Noma Documentary

Danish Broadcasting Corporation has been following noma day and night with a camera for months, and this has now resulted in a documentary that will be run the on DR1 channel the 12th November 8pm. Interesting, I’m sure.

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  • Well I’m absolutely sure that no one was filming the night I was there, but I’m looking forward to seeing the documentary nonetheless. Skinny dipping at the summer party…. Sounds like restaurant staff are the same in Denmark as they are in Canada. That’s why we always held the summer party for Beckta Dining & Wine at our cottage when we were living there. 

  • well, that’s cool… but i wonder why i don’t remember it. Have no souvenirs of someone shooting a film there… even in the lounge.

    I’ll write you an email with some fresh locla news here..

    cheers !

  • I am looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully it will also be available online later on (DR1 archives are pretty good these days).

  • Yes, that’s the evening we were there. He was also filming most of the time while we were chatting in the lounge.

    The appetizer even speaks of skinny dipping at the noma summer party… 😀


  • A star is born 🙂

    Hope we can get a way to see it Trine.

    Heston ? Was that the same day we were there ?


  • I certainly will, Michael!
    And I will try to get it taped. There was a little film clip on You Tupe that I wanted to post also, but now it’s gone.

    From the press release it sound tough to be in the kitchen. I can’t way to see it. They were filming me and Heston Blumenthal, by the way 🙂

  • Trine,
    They filmed our table over my shoulder. If they used it, we would probably be hard to identify, but let me know if you do see us.

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