting worried indeed as i have a trip planned to CPH this friday…

  • If you’re still in NY, get the akamaru shin aji ramen at Ippudo, with braised pork belly and katamen (firm) noodles. It’s so good. 🙂

    Oh, and sushi at Yasuda, assuming you don’t want to pay Masa’s outrageous price.

    And one of Chef René’s favorites, Momofuku Ssam (and Momofuku Ko, if you can get a reservation).

  • Hope you get the best out of this unexpected prolonged visit, Trine. But since you love food, you have lots of gems there: Peter Luger’s steaks, Le Bernardin (Montreal, where I am located right now, is relatively not that far from New York / approx 5hrs drive, so we had the opportunity to try it on some few occasions. Although not crazily daring/moving, it is quite a great refined table. Mind you we have always been there around summer and are heavy on Seafood based dishes, so my opinions mainly turns around anything Seafood we had there. Not too sure if it’s good value $$$though, since it’s quite pricey), Daniel (Not the most exciting food we ever had, but still excellent enough / Went there just once though / Another one we found a bit overpriced for what we got, in total honesty..but no regret). I am still wondering how exciting those will stand before you, though, since they are quite classic and lack of the daring dimensions we are accustomed to sense from the restaurants you went to (QuiQue Da Costa, Noma, Oud Sluis etc) and to make matters worst: they are relatively overly $$$.
    PS: Unless I am mistaken, I recall seeing a note on your web blog about visiting Per Se. Did you get a chance to visit it? We haven’t been to Per Se and for some undefined reasons, we have never developped any interest in it, so who knows, Perhaps your experience there will boost my interest for Per Se.

  • Hey Laurent
    Really enjoyed WD and will try and post it very soon! 🙂 And your London trip, wasn’t you supposed to go this week?

    There certainly are worse places to be stuck, that’s for sure
    Thanks for the tip!

  • There are worse places to be stranded on?
    Next time you have to try the burger at Minetta, that is the real thing.

  • Hey Trine…

    bads news can actually have some good side no ? … more opportunities to have good meals in NYC ?!!

    I see you have been to WD50.. hope you liked it.

    I start to cross fingers here as i’m travelling to CPH next friday !

    Take care,

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