Guide Michelin and Copenhagen 2009!

It’s official! The red Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe 2009 sends 14 stars to Copenhagen restaurants in this year’s guide!


Two stars:
Noma **

One star:
Ensemble *
Era Ora *
formel B *
Geranium *
Herman * (New)
Kiin Kiin *
Kokkeriet * (New)
Kong Hans’ Kælder *
MR *
Paustian *
Søllerød Kro *
The Paul *

Source: Politiken

9 Responses to “Guide Michelin and Copenhagen 2009!”

  • Hi Thomas

    Thank YOU for this very, very nice comment! The places you mention in Stockholm (MD, FL and Matbaren) are exactly the ones I am dying to try out when I get a chance of visiting Stockholm. So thank you for firming that these are the best. 🙂

    Ah, noma for the first time!? Let me know please how you like it! Formel B, I haven’t been there for ages but I do hope to make it some time. But hopefully Stockholm before that 😉

    All the best to you and Emma from

  • Hi Trine,
    Thank you for a very nive food blog. If you do go to Stockholm soon we would like to recommend a few restaurants. For two stars Mathias Dahlgren Restauant is, in our opinion at least, a much better choice than Edsbacka. For one star both Franzén Lindeberg and Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren are wonderful. If you have time for a Bib as well, try Rolfs kök!
    If you don’t go all the way to Stockholm there are great restaurants in Malmö as well, Vendel at Sturehof and Trio for example.
    In August we have a reservation at Noma, our first visit. We have been thinking about Noma for about two-three years now, so it’s really about time… Usually when in Copenhagen we visit Le Sommelier as well, but maybe we’ll go to Kiin Kiin instead this year.
    Another favourite in Copenhagen is Formel B. It has been a while since the last time now, but it has always been wonderful!
    Once again thank you for your blog and we hope to read what you thought of Mathias Dahlgren Restaurant soon…
    Best wishes,
    Thomas and Emma, Stockholm

  • Laurent – Yes, I naturally agree. We’ll cross fingers for the 2010 Guide.

    IFS – Perhaps the inspectors visited too early last year 😉

    Josh – Yes, I’m sure too. And don’t miss out on Geranium! 🙂

    Kalle – Congratulation to Stockholm! And thanks for sharing this info! I guess I really shouldn’t postpone my Stockholm visit to long.

    Neil – AH Thanks! That’s great! 😀 Do you know why it “only” dates back to 1982?

    OK, now I have a question for you guys! One thing is that from a customer’s point of view maybe we don’t need the best places to receive the third star.
    But, isn’t it OK to have ambitions and to strive to achieve the biggest award that is possible to get at all? I must say that I understand why the head chefs/owners fight as hard as they can to reach their goal. I think getting a star is our achivement as the guest, no?

  • Well, I hope my friends at noma go back to work with their heads held high. They deserved every bit of that third star and have worked extremely hard for it, so I am very disappointed with the guide.

  • This is an excellent graphic representation of stars in Copenhagen going back to 1982! :


  • I would have expected a third for Noma, but okay. 14 stars in total, and Copenhagen firmly stands as the food capital of Scandinavia. Or does it? Stockholm is behind in total stars – 11 – but now has two restaurants with two stars (Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen and Edsbacka Krog) as opposed to Copenhagen with only Noma at double stellar. Another interesting thing about Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm – he actually has THREE stars now, with his less fancy “Matbaren” restaurant also receiving a first star this year.

  • Have to agree, Im genuinely surprised at Noma’s exclusion from a third but at the same time glad in that they don’t need it in any way to succeed. It’s clearly a special place and will continue to progress this year I’m sure.

    As for Geranium I havent been to eat in but will pay a visit next time im in copenhagen!

  • Cannot agree more. But, hey, those guys are young and it is definitely not about the stars. We will give them enough buzz to attract sophisticated diners which in a way will pave the way for more development…

    And, the star for Paustian is wired given our last diner there, hmmm…

  • Quite disappointing in a certain way.

    Based on my last meals and compared to many other places outside DK, Geranium for sure deserves a second star while noma can pretend for the third. No risks here this year, quite disappointing.

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