Gastronaut’s Goodies

During the last months I have discovered some fabulous blogs about good food and good restaurants. I’m feeding myself and my laptop with creations of these sources in between my excellent eats escapes. I’m highly inspired by them.

To credit these great writers and photographers I’m mentioning them here.


Luxeat (English) by Aiste, beautiful food lover covering fashionable dining mainly in Paris, Côte D’Azur, France, New York, Florence and more. I love Aiste’s creativity, photos, videos, writing and the way that she compares restaurants in a few words.

allan østbjerg

allan østbjerg (Danish) by Allan Østbjerg. Allan writes about his life. We share the interest of nice places and gourmet restaurants. Allan’s blog is the most interesting Danish and well-written personal everyday life blog I’ve come across so far. Allan is rating the restaurants he’s visiting.

Food & Thoughts

Food & Thoughts (English) by Zarah Maria. Being non-native English speaker Zarah writes brilliantly about food, recipes, crops – and her life. When I read Zarah’s Me.Meme.MeMe.Mes I forget time and place. Her images are just beautiful.

Gastros on Tour

Gastros on Tour (French) by Laurent V and friends (I think because I don’t really speak French. So, LV, please correct me if I’m mistaken!). I discovered this blog last Sunday, when Laurent posted a comment on my About page, and I have already become very keen on reading these great, Belgian and French mainly, gastronomical stories. Although some of the text translates in my head like a very primitive autotranslation program would do it word by word, taking me half hour because I look up every other word. Sometimes I’m lucky that the Danes stole some French words like ‘overture’ for example. Then I can do it in 20, perhaps. Good practice.

What all of the above have in common is a good sense of humour. Thanks guys!


5 Responses to “Gastronaut’s Goodies”

  • Kære Jens

    Tusind tak for din hilsen og ros, dejligt for en (første) gangs skyld at kunne skrive på mit modersmål, og tusind tak for linket til Eat My Blog, som jeg ikke kendte. Ak ja, favre vokse blogverden – og jeg er blot en newbie. Du har helt ret mht. smukke billeder og, vil jeg tilføje, underholdende læsning.

    Håber at høre mere fra dig – selvom jeg ikke taler fransk. 😉

    Mvh Trine

  • Kære Trine

    Pardon my French! Skriver dette på dansk for at anbefale dig en anden god blog med smukke billeder, som mere drejer om mad og madlavning end om restauranter. Det er Chez Pim på følgende adresse:

    Ellers en god side, du har, som jeg sætter stor pris på at læse.

    Mange venlige hilsener

  • I must be squint. Corrected, Østbjerg!

  • I’d like to second that. The other blogs are great reading as well!

    However a “j” must’ve ran away from my last name as it’s Østbjerg 🙂

  • Hi Trine,

    Thanks for mentioning me!I really appreciate that 🙂

    Take care,


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