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Unique noma

I love noma. I just do. Of all the places where I have dined until this date, noma is the best one.… »

Glashuset Revisited

NOTE: New owner. Kim Møller-Kjær has moved to Villa Vest now!

Have you ever tasted a wine made from Danish dandelions?… »

Le Sommelier – Where did the Sophistication and Elegance go?

Le Sommelier is a French brasserie and wine bar owned by Francis Cardenau, Jesper Boelskifte and Erik Gemal Witting. Francis was the chef at Kommandanten before he came to Le Sommelier and he was the first in Denmark to be awarded with two Michelin stars.… »

Classic Søllerød Kro

Visited on 24 June 2007

Søllerød Kro is an old inn about 20 kilometres North from Copenhagen in the old village of Søllerød.… »

MR Foam

NOTE: This restaurant has close down!

The food at MR is delectable and surprising in a light new Danish cuisine way.… »

Noma Revisited

Wednesday 18 April 2007

I had decided not to write another post on noma. Really, this time I wanted to fully concentrate on the enjoyment of the afternoon alone with my dear mum and beloved baby brother, having lunch at my very favourite Danish restaurant.… »

Restaurant Glashuset – Babette’s Feast

NOTE: New owner. Kim Møller-Kjær has moved to Villa Vest now!

Friday 6 April 2007

Delicacy and Innovation

In the adorable, old, softly hilled but rough town of Lønstrup by Jutland’s North West coast there is a wonderful place, Restaurant Glashuset, only open during spring and summer.… »

Noma – Heavenly lightness of good food

Scandinavian food when it’s best

I’m in love. In love with noma. It’s as simple as that. noma is the best place to eat in Copenhagen at the moment, in my opinion.… »

FAMO 51 – not far from famous

A great Italian osteria

Thursday 15 March 2007

Entering the FAMO 51 and dropping our jackets in the cloakroom, I immediately noticed the grand slightly hollowed Parmigiano Reggiano cheese on the bar and the brass bowl cooling down the bottles of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and Franciacorta Bellavista spumante.… »

Oubæk – fast food or the running waitress

Oubæk on 13 February 2007


Salted foie gras with salad
Boeuf Béarnaise
Crème Brûllèe

Domaine Ostertag Gewürztraminer 2003
Mauro Veglio Barolo [- I don’t know which year]

For a very long time I have wished to dine at Rasmus Oubæk’s restaurant and unfortunately, I never had the chance to do it, when it was the fancy and Michelin star rated gourmet place.… »

Den lille fede – slow food

Den lille fede restaurant, the menu on 7 February 2007:

Jerusalem artichoke soup
Smoked eel & apple

Oven baked salmon
Fingerling potatoes, pimento & olives

Fried & braised beef
Truffle risotto, mushrooms, & pearl onions

Caña de Oveja
Thyme honey, walnut bread & salad

Spice cheesecake
Carrot ice cream, preserved carrots & raisins

Tokay Pinot Gris Reserve, Fernand Engel, 2004
Vosne-Romanée, Jacques Cacheux, 2002

I’ve been dining at this restaurant a couple of times, and I really liked it.… »

Koefoed – a very nice sense of Bornholm

This is a post not only about good food; it’s also about good service, which apparently can be hard to find in Copenhagen sometimes.… »

Disappointing formel B

[This blog post is from 2007. Formel B has since changed its style to that of a gourmet bistro. More casual but with the same fantastic quality of food as always.… »