noma 1st and formel B 10th Best Restaurants in Europe!

Travelers from all over the world have voted on TripAdvisor for the best places to dine in Europe and rank noma the best above both Fat Duck and El Bulli! Furthermore, formel B has scored 10th best! WOW, it’s fantastic news for Copenhagen.

Congratulations to noma and to formel B!

3 Responses to “noma 1st and formel B 10th Best Restaurants in Europe!”

  • Hey Trine,
    did notice that trip advisor has not exactly had that many people visiting those restaurants, so not sure how statistically significant the results are. Notice the top-heavy addition of places in London. Guess they are more deep on hotels than food.

    Amsterdam tip:You cab also try . Two michelin stars on the edge, but within Amsterdam reach.

  • Hi Mette

    Amsterdam, well there is a 1 star La Rive, but I believe it’s quite classic. I’ve never been there, in fact never been to Amsterdam either.

    If I ever went there, think I would pay De Kas a visit They grow their own vegetables in a greenhouse. If you find something recommandable, please do let me know! 🙂

    Very good luck…

  • Wow / this is really impressive. I will be working in Amsterdam for the next couple of months. Do you or any other of the readers have any good ideas for dining in Amsterdam?

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