Copenhagen Michelin Stars 2011: 2 Stars for noma and rising star for Geranium!

The new Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2011 is here! Congratulations to Geranium with the rising star and Relæ’s  Bib Gourmand. Noma remains with 2 stars.

6 restaurants (including Relæ) gets the Bib Gourmand which is nice, of course.

11,5 stars overall is again a step back compared to the and 13 in 2010 and 14 stars in 2009. Overall, I think we can say that this is a rather disappointing result for Copenhagen.

Two stars:
Noma **

One star:
Era Ora *
formel B *
Herman *
Kiin Kiin *
Kokkeriet *
Kong Hans’ Kælder *
Søllerød Kro *
The Paul *

Rising star:
Geranium (*) (New)

Bib Gourmand:
Relæ (New)
Orangeriet (New)
Enomania (New)
Mêlée (New)
Søren K (New)
Skovshoved (New)
Le Sommelier
Frederiks Have

Anyhow: Congratulations all!

Source: Michelin 2011

16 Responses to “Copenhagen Michelin Stars 2011: 2 Stars for noma and rising star for Geranium!”

  • Dear Trine,
    leaving copenhagen today – I had great days also thanks to you! Yesterday at Paul’s it’s been quite a private atmosphere – good I was there.
    Anyway I’ve got to come back …
    regards, Angelika

  • Hi Trine,

    I#ve been at Herman last year, very exquisite experience. For tonight I just hang around at Ved Stranden 10 and hat a lot of good Austrian wines and pleasant companionship!

  • thx Trine for your tipps – I have a table at Relæ as well as for The Paul. Only for tomorrow night – monday – I don’t know yet where to go ….


  • Hi Trine, I’m on my way to Copenhagen in a few days – is Relæ worth a visit? and for monday which seems to be a difficult day Formel B or The Paul?

    thx for some hints …

  • Thanks for some very useful tips, both here on the blog, and also with a lot of the comments to the blog posts.



  • Hi Alex,
    hope this is not too late for you…

    >*brunch&champange sunday
    No clue, don’t eat much brunch (usually)

    >*Smorrebrod, Monday or Tuesday

    >*Cocktailbars, Monday & Tuesday
    Ruby, K-Bar

    >*Should I consider Kong Hans/Sollero Kro?
    Nice weather: Søllerød Kro
    Rainy: Kong Hans Kælder

    >Also, FormelB had no tasting menu? Have you been there?
    Haven’t been since 2007. Changed concept, look at

    >AOC is it better now than before?

    >And im curious about Kiinkiins table no9. What is the experience compared to a normal visit?
    Table #9 is tucked away from the other tables so thus more private 😉 They are sharper than 3 years ago!

  • Hi Trine,

    Thanks for a wonderful and interesting blogg!

    I am coming to copenhagen on sunday 3rd of april and leaving 6th of april.

    I´ve booked formel B for monday and AOC for thuseday evening.

    But I need to fill up my visit and maybe you will be able too help me?
    *brunch&champange sunday
    *Smorrebrod, Monday or Tuesday
    *Cocktailbars, Monday & Tuesday
    *Should I consider Kong Hans/Sollero Kro?

    Also, FormelB had no tasting menu? Have you been there?
    AOC is it better now than before? Was at Premisse 2006 and was really unsatisfied with food and service!

    And im curious about Kiinkiins table no9. What is the experience compared to a normal visit? Visited KiinKiin 2008 and wasn´t really impressed with the food then.Great service though.
    Have they gotten sharper during theese years?

    Thanks again for a really great blogg.



  • Hi Julien
    Thanks for spotting the typo and thanks for stating your opinion!

    For noma, I had dinner then evening of 16th March and I was back after a break of 9 months (longest break after my first visit to noma). I feared that I couldn’t judge noma objectively anymore because I love the place so much. But you know what? noma was so much about three stars, food, service everything.


  • I love noma. This taken for granted, I already frequently pointed out that 2* for noma’s food are fully acceptable and the only comprehensible rating at the moment.

    The stars are neither awarded for the whole dining experience (whis is definitely worth the trip), nor for the wonderful setting, the perfect service, René’s indisputable talent and courage, but only for what’s on the plate. (Imagine eating the dishes in a sterile tasting room.) As René imposes so many restrictions on his cooking, it just does not represent “culinary perfection” in matters of composition, balance, taste and deliciousness.

    Again, I love that place, and I’ve rarely hat better dining experiences that at noma, but I’ve definitely eaten better. And this is what Michelin represents correctly from my point of view.

    PS: You certainly mean “Main Cities of Europe 2011” 😉

  • Thanks for pointing it out, Mads Bo! I’ve just moved Geranium to the “Rising” section 🙂

  • Sorry was confused that Geranium was listed under “one star”, but you mention in the text that it was “rising star”. My bad!

  • Geranium did not receive a star.

    They received a “rising star” (half star)

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