The 2007 Very Good Food Evaluation

It’s new years, and that always inspire people to make new years resolutions thinking back and feeling the need to do something about their bad habits and become a better human being. This is not what this post is about. I never make new years resolutions, because I know I could never keep them for more than a week. I would be lying, however, if I’d say that I don’t look back at the past 12 months (or more) at the turn of the year and ponder about my life and what to do if I’d like to chance anything.

In terms of very good food and fine dining, 2007 was a spectacular year. 25 Michelin stars. Plus all the great places where Michelin never comes, nor rates.

So, what was the most memorable meal of 2007? What was the best? What was disappointing, and what was most expensive? Reading Chuck’s eating blog you would know that the highest price doesn’t necessarily award you with the most delicious and supreme meal. Read here about Chuck’s most expensive Pierre Gagnaire dinner.

The noma snack

Snack and champagne at noma

I have a problem. I cannot mark out one single meal, which was the most memorable one. I actually have six of them. My first noma lunch in March completely kicked me sideways, and from there each meal became better and better. When I thought OK now I’ve been blessed with the absolute top notch dishes that Rene Redzepi’s team can conjure up, then the next visit brought new unimaginably innovative and balanced delicacies, so my five noma dining experiences have really been an escalating ladder of deliciousness. It was love at first sight for me, and now it seems that it has turned into a love affair. Surprising beyond belief.

Fat Duck

Astounding indeed was Fat Duck, too. I still have my review to write, so I’m a bit reluctant to reveal too much at this stage. Anyway, I can surely say that this solo lunch at Heston Blumenthal‘s place was as surprising, incredibly stunning and as memorable as how I have found noma. If not even more. And for once, the most expensive meal also turned out to be tangent to the best and most memorable meal. That’s a very good thing. I surely have to return to get more of the duck in 2008.

Mille Folie at Agata e Romeo in Rome

Mille Foillie alla Agata

The most disappointing eating out happened in Rome at Agata e Romeo’s, who have one Michelin star. There were five of us dining, and we didn’t all have the same dishes. We ordered a la carte. My pasta dish was almost cold, and a part from Agata’s Mille Follie no dish was outstanding in any way, and that was really disappointing to me. So much that I didn’t bother to post about my dinner there. I can’t imagine, I’ll ever go back.

Speaking of Rome, when I dined at La Pergola the host promised me to send a signed copy of the book Heinz Beck when the book would be back in stock in December 2007. It hasn’t arrived yet, nor have I heard a word from the guy, by the way.

I prioritize only to express positivity at this site and to talk about recommendable places, and in that sense I have to mention a few other meals and restaurants with regard to haute cuisine:

France: Le Clos de La Violette

Denmark: Søllerød Kro and Geranium

Zirbelstube in Bad Mergentheim

Coffee and Petit Fours at the Zirbelstube

Germany: Zirbelstube (Never wrote that up, sorry)

For the inexpensive dining places I’d like to mark out:

Des Mets de Provence in Marseilles

France: Des Mets de Provence (no post either)

Denmark: FAMO/FAMO51, Restaurant Kofoed and Saa Hvidt (where I ate twice and never got to post, embarrassed to say.)

United Kingdom: St. John and St. John Bread and Wine (posting soon)

My eateries at these places all formed completely nice experiences, where both food and service were just right and concluded a remarkable synthesis.

Now, the prospects for 2008. I’m sure I can’t go on living without a couple of noma lunches and / or dinners and have already my first reservation at the end of January. I’ll absolutely dine around CPH as much as possible and try to get where I didn’t succeed in going in 2007. That goes for the rest of my country too.

I would adore to go to France again and to Bruxelles. My blogger friends Laurent, Julot and Chuck have inspired me to list Pierre Gagnaire, L’Air du Temps, Olivier Roellinger, and I’ll do my best to work that out.

The Top of a very nice 2003 Domaine Rémi Jobard Bourgogne Blanc

2007 was also the year, where I discovered wonderful Burgundy, which is, I have to say, my favourite wine region. The Pinot Noir grape. Because of that, I’d like to travel to that area some time during 2008 and to verify this terrific terroir with my own eyes, nose and palate – so to say.

My ambition for 2008 is also to dig into the mysteries of the Bordeaux wines.

The Fjord

But 2008 won’t be all about food and wine. It will also be about spending time with my family and friends and to enjoy my beloved weekend cottage and the area around it. I include some lyrical pictures from that place here below. I miss the summer.

The Beautiful Full Moon


The local boat bridge

Dear readers and friends, thank you with all my heart for staying tuned to the very good food blog.

I wish you all a most happy and prosperous 2008!

9 Responses to “The 2007 Very Good Food Evaluation”

  • No, not really. Goin to Milano in April and hopefully that’ll kick off the eagerness to visit a lot of restaurants again 🙂

    I’ve prioritised other things, but loving food I bet I’ll kick it off again soon 🙂

  • Hi Allan!

    Thank you. 😀 And I hope you will too!! Have you made any great gasto plans so far for 2008?

  • Hi Trine,
    It’s been great reading your blog during the year. I sincerely hope you’ll experience as much “very good food” in 2008 as you did in 2007 – and of course that you’ll share with us!

    All the best!

  • Rape Blossoms (Colza)!
    So great as sprouts, lightly boiled and served with sesame dressing!
    It’s still a long year to come, so best wishes and all that!

  • Yep we have 2 dates :o))))

    Looking forward to this seriously now !



    ps) i’m going to L’Air du Temps tonight again… life is hard, play ard !

  • Hi Roland!

    A warm welcome to the world of bloggers and to very good food. I’m honoured! 😀

    Sundays are difficult when it comes to eating out in CPH, because most of the great places are closed. What immediately came to mind is Søllerød Kro. It’s an adorable place, the awarded wine list is one of the best in Scandinavia, and manager Jan Restoff is Mr Kindness himself. The food is created by talented chef Jakob de Neergaard and covers classic and luxurious products and cooking style.
    Unfortunately, I just realised it’s closed for winter holidays week 7: February 11 – February 17, 2008 (inclusive).

    Otherwise, I’d suggest Era Ora, an excellent, exclusive and innovative Italian place, which is the only Italian restaurant outside Italy that’s awarded with a Michelin * as far as I’m aware.

    Restaurant Koefoed is also very nice but not the same league as the above.

    I will think further, and if I come up with something, I’ll let you know!

    As to my own dining and travelling, I want to go to Brussels within the first 6 months of 2008. I just haven’t scheduled my trip yet. Both L’Air Du Temps and In de Wulf are on my Wish List 😀 .

    Laurent, we have date right? 😉

    And so do we Zarah! I’m starting to get really excited about that.

    I wish all of you a great and epicurous Y08!

  • Hello Trine,
    new to your blog (too any blog for that matter so please be gentle if I break rules that I’m not aware of :))
    I’m a Belgian based food/resto addict and was directed to this spot by one of our most promising chef’s in Belgium when I asked him for a good adress for lunch on a Sunday in CPH.
    I’ll be visiting CPH in February together with my wife and have booked a table at Noma for Saturday evening. Any propositions from your end for lunch on Sunday would be much appreciated.

    Your blog looks top, and when I read about all your Noma experiences, I just wish it was February already 🙂

    If 2008 would bring you to Belgium, Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre/L’Air du Temps and Chef Kobe Desramault/In de Wulf are two chefs/resto’s worthwile visiting. They both are following the same track as Chef Redzepi, if everything what I’ve heard and read about Noma is true 🙂

    May 2008 bring you a lot of gastronomic pleasure.

    Best regards

  • How lovely. I still have to try famo… Actually, I should make a New Year resolution to go out and eat more. But that would imply making more money, which, ahem. I’ll live through you a little longer, which isn’t so bad after all 🙂

    Fantastic photos of the Danish summer – ah, will it be back soon??

  • Again my very best wishes Trine !

    As said in the past, i’m looking forward to your post about your Fat Duck experience ! And of course, we have to organize some meals in Paris or Brussels… i can easily help you for that :o)


    ps) we had our last GoT meal of 2007 at Pierre Gagnaire, late in december, a great Xmas lunch, i’ll post some pictures soon.

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