elBulli will close for good

In an interview last Friday (February 12th) Ferran Adriá informed that in December 2011 El Bulli will close for good. This was stated on the Diner’s Journal about dining out on the New York Times blog.

OK, so after the January announcement of the closure of two years I guess that we’re not that surprised about this news. But as Ferran Adrià is and for years has been such a huge source of inspiration to gastronomy, I wonder what the closure will mean for the whole culinary world. I’m interested in knowing if it will affect how people find gastronomical inspiration? Where will people be looking for inspiration? What do you think?

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  • Thank you….

    I think that what Ferrán Adrà has done for gastronomy will never be forgotten.

  • even paco de lucia prefers to play his guitar with his friends in an unformal way in a garden or on a beach ! Don Ferran’s style class will influence all the generations to come ! Consider that his contribution to the art could be even greater now , that he has more time to explore other planets ! Grazie Trine

  • Hi

    Reading spanish newspapers it looks like it was a linguistic confusion by the NYT. What Ferran said is that El Bulli won’t reopen as restaurant (sad enough) but as a foundation dedicated to share the knowledge of cooking.

  • it’s a good question, you raise. my boyfriend and i have been dreaming of going there for a few years, but as we are both students we simply have not been able to justify even an attempt to visit (though, we are going to dine at noma this summer when we get our bachelor’s degree).
    i think i read somewhere that the restaurant will turn into an academy for young chefs. hopefully this will keep the adriá spirit alive. i still guess it’s only a matter of time before we will see a shift in attention. times are different than they were two years ago. i think (at least hope) that this fact will spur a lot of inspiration into young chefs.

  • Kim, thank you very much for setting that straight!

  • Hi Trine,

    In that article, Adrià says that the Times article is a misunderstanding, and that El Bulli will open again in 2014. In a longer interview in El Pais from Jan. 27th,


    he says that he doesn’t know yet what form that will be, but definitely something different than the present one.

    Maybe with very few diners and chefs at a time, or something for 1,000 people. He talks about reaching a lot of people and creating a foundation.


  • Does someone speak Spanish?
    Could you please translate?

    And tell whether or not elBulli re-opens in 2014 or not? That is the question 🙂

  • Very sad news indeed… I’ve been dreaming of going there for years, and now I’ll never get the chance 🙁 I’ll have to try the Fat Duck instead…

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