Michelin 2010

The news we have been waiting almost a year for is here, the new red Guide Michelin: Main Cities of Europe 2010 is here. Congrats to AOC with their first star and congrats to everybody else keeping theirs! Wonderful. 🙂

13 stars overall is a step back compared to the 14 stars we had in last year’s guide.

Two stars:
Noma **

One star:
AOC * (New)
Era Ora *
formel B *
Herman *
Kiin Kiin *
Kokkeriet *
Kong Hans’ Kælder *
MR *
Paustian *
Søllerød Kro *
The Paul *

Bib Gourmand goes to:
Fiskebaren (New)
Le Sommelier
Frederiks Have

Source: Politiken

6 Responses to “Michelin 2010”

  • @Thomas you should. It’s fabulous 😉

    As to why noma didn’t get the third star now is really impossible to say. Unless you’re an inspector, I guess. 🙂

    Thanks, guys

  • I can see Harald’s point, though I think it’s a refreshing change/contrast to classical French, as little as I might understand it.

    Michelin has abandoned publishing a Los Angeles guide. :/ Oh well. LA and Michelin don’t really suit one another anyway.

  • Noma do get some critizism (for instance on TripAdvisor) for serving to many dishes of earthy vegetables and herbs. Maybe the possible lack of variation in the dishes is one of the reasons why it does not get its third star?

  • Cograts to AOC – have to try it.

  • I was sure that Noma would get a third star!

  • Geranium should not closed for some time, or else they may have their star, too.

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