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Intimate Ensemble

Ensemble is a restaurant I have desired to visit for a very long time. It even had two Michelin stars for a short while until 2006 when the sous chef Morten Schou and Nikolaj Egebøl took over from Jens Vestergård and Mikkel Maarbjerg.… »

Glashuset – Private Dining at the Glassblower’s Table

NOTE: New owner. Kim Møller-Kjær has moved to Villa Vest now!

Glashuset has a concept called The Glassblower’s Table which is inspired by that of the Chef’s Table.… »

Kiin Kiin – Thai Food with Distinction and Dedication

First time I became familiar with Kiin Kiin was when I a fine day in September 2007 was walking from Sankt Hans Torv towards the Empire Cinema.… »

Why I Never Get Tired of Noma

I have to show you the photos from my latest noma lunch, because René did it again! The menu I got on April 30 completely overwhelmed me.… »

Madeleines Madteater – an almost food performance?

Reading several very positive Danish reviews of Madeleines Madteater I was very much in doubt about how I would like this kind of entertainment comprising both a show as well as a feast of some kind.… »

Noma and the Surprise

Can you bear another noma post?

Mum and me like to meet for a mother-daughter day once or twice a year, and for our date set to 13 March 2008 I had decided that I would invite my mum to noma for lunch.… »

Il Mio Divino

By a sudden impulse I had a nice late lunch yesterday at one of my favourite places on the north coast of Zealand about half hour’s drive from Copenhagen.… »

Geranium Revisited

My recent Geranium experience on 12 March was wonderful. What stroke me this time was the combination of the extreme kindness from the staff in a very down to earth way and, of course, the quality and creativity of the food.… »

Food and Thoughts and Talk at noma

I took the day off from work to do something for myself. Eating out at an exclusive restaurant is my refuge, my hideaway, especially when my busy life is sucking out my energy.… »

Alsace and the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Tonight I spontaneously dined at one of the less famous places in Copenhagen, Restaurant Alsace, where I have dined on and off for about 15 years.… »

Restaurationen – Classic Danish Cuisine

Last night I dined at Restaurationen, owned and run by Lisbeth and Bo Jacobsen since 1991. It’s my second visit there, and ever since my first time, which was lovely, I had longing to go back.… »

Noma and Grandma

I wanted to take my grandma to noma for a very special reason, and I’ll tell you, but first I need you to know a little bit about her to put it all into perspective.… »

A Falsled Kro Appetizer

I don’t quite remember the first time I heard about the adorable place of Falsled Kro, and it has always been my dream to go there one day.… »

Creative Cooking – Glashuset Unleashed

NOTE: New owner. Kim Møller-Kjær has moved to Villa Vest now!

On Friday 9 November Restaurant Glashuset hosted a night of Creative Cooking by three young and talented cooks: Allan Poulsen from Ruth’s hotel at Skagen, Martin Vesterdorf, who has served his apprenticeship at Miro in Århus and Michael ‘Miv’ Pedersen from Restaurant Glashuset.… »


I love the autumn. The colourful trees in bright yellow and powerful red coats, the blue water peeping out between the naked branches at the far end of my garden, the brown leaf on the lawn of my cottage.… »

FAMO 51 Photos – Fantastic Food

The Italian trattoria style restaurant FAMO 51 has become one of my favourite low end dining places. Simple, variant, creative and above all deliciously good food.… »

Geranium – A Lovely Late Summer’s Oasis

To honour my mom and dad I have decided to publish this post in both Danish and English – inspired by my blogger friends Laurent and recently discovered Julot who both post reviews in two different languages.… »

El Gustazo – My Spanish Mood

NB! This restaurant is closed down and doesn’t exsist anymore.

My baby brother and I had talked for a long time about visiting El Gustazo together.… »

Restaurant Koefoed Revisited

With the fridge comprising nothing but some Parmasan and Präst cheese morsels, capers in salt and a glass of old olives a sudden improvised dinner in town at Restaurant Koefoed saw light on Thursday 6 September.… »

At Colourful Paul’s

A little appetizer

Copenhagen is great when it comes to eating out. Well, that said by a Dane, of course. What I mean is, although I dine out very often, there are still great places that I haven’t been too, yet, and where I want to go.… »