Back From New York

Thrilled to be back home again, I’d just like to make a little list of the posts I’ll be working on in the weeks to come. I had done my homework well. No meal in New York was disappointing.

I managed to eat at the following places:

Momofuko Ssäm Bar x2
Momofuko Noodle Bar
Momofuko Ma Peche
Burger Joint
Katz Delicatessen
Sushi Yasuda
Per Se ***
Corton **

The weather in New York was fine, lovely spring with bright green and pure leaves on the trees, cherry trees in beautiful bloom.

Not knowing when I could get back home and being (almost) alone in the city wasn’t nice. I feared a new volcano eruption and the fact of not being able to return home for months. This seems ridiculous now, of course and now I feel grateful that I got to spend a whole week in New York and experienced such fantastic food.

Uuuuh New York, Uuuuh New York… 🙂

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  • Thanks so much, dear YKL!

    Wow, zwampen, sounds great. Will that be your #3 noma visit?

    @S Lloydd yup, I did really enjoy Per Se… more to come 😉

    @ChuckEats, It’s been on my mind for some time now that I’d like/need to go there 🙂

    Thank you, JC 🙂 – oh Munich how great. I recommend you ask Ingo and Julot for advise on eateries in the area in and around Munich.

    Yeah Michael, I know and I think so too. I hope there’ll be a new opportunity soon. Am catching up with all your wonderful reviews from Japan. When I eventually get to go there, all your post will be highly valuable to me.

    @chris, thanks so much. Your photos a rather mouthwatering!

  • ahhh, love per se. sounds like a great visit! love the blog by the way, im an avid fan!

  • Trine,
    I really regret that we were in Japan when you were in NYC. Maybe next time it will work out better.
    As Chuck has said, the best sushi in Japan is at a higher level than the best in the US.

  • Between Tokyo and LA, Tokyo is certainly the better choice by far. But if you ever come to LA, I’m taking you to Urasawa. 😉 And Langer’s if you enjoyed Katz’s, hehe. I’m most interested to read your review of Yasuda.

    I’m gonna be in Munich (Starnberg, actually) in less than two weeks, but I don’t think I’ll get to go anywhere too high-end. And no side trip to Copenhagen. 🙁 Any suggestions on where I can go that isn’t as expensive as Tantris would be most welcome. 🙂

  • i guess you like sushi yasuda – time to plan a trip to tokyo 🙂

  • Welcome back, Trine.
    Hope the trip went fine for you and that you had great moments in the US. By the ***, I can see that you did really like Per Se. I will read your review of Per Se with high interest.

  • Looking forward to reed the post from Per Se and Corton?!
    Probably booking Noma this week for july?

  • welcome back! 🙂

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