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AOC – Makes Me Happy

I must tell you about my AOC visit. Last week a friend of mine and I were talking about AOC and the fact that none of us had visited the restaurant since it opened September last year.… »

Michelin 2010

The news we have been waiting almost a year for is here, the new red Guide Michelin: Main Cities of Europe 2010 is here.… »

CPH Crawl 4/6: noma

So, we arrived to the fourth restaurant visit this evening. Not that I was really hungry anymore, but I was still very excited and curious about what the second half of the crawl would bring us.… »

CPH Crawl 3/6: The Paul

Next up was The Paul, named after head chef and owner Paul Cunningham. Tivoli is closed at this time of the year, and the restaurant is only open on special occasions and for private parties.… »

CPH Crawl 2/6: Herman

Second stop on our tour around the best restaurants in Copenhagen was Herman at the Tivoli Gardens run by head chef Thomas Herman.… »

CPH Crawl 1/6: Kiin Kiin

The evening of the CPH Crawl on 4th February 2010 began for me when I precisely 17:45 entered the doors to the modern Thai cooking restaurant Kiin Kiin.… »

The CPH Crawl – In Search of the Perfect Dinner

Inspired by Steve Plotnicki’s crawls in New York City with first chef Sergio Herman and later the food critic Jay Rayner, Laurent and I organised a crawl of CPH’s best restaurants on 4th February 2010.… »

Aamanns Etablissement – a lovely Danish bistro you don’t want to miss

When you’re in CPH, tired of dining at all the fancy places and looking for a more relaxed dinner, then Aamann’s Etablissement is the place to go.… »


Oh dear. Four hours before my dinner reservation at Mistral on 26th September, my trusty Canon 350D started acting up. It got hot and fainted a few times, woke up again, but only to twitch and finally pass away between my hands.… »

Le Chateaubriand – Bonne Bistronomie

When I visited In de Wulf, Belgium, for the six hands dinner, I connected through Paris and had an extra night there before I returned to Copenhagen.… »

Who Said Identity Crisis?

Back in mid August when I received the invitation from Kobe, Alexandre & Filip to the exclusive dinner… with the emphasis on French-Flanders and Flanders… for a limited international group on Monday 21th of September, I got very excited.… »

Stunning Schloss Berg ***

In the little Art de Vivre booklet of Germany’s best places to eat I took note of the Schloss Berg castle and restaurant.… »

Kiin Kiin Revisited

It seems that Laurent has fallen in love with not only noma but now the whole city of the Danish capital Copenhagen.… »

Søllerød Kro is the loveliest summer lunch

I wish I could take every Friday afternoon off from work and go to Søllerød and lunch at the inn named Søllerød Kro.… »

Seduced by Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine invited me to the restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl where I had never dined before.… »

Cook It Raw!

The most extraordinary thing happened to me: Chef René Redzepi invited me to the Cook it Raw! event – a culinary gathering of 11 top chefs of the world to take place at restaurant noma on Sunday 24th May, 2009.… »

MASH – Carnivore’s Choice

Despite the tough times for the Danish dining arena a brand new restaurant has just opened. The name is MASH – Modern American Steak House and it’s located in Galerie Asbæk’s former premises in Bredgade 20.… »

Refreshing Ti Trin Ned

First time I heard about Ti Trin Ned (ten steps down) was when the Danish news paper Politiken printed a review years ago.… »

Perfection at Geranium

The month of February offered me a lot of lovely food experiences and this Geranium lunch was absolutely one that stood out as one of the best.… »

Why noma deserves the rising third star!

For my noma lunch on 12 February I had requested no more than 5 or 6 dishes maximum. I was there with my mum and my baby brother.… »