The CPH Crawl – Conclusion

To wrap up our restaurant crawl of Copenhagen here’s some thoughts I had during and after the evening of what worked well and not so well.

First of all, if we had arranged with the restaurants what exactly to eat each place, then the whole menu would have been more balanced and better structured with light and raw dishes first followed by more comprehensive courses towards to the end and before the desserts. However, not knowing what would be served made a surprise each time and that was so amusing about it. You know foodies love surprises. Well, I least I do.

I liked the fact that we we moving ourselves for about every third serving. It provided a pause in the feast, fresh air and gave room for more food, I believe, and kept me awake. We moved seats every time we seated our selves at each restaurant which was nice and sort of boosted more energy into the party, also.

Of course, the need for transportation at (almost) each shift added an extra cost – I guess it’s the price you pay for having  6 different chefs cook dinner for you. Probably I would hire a minibus for the entire evening next time, so we could all go together and while driving from one place to the next, all talk to each other about the food, the experience etc.

In search of the perfect dinner, and explore the restaurant in another way. I cannot say that it was the perfect dinner, mostly because of the order of the food. But I found it exciting to visit so many restaurants in one evening.

Would I do it again? Yes, but there would have to be a new twist to the crawl. A special theme of something, new restaurants, perhaps. Anyhow, I’m most certainly happy that I took part in this event, and I really had a fabulous evening.

So, thank you all for food, wine, patience, company – everything!

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