Shock: Geranium has closed

It seems to be a sad but true fact that one of Copenhagen’s top restaurants, Geranium, is closed, according to AOK. This is very sad news. Read the autotranslated article.

With the recession and the previous closings of Nouveau, Ensemble and MR, I know I really shouldn’t be too surprised that another restaurant has caved in. But I do feel especially sad to see Geranium go as well.


The thought of not going to Geranium anymore, all the fine memories I have from such nice experiences and dinners at Geranium are all history now. Some of my foodie friends really loved this place, and I’m so sorry that some of you will never visit Søren and Rasmus and their friendly staff.


The signature dish I’ll never eat again: Smoke, embers & ashes

I wish Søren, Rasmus, Anne and all the rest of you guys the best of luck, and thank you for what you have giving not only me but so many other food loving people from all around the world.

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  • Hello Hedy

    Thank you, and I’m so pleased to hear your family had a great time here.
    Unfortunately Geranium won’t reopen in the same setting, at least. But whenever Søren and Rasmus get a new restaurant together then the news will be on Very Good Food at once! 🙂

    Best from

  • Hello Trine,
    I’m sorry I did not respond sooner; just now saw your reply as my husband and I were wondering if Geranium had reopened. By the way, they loved Copenhagen and had a wonderful weekend. Next time I’ll go. In answer to your question, we live in Holland.
    Best wishes, Hedy

  • Okay, latest news I’ve got is that Geranium is not reopening.
    Too bad.

  • It’s my feeling that they will open again but nobody knows when. I’m sorry but I can’t really recommend any other eco/bio/organic place around here 🙁 There is BioMio which is more of a cafeteria where you get the food yourself, but I have never been there.

  • Hey, does anyone know if Geranium is closed permanently or just temporarily . Visit Copenhagen says temporary but all signs say otherwise. Any clue? Thank you. Can anyone recommend another good, and “Eco/bio/Organic” restaurant? Preferably one that’s open! 😉

  • I’m really sorry to hear this, Hedy, and you’re completely right, it’s not at all okay.I wonder why they haven’t emailed. Where are your husband and daughter traveling from?

    There’s a note on Geranium’s front page about the closure, but it’s not very visible

  • My husband and daughter just left for Copenhagen this morning to celebrate our daughter’s graduation from high school in style. They just called, devastated, as they were standing in front of a closed Geranium, where my husband had reserved many months ago. Whatever the reasons for closing down, it is just not at all okay that we did not receive a cancellation email! It does not bode well for the owners’ future ventures. Fortunately my husband and daughter will be going to Noma tomorrow, and am hoping that will save their special weekend.

  • thank you for answering so quickly and profound! i was thinking of kiin kiin, too, because i’ve been in thailand last year and read your posting about it a few weeks ago.

  • Dear Katha

    Oh! I’m very sad to hear that you haven’t been informed about Geranium’s closure. That’s really unfortunate.

    For noma, there’s no probæem in asking for the greand menu for lunch and I highly recommend that you try that. This way you get some of the signature dishes as well.

    Herman at Nimb is a very good suggestion for Wednesday. Another option would be MR, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Søllerød Kro, Kiin Kiin (Thai haute cuisine with one Michelin star). See this page for contact details

    About the food shops I use Løgismose and Gourmandiet which sells organic meat. The Food and Wine department in Magasin is also interesting.
    In Israels Plads there is a fruit and vegetables market.

    Let me know if you need any more help. 🙂 My email is verygoodfood at gmail com.


  • dear trine,
    we had a reservation for geranium for this upcoming wednesday, too. (and if i wouldn’t have read your blog, we would have gone there, because no one informed us, we got no cancellation-e-mail.)
    we have a reservation for noma, of course, and will be there this tuesday. what would you suggest instead of geranium? what about herman/nimb? and one more question: where do you usually buy food? are there recommended shops/markets? we would like to go there, too (more to look than to buy). i’m also very interested in organic food. i would be glad about an e-mail or a posting here. i’m an austrian food journalist, it’s my first time in copenhagen, but i’ve been in greenland last year (so i’m even more curious about noma – ah, do you have any experience in aksing for “noma nassaaq” for lunch? i’m not sure if it’s necessary – or if the 7-course-menu is “enough”…)
    thank you, katha

  • Hi Trine, that’s sad news. I’m glad we had the chance to eat there in February. As you say though, I’m sure they’ll be back.
    Cheers, Rob

  • Such a shame. With Noma my favourite restaurant in Denmark. I had a table there on the 16th of July – bummer…going for ”The Paul” instead.

  • Hi Trinie
    thanks for the tips. I look forward to your post on Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. If you fancy coming out and eating with me when I visit Copenhagen please let me know.

  • Heartbreaking! We had a truly fantastic evening there in May. I’m looking forward to their new venture though!

  • I was hoping to go next year…damn.

    Oh well, this saves me a few hundred dollars, I suppose.

  • Other than noma, I particularly like:
    Mielcke & Hurtigkarl – am posting this soon 😉
    Kiin Kiin
    Søllerød Kro


    Mads Refslund is re-opening his MR restaurant as a fish restaurant, can’t wait to visit!

    Not fine dining but excellent food:
    Saa Hvidt

    My page Gastronaut’s Guide to Copenhagen lists addresses and phone numbers

    @AGHtE I’ll mail you! 🙂

  • That is such a shame! I had a reservation to go here in August. Yes, I second the question that Andy Hayler asked you. I too am coming to Copenhagen and would love some suggestions on where else to dine at in Copenhagen (other than Noma – have already booked this). Many thanks.

    Please email me. I can be contacted through my food blog or the email address that I have left. Thanks

  • Dearest friends
    This is overwhelming. Thank you so much for stating your opinions here.
    I feel sure Søren and Rasmus will be back in business again soon. When they are, I’ll let you know, of course.

  • Trine,
    That is shocking news. And I did not know until now that MR had closed. I hope that these talented chefs will be able to restart somewhere else, although it is hard to imagine a better ambience than Geranium.

  • Trine

    Sorry to hear about the recent closures. I hope to be in Copenhagen in August to try Noma. I’ll have time for a two or three other meals. What would you recommend? I tend to prefer fairly classical to modern cooking, if that helps.

    If you want to follow up directly, I am at

  • The best restaurant in Denmark taken away 🙁

  • Such a shame! I visited them about a year ago and with such talented people and maybe the best restaurant location in Copenhagen it was an amazing experience. Same tradition as Noma yet completely different in their interpretation.

  • “The thought of not going to Geranium anymore, all the fine memories I have from such nice experiences and dinners at Geranium are all history now”

    at least you got the chance to visit geranium.

    I had planned a trip there in the end of this year – wich would be my first :(.

    Allways sad to see a restaurant at that level go bankrupt.

    Best wishes goes to Søren and Rasmus

  • T_T

    Shock. Exactly. Really undeserved…

  • I wasn’t blown away by my meal but I was enthralled by some dishes. And I looked forward to returning and trying more. This is too bad.

  • Good evening Trine,
    sad to read the news. Was planning a visit in the autumn to Copenhagen to have dinner at Geranium, based on all those “delicious” articles you’ve posted, and revisit Noma. I will have to reduce it to a solo visit at Noma.
    All the best to you and if you ever come back to Belgium, go check out “Hertog Jan” in Brugge

  • That’s really too bad. I was looking forward to visiting. I guess now you get to concentrate on noma…

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