Sad News: MR & Paustian v/Bo Bech have closed

Two of Copenhagen’s best restaurants, MR by Mads Refslund and Paustian by Bo Bech have both closed this June and July 11th, 2010 unfortunately. However both restaurant owners claim that they are going to re-open at new locations. Bo will re-open this Autumn somewhere in the area around Kongens Nytorv, he says at his website. Mads is still looking for the premises for his new restaurant.  Stay stuned…

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  • Bo Bech’s new place is Geist It’s good but some dishes are more creative than delighting. I love his signature of avocado and caviare and also his turbot and ravioli dish.
    Mads Refslund (MR) is in New York
    Must visits are: Geranium, Relæ + Manfreds & vin, Søllerød Kro, Herman, Kiin Kiin, AOC – besides noma of course 😉

  • any news on new openings by both Bo Bech and MR ?
    what would you suggest as the ‘must visit’ in or aroud Copenhagen right now?

  • Puri,
    Yeah, I don’t know what to say. But last I heard is that Geranium re-opens mid September.

    Go to Herman, AOC, Søllerød Kro, formel B, Kong Hans’ Kælder, The Paul, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl or Kiin Kiin instead 🙂

    And thank you 😉

  • First of all, this is a great blog!
    Definitely we’re not lucky.

    Last year we went to Copenhague for our holidays, we had lunch at Noma, and also we had a reservation for Geranium. Our surprise one week before our trip was that Geranium was closed without any advise to us that had a reservation already booked.

    Also, we try to go to Paustian Bo Bech, but they have full booked all days we stay in Copenhague.

    Then this year 2010 we are going to Stockholm for our holidays (Mattias Dalgren, Oaxen, Mistral, mmm) and we planned to stop for one night in Copenhague and have dinner in Paustian Bo Bech because we love his videos and we were thinking all year what a pity that we couldn’t go…

    Surprise! We read just now that Paustian has closed too!!

    What’s happening?

    So, we can’t change our flight now. I think we should try Geranium2!!

  • S Lloyd – Bo Bech was situated out of CPH centre in the harbour area. It makes sense that he wishes to return down town.

    Kimmo – yes, I’d recommend The Paul. I went less than a month ago and it was excellent. Check out my photos on FaceBook:!/album.php?aid=177767&id=44903639603
    When I met Rasmus Kofoed last month he told me August. So, with a bit of luck you can go there 🙂

  • Sad to hear this as we were planning to visit MR on August. What’s with Geranium^2? When will it open? I have heard different views on The Paul. Would you recommend it?

  • Glad to hear that those great tables will re-open. I would be curious though to know why they are relocating. Perhaps the cost of renting was too high.

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