Aamanns Etablissement – a lovely Danish bistro you don’t want to miss

When you’re in CPH, tired of dining at all the fancy places and looking for a more relaxed dinner, then Aamann’s Etablissement is the place to go. This is a no table cloth, no bs bistro that serves excellent, innovative Danish food with a twist. Its extremely high product quality and the refined execution are much more ambitious than the bistro price level indicates.

The restaurant is owned by the famous “smørrebrød” (open sandwiches) expert Adam Aamann who during the early 2009 he extended his business with this lunch / dinner place next to his open sandwich shop.

The first time I dined here was with my parents-in-law a nice summer evening in June 2009. It was a sumptuous day where I first took them to noma for their first time ever and then later in the evening to Aamanns Etablissement.

I’ve been visiting several times since then and I get impressed every time I go. To show you the style of the food here’s what we had on December 1st 2009.

Gravad herring with borecole, quince, onions and crispy ryebread

2008 Jamek, Ried Achleiten, Østrig

A firm fish with a tiny sour note to it, balanced by the sweet quince. A sharp start.
The 100 % Grüner Veltliner was fruity, mineral with kerosene hints in the aftertaste which was a little weak on the fruit side.

Creamy soup of celeriac, apples and smoked eel

2007 Odinstal, Weissburgunder, Tyskland

Again a dish playing with textures and flavours with perfect balance. The soup was delicate and really tasty. The eel was amazing and not too smoky in its taste.

The Pinot Blanc offered a huge bouquet and mineral flavours with lots of fruit and acidity. An elegant wine.

Glazed pork breast with spelt sea buckthorn, chestnuts and Jerusalem artichokes

2008 Matthieu Dumarcher, VdT, Rhône

This most tender and tasty pig’s meat with a slight sweetness to it was accompanied by rich flavours of nuts and artichokes twisted with the bitter and acidic dried yellow berries. Absolutely awesome.

The 100% Grenache matched the food perfectly with its dry character.

Caramelized peer ice-cream with verbena and pain d’epise

2008 Domtalhof, Riesling Auslese

Sea buckthorn and carrots sorbet with melted butter and mint leaves

2006 Trossen, Riesling Spätlese trocken

This is one of the best desserts I’ve had lately. The combination of carrot and sea buckthorn is great and the mint on top is a real hit and takes the dish beyond delicious.

Trossen is a good friend of mine – well, not really personal, I mean –  I just very much like his Rieslings. This one was sweetish, bitter and intense, not to mention: very very nice.

Aamanns Etablissement has personality and a clear gastronomic target for where they want to go. And they know to achieve it. Only talented people are able to do that.

Anders, Adam and everyone at Aamanns Etablissement, thanks for the lovely food and wine!

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  • Hey John
    So, so thrilled to hear this! Thank you so much!

  • John S - Melbourne

    Had a great evening meal at Aamann’s Establissement last week. Really good value too at 490 Kroner for three courses and wine. Had (smorrebrod) lunch the day before at Husmann’s Vinstue. That was great as well. JS

  • I’m so happy to hear you liked Aamanns, marv woodhouse! Yeah, the lightning isn’t good for photography, I know. How was noma?

    Luxeat, thanks for a great lunch yesterday ;), and, not least, for you contribution here on Aamanns. I look forward to seeing you again soon, hopefully.

  • I went to Aamanns for dinner after lunch in Noma and i really loved it. Not even sure which of the two restaurants i enjoyed more 😉

  • AAmanns is fabulous. I will post a full report. Unfortunately the lighting was too dim for photographs.

  • …I have a booking on Monday evening! Noma and Aamanns in one visit!

  • I will endavour to get a reservation… will be in CPH Monday-Wednesday next week!

  • ah – so this is what I have been missing out on so far!! Looks fantastic Trine – maybe I’ll be lucky enough to try it soon myself. 🙂

  • S Lloyd, sounds like a fantastic thig you’ve just started. 😀 I’m overwhelmed by your remark in the PS. Thank you so much.

    Thanks, Chuck! Yup – very well and very busy. 🙂 Hope you’re well too!

  • I very much enjoyed my lunch there the day after noma – i think it’s perfect for lunch. Hope you’re doing well!

  • Thanks Trine for this review on AAmanns. This is especially of high interest since I am putting money aside for a major foodie project I have been dreaming to realize for a while now: travel around the word for a multimedia documentary (photo, text and possibly video too) of the top best tables of the big gastronomic cities around the globe. I’ve just completed the very 1st step of this long march with the top best tables of Montreal (canada). Naturally, Copenhaghen because of restaurants like Noma, Herman (only two Danish restaurant that I had the good fortune to visit already) is of high interest. Now, with your review of Aamanns I am adding this one too to the watch list of best tables in Danemark.
    PS: We are numerous worlwide foodies like me who highly regard you as a pioneer in the domain and a huge inspiration. Thanks for all this great work of yours.

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