Trine Needs Slimming

I must share this with you. If this isn’t gluttony, then I don’t know what is. Four great restaurants in four days, how about that?

A couple of months ago I scheduled a weekend trip to visit a couple of restaurants, I’d never tried, outside Copenhagen. By coincident it happened that I would revisit my city’s two best restaurants during the preceding two days and thus made this my heaviest gastronomical week to date.

Now I feel totally stuffed and sense a slight acidic activity in my belly. Why, oh why, did I have to guzzle that bun sprinkled with poppy seeds after having eaten the scrambled eggs, ham and cheese at breakfast? My goodness, I wish I wasn’t this voracious…

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain, because it’s been a fabulous four days’ adventure. Wednesday evening, I joined three good friends for a farewell dinner at Geranium, which was even more delightful than my first time there. I will do a short revisiting review in a few days. Stay tuned.

On Thursday, I had the day off from work to spend the whole day with my dear mum. I had insisted on taking her out to lunch at noma, but the experience turned out much different from what I had planned. What a pleasant surprise, not to reveal too much yet.

For years now, I have desired to dine at Henrik Pedersen and Vivi Schou’s restaurant Babette in Vordingborg. Finally this past Friday I had the pleasure of being exposed to Henrik’s familial friendliness and great professionalism. No wonder he won the price of best waiter at the Spiseguiden awards for 2007. What a pity that the Michelin Guide doesn’t value restaurants outside Copenhagen. Vivi is a remarkable chef! And yes, I will tell you all about this fantastic night, which also provided me with my first Burgundy Grand Cru experience.

The Goose Tower

Vordingborg is also famous for The Goose Tower, and there is a nice view to the Faroe Bridge from it.

I have to warn you, though. If you ever dine at Babette and stay the night in Vordingborg, do promise that you’ll make reservations at the Bed & Breakfast, which Henrik recommends. I’ll try and get the name for you. I wasn’t aware of it and from ignorance chose the most horrible hotel.

Gavnø Castle

On Saturday I fancied a bit of historical and un-gastronomical cultural entertainment and went to see the beautiful castle of Gavnø, close to Næstved. Gavnø Castle has a beautiful garden full of flower beds, but unfortunately not in bloom yet. There were, however, a first evidence of spring forthcoming by a funny-looking shelduck taking advantage of one of the white females wandering about the garden. I imagine the beauty of red and yellow tulips and flourishing trees with majestic tree crowns and would like to return in a month or two to enjoy that.

The View of Isefjord from Holbæk

Next destination was the town of Holbæk, west of Zealand, to lodge at the Strandparken Hotel, which has a beautiful view of the Holbæk Fjord. Dinner was booked at the nice restaurant SuRi located at the harbour and offering not only a view to the water but also very good food, lovely oysters and, these days, a very entertaining service.

My flourishing forsythier

Full and happy (I must have gained 4 pounds, ugh!) I am enjoying the Sunday afternoon at my weekend cottage and musing at the past days’ epicurean escapade. It’s just lovely to listen to the birds singing and face the first yellow flowers on my forsythia bush.

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  • Hi Lasse, what a coincident that you were in Vordingborg the very same day! And thank you for mentioning the shop where I can get more of that lovely PM 😛

    Robert-Gilles, oysters foie gras – that sounds awesome! You are correct about the alcohol, empty calories. Sports, embarrassed to say I really need to pull myself together 😉

    Ah, Yin LOL! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get some time here during Easter holidays (with more eating, good grief!) so I shall finish my Geranium review.


  • I recommend elasticated waistbands for this situation 😉

    Joking aside – aounds like fun, and I will try not to be too impatient for the upcoming reports!

    Actually – when I have similarly indulged in such sustained lofty dining, another side effect is that “ordinary” food seems so bland and dull in comparison for a few days afterwards, thereby less appetising and therefore this may help counteract the excess of days previous. Or that could be more of a reflection on the state of food in the UK!

  • Slimming!
    Join the crowd!
    The doctors have all agreed I should loose some weight in spite of all the sport I still do!
    Oh well, no breakfast, plenty of veg for lunch and drinking only 3 times a week…
    I did before and lost 10 kg!
    Problem this time is that I have just come back from New caledonia where I reall stuffed myself on oyters, foie gras and local beer…

  • Hi Trine

    Nice to hear that your second visit to Geranium was even better than you first. hopefully we can put the talk about bad service at danish gourmet restaurants to the ground with you visit last week.

    I too visited the Babette restaurant Friday!! but at lunch and because I hade to show Brian som of the german wines I import, but what a coincidence 🙂 I must say it looks like a nice restarant to have dinner in, and Henrik and all the others at Babette does a great job.

    I think Restaurant Suri has a very nice location at the harbor, I have dined there 2 times. I think you get very good food and service for the money you spend. and I´m very happy that the restaurant is close to my summerhouse, because they also have the regions best fishstore. Fish is also their speciality, worth to try them out around summer where you can sit 2 feet next to the water.

    I can´t wait to read what you have expirenced on you visits to all these nice danish restaurants. and if you would like to know the danish importer on the terrific Puligny-Montrachet you had at Restaurant Geranium…. is

    That´s all from me, have a nice day.

    Best regards

    Lasse Kruse

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