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Valencia’s Food Market

Just back from Valencia I’d like to show you some of the photos I took at the beautiful food market in Valencia, which was a short stop on the way to my destination Denia – where the exciting restaurant El Poblet is located.… »

Noma – Best Meal in 2008 by OA Guide

An assortment of chefs, food writers, restaurant owners and bloggers and more than 90 people from all over the world have  replied to the question from Steve Plotnicki, Opinionated About Dining, “Name the best meal you had in 2008” and noma was on most people’s lips!… »

René Redzepi Rewarded Chef of the Year!

The Spanish 10th food congress was last week rewarding René Redzepi, noma, Chef of the Year on the international scene!… »

Disappointing DR

This is a different post from what I usually write, but I just feel I have to say this.

It has taken me a few days to really digest Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s (DR) noma documentary.… »

Autumn Time is Truffle Time

Autumn time is truffle time. The moisty, earthy smell of this strange fungus is autumn in its purest sense and as the best truffles are in season at this time of the year, this is when to opt for the truffle dish.… »

A Comment on the Noma Documentary

For you guys who were not able to see Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s noma documentary tonight, I thought I’d like to make a comment.… »

Noma Documentary

Danish Broadcasting Corporation has been following noma day and night with a camera for months, and this has now resulted in a documentary that will be run the on DR1 channel the 12th November 8pm.… »

Turned Down By The Bull

If you are curious to know what it looks like to be turned down by El Bully for next year’s bookings, well then, this is it:

The demand that we have received at the first moment has again surpassed our limited possibilities for one season and we regret not to be able to full fill more reservation requests.… »

noma 1st and formel B 10th Best Restaurants in Europe!

Travelers from all over the world have voted on TripAdvisor for the best places to dine in Europe and rank noma the best above both Fat Duck and El Bulli!… »

The Summer Trip

Ridiculous name for this post as it was raining almost the whole time and the temperature barely exceeded 20 degrees Celsius.… »

FC Foodies Finish Sixth in the Grand Gourmet Five-A-Side Tournament 2008

On a cloudy and grey Sunday June 22nd, the first Five-A-Side Football Tournament for Copenhagen’s top restaurants became a reality. The event was organised by Daniel, pastry chef at noma and five days before the big day, I got invited to join the tournament with a team of food bloggers.… »

Paris Report #1

You know already that I took pleasure in dining at Pierre Gagnaire, which was my first 3* Michelin experience in Paris.… »

Trine Needs Slimming

I must share this with you. If this isn’t gluttony, then I don’t know what is. Four great restaurants in four days, how about that?… »

Michelin Stars?

Last year, I announced when the Michelin guide to the Main Cities of Europe 2007 was released. The 2008 one is not out yet.… »

Alsace and the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Tonight I spontaneously dined at one of the less famous places in Copenhagen, Restaurant Alsace, where I have dined on and off for about 15 years.… »

Dining with Chuck

I discovered Chuck’s blog through Luxeat, which I have mentioned here before. Chuck lives in California, is a sharp food critique and writes very thorough and honest reports about his eating experiences from all over the world.… »

The 2007 Very Good Food Evaluation

It’s new years, and that always inspire people to make new years resolutions thinking back and feeling the need to do something about their bad habits and become a better human being.… »

London Eats

Just back from London, and I had a great time there, I was really lucky that all my eats turned out to be lovely in their own way.… »

How to find good food?

Not many international guides cover Copenhagen in their restaurant guides. Even less go outside the capital of Denmark. In fact by early 2007, I only knew of the Michelin Guide.… »

Gastronaut’s Goodies

During the last months I have discovered some fabulous blogs about good food and good restaurants. I’m feeding myself and my laptop with creations of these sources in between my excellent eats escapes.… »