Turned Down By The Bull

If you are curious to know what it looks like to be turned down by El Bully for next year’s bookings, well then, this is it:

The demand that we have received at the first moment has again surpassed our limited possibilities for one season and we regret not to be able to full fill more reservation requests.

We thank you sincerely for all your interest and we will be at your disposal if you wish to revise the situation during the season, near your available dates as we must confirm all the reservations 10 days in advance.

Tel. +34 972 15 04 57 (during the season – after 3.00 p.m.)

2009 Season – Open from June 16th to December 20th
Only dinner service 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. except on some Saturdays of September-October-November and December that we will be open for lunch (1.00 – 2.30 p.m.) and closed for dinner.

SEE EXCEPTIONS OF OUR 2009 CALENDAR AT www.elbulli.com (see reservations)

We do not have information about 2010 season at this moment but we never start the management until we have finished the season before.
You will find information at www.elbulli.com see reservations) in December 2009.

Sincerely yours,
Luis Garcia

So guys, I’m sorry but it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to find any El Bulli review on Very Good Food nor photos during 2009. I tried hard to get a table – but obviously not hard or well enough.

What a pity!

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  • Trine,
    We were in San Sebastiàn, which is a completely different part of Spain than El Poblet. Even so, we only dined at two of the five or six top restaurants in San Sebastiàn area.

  • Michael,
    thanks for letting me know and for including the link! I didn’t know that Adam Roberts had got through!
    Good to see someone with a reservation anyway.
    I envy everyone that have had or will have the opportunity in their life. I don’t expext that I will 😉


    Ps. Why didn’t you visit El Poblet this summer?

  • Trine,
    Did you see that Adam Roberts just got a reservation? Well, I admire Adam for the success he has made of his blog, but it is about food as show business, not about fine cuisine. Pehaps this tells us that Adrià has his priorities in the same place.



  • Jette,
    Thanks very much for this comforting comment. I will try my luck again next year!!

    Very good question, Bo.

  • One can wonder how Michelin manages to get a table at the restaurant each year…

  • Well – I tried for about 7 years. I succeseeded in 2006 – and it was an experience for a lifetime. Getting to talk to Ferran Adria was such an honour for me. What was most surprising was that the atmosphere was so warm and almost familylike. Hang in there – don’t give up hope 😀

    Actually Luis Garcia is the sweetest man you can image.


  • If I only knew what to do…

    Ah, You are one of the lucky ones we all envie! You must posess the secret. But PUH-lease, what can we do to get in there?? 🙂

  • well… el bulli is something very very speciel, and i would do anything for having dinner there again…ANYTHING!!

  • Hi Thomas

    Can’t say I’m surprised, I’m afraid. But I hope you will succeed anyhow and thank you for letting me know you got a reply too.

    You are SO right. There are too many (other) great restaurants to try over the world… in our life time! 🙂 Have you ever thought of visiting Toyko/Japan, by the way?

    – T

  • Hi Trine,

    Same here – a NO.

    I still have a small chance – a good friend of mine, have a friend, who knows someone at El Bulli….I have heard that one before…so probably never…so be it, there are so many other restaurants to visit.



  • You’re right, Paul. 2 million emails that’s a lot and a nice thing that they really do send a rejection back to each interest they get.

    Yeah, Michael, we are not that surprised are we? 😉


  • Trine,
    I too was turned down in the same way.

  • If you email them before they start accepting reservations (Oct. 14) they mail you back and say try again on the 14th, 15th or 16th.

    It is a frustrating business–I was turned down this year—but I find it amazing that they send out 2,000,000 rejection emails.

  • Sorry guys. 🙁 It sounds ridiculous. Laurent, unless they say “we will delete emails received before October 14” or something along those lines, I would be a pest and email them earlier. Or be an even bigger pest and call them every day at least a week in advance until they start taking reservations. 😉

  • On such a bad day it’s a trill to have very good foodie friends. Thanks! 🙂

  • Go to El Poblet in Denia, Spain instead – i found it far more original and personal than El Bulli:

    and, although quite different, i think it and noma are similar to a degree.

    you could start in Barcelona, call El Bulli on the day you’d like to eat and see if they have any cancellations. if not, eat in Barcelona. next day, drive 4 hours south to the wonderful El Poblet.

  • Same for me 🙁

    My friends and I have sent around 10 – 15 reservation emails, no one succeeded. And we did it in the timeframe they recommanded (between Oct 14 and 16) starting as from 1 am on Oct 14.

    4 years we are trying now, totally pissed off. I’ll visit el poblet, Carme Ruscellada and others like Mugaritz, have enough of el bulli.

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