The CPH Crawl – In Search of the Perfect Dinner

Inspired by Steve Plotnicki’s crawls in New York City with first chef Sergio Herman and later the food critic Jay Rayner, Laurent and I organised a crawl of CPH’s best restaurants on 4th February 2010. To visit six places on one evening would be another way to discover restaurants, food, service, local products and what a city has to offer in term of fine dining experiences. That’s the reason why we sat it all up.

So, who took part besides me?

High-End Food Ingo, German food blogger

Food Intelligence Bruno Verjus, French food blogger

Opinionated About Dining Steve Plotnicki, US food blogger and restaurant guide owner

Gastros on Tour Guillaume Coppin & Laurent Vanparys, food bloggers Laurent Vanparys of the Belgian restaurant webguide

And this was our crawl plan:

– 17:45: Kiin Kiin *
– 18:30: Herman *
– 19:30: The Paul *
– 20:30: noma **
– 21:30: MR *
– 22:45: Søllerød Kro *

At Kiin Kiin we ordered snacks and the Thai street food. Herman, The Paul, noma and MR would serve us raw and cooked fish courses and at Søllerød Kro we would have a meat course and desserts. What were my expectations? First of all, I was looking forward to trying something I had never done before. It sounded a bit hectic from a logistical point of view, but it also sounded like good fun and possibility of comparing the restaurants and the food, service in a new way.

One city, one dinner, six guests, six restaurants. Stay tuned for more…

4 Responses to “The CPH Crawl – In Search of the Perfect Dinner”

  • Thanks 🙂 Well, we let it up to each restaurant to decide the actual dish.

  • looking forward to seeing what you had – i like that it was coordinated between restaurants so your “slice of life” meal would (hopefully) make sense!

  • I admit that it’s easier (for the guests) if the chef travels to one restaurant rather than the guests touring from one place to another 😉 Thanks for your sweet words.

  • The idea of a gastronomic tour thoughout several restaurants on one evening is interesting and reproduced in many parts of the world, although I never found the courage of indulging in such. I like this idea, but with great tables like Noma, Herman in the list, I am afraid I would be tempted to finish the evening in one restaurant and not pursuing with the theme. I guess that as long as the distances are not too long between those restaurants, this good be fun. Even better fun during summer. As usual, thanks for your great writings, Trine!

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