It’s Official! Copenhagen’s Michelin Stars 2008

It’s official! The red Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe 2008 awards following Danish restaurants in this year’s guide. 12 stars in a rather small city like Copenhagen. I think that’s great!!

Michelin Main Cities of Europe

Two stars:

Noma **

One star:

Ensemble *
Era Ora *
formel B *
Geranium * (New)
Kiin Kiin * (New)
Kong Hans’ Kælder *
MR *
Paustian * (New)
Søllerød Kro *
The Paul *


Source: Politiken

14 Responses to “It’s Official! Copenhagen’s Michelin Stars 2008”

  • Passion? I have certainly meet passion this week 😉 But I do look forward to some fancy dining in Paris and to experience what you talk about, Bo.

    L: 😀

  • Tra and eat at lets say Le Cinq in Paris and the meaning service gets a whole new meaning.

    I totally agree. I have only had average to good service in top restaurants in Denmark. The food is top level these days, but the service, the heart….the proudness without snobbery is rarely in it. Sadly that goes for my visits to Noma as well. I can see that it helps to be a regular, and I also do think that regulars should get that benefit, but still I personally expect more service/attention from a two star restaurant with a very limited number of tables.

    Or take Umami or whats it called. Delicious food combined with the worst possible service I have ever had. If you line up that mount of staff and make them look that professional, you better make sure they deliver….otherwise…please take away all the glimmer and one would not expect the world and be left with only a sad sigh.

    Jan in Sölleröd is the only true exception in Denmark I know of. Henrik at Babette too…but he is more like a “I´m your uncle, I will make you a nice evening, kinda guy”. Jan is just top professional. And I do think that he has learned that form his many visits to Paris ad simply because he lives for the job and has his heart in every single serving.

    Otherwise – best case in Denmark you get an informal, attentive and funny waiter. Worst case, you get the guy or girl who as stated by Lord Rodney is just there waiting for the “real” job to pop up.

    I think in France/Paris they are just more proud to work in a certain establishment and know exactly what is expected, “Team-spirit”, “Customer is king” …etc etc.etc. and these days it even goes without the snobbery.

  • Well, Trine. Service is a personal thing but I will try to describe what I miss.

    More than anything: PASSION! Much too often I get the feeling that the person serving dosen’t have much passion for what they are doing. Like a lot of waiters think that waiting is a very bad job. a “slave” job. You make a living buy “only” serving other people. And that the waiter job is only a steppingstone towards other and better jobs – “real jobs”. Are they really proud of their jobs. This saddens me very much as I have a very high respect for this profession(and try to show that everytime I dine out – on ANY level of restaurant!!) They are just as important as the people in the kitchen. I can’t think of a worse situation than sitting in a restaurant with good food and have lousy or indiffrent service! It ruins everything! I want to feel that people actually LOVE whatthey are doing!(we are still only talking top-restaurants here) I don’t want to feel like I am disturbing them buy asking for something when I dine – like they would rather be left alone and not be “disturbed” by the guests. When compared to restaurants on this level in other countries I have dined in I think we are shadow of that. take Spain! Smiling, enthusiastic, proud, laughing with the diners! the perfect relaxed BUT top professional service.

  • I was almost sure that Geranium would be part of my “to eat” list for my next CPH visit.
    You just confirmed it.. can’t wait for your post now :o) – tell me there will be a review please :o)

    -19 for PG0204


  • Yin, Geranium last night was wonderful, WONDERFUL. Go ahead and look forward to your visit 😉

    Great to see you back here, Bo, and thanks for your add and for your kind praise.

    Thanks to you too, Kalle, for your comment. I’d love to see noma getting the *** but I actually don’t yet feel experienced enough with restaurants in that league to judge now.

    Kind, Laurent, I seriously think we can do better than this. Yes, Geranium is in noma’s tail. :o) Great that we have you and your experience here to teach us about the standards! 😀

    Lord Rodney, I’d like to ask: What do you miss at DK restaurants, service-wise?


  • I agree, it will take time, just the time needed for the Michelin to get used to this so typical atmosphere and decorum (wood, candles and animals fur :o), not really what Michelin is used for a 3*…

    Regarding the food itself, when you see that L’Astrance in Paris got last year its 3 stars (and they deserve it), it’s a positive message given to small address, young chefs with creative cooking. No problem at this level to me for noma.

    And looking to some old fashioned and strict 3* Michelin in France, i’m not worried about the service at Noma… :o)

  • For Noma to get 3 stars I think that they will have to prove their worth for a while longer. IMO that’s a good thing. No one should get 3 stars that quick. But if they keep at it like they do know they are on their way. As a sidenote I am still worried about the level of service on top restaurants in Denmark compared to countries like France, Spain, Germany, Austria or USA. we just can’t keep here!!!!

  • 12 stars, not too bad … :o))))

    Great performance for a great city.

    I’m quite pleased for Bo Bech @ Paustian. In Spain, he would have receive it since a couple of years probably.

    Need to try Formel B and Geranium now :o)


  • Ahhh… I actually thought that Noma would get their third… Oh, well – next year perhaps…

  • Hi Trine,

    Just to add to your reply to Benjamin…..

    Benjamin, to the best of my knowledge Michelin has found no need or urge to cover rural Scandinavia, meaning more or less or solely the capitols are covered in the “Main cities of Europe”.

    And thats a damn shame since many of Denmarks finest are outsite Copenhagen. If not finest at least on par with most of the ones in Copenhagen which has been awarded one star. I can think of close to 10 potential one star restaurants, and 1-2 two stars.

    Have my own one star dining coming up tomorrow eve, but thats outside of ol´ Denmark anyway….and another story.

    Thanks Trine for a continusly interesting blog

  • very impressive performance from Copenhagen – and makes my forthcoming visit to Geranium even more tantalising! 🙂

  • Visit Copenhagen

    Hi Benjamin!
    Only CPH, yep. Even though Søllerød Kro has one 😉
    Rumours have it, though, that the guys are planning to do a Nordic or Scandinavian Guide, but I don’t know what the status is of that. Thanks 🙂

  • Hello.
    Is it only in Copenhagen there are Michelin Stars or are there more in Denmark?
    ps. damn good website 🙂

  • Are you working for the Copenhagen Tourism!!!!!
    Just found return flights for £150 in September!!!
    ..Am fighting it….Still fighting that Noma urge!

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