How To Travel With a White Truffle?

I guess it isn’t everyday white truffles pass through the airport security check point at Copenhagen Airport.

On Christmas day I flew from CPH to Aalborg to visit my family in Northern Jutland. My dad had kindly given me two white truffles to share with my family in-law. The truffles were wrapped in paper towels and put in a jar, which I had put in my carry-on baggage.

At the check point I was pulled aside and asked to open my suitcase. “There is a jar in you bag with something inside that we would like to take a closer look at. Could you open your bag, please?”. The security officer was most polite, though, and I gladly explained him about the white truffles, the very strong scent and the preciousness about them. He asked me to unwrap one and commented on the strong smell that quickly infused the air around us.


He seemed to believe the these were really just truffles, but he still wanted to ensure that he hadn’t missed anything and so requested to show it to his colleague. OK.

In my attempt not to slow down the cue and thus focused on putting both my two lap tops and other parcels on the conveyor belt I had forgotten all about my small plastic bag with liquids. Of course, they had noticed this through X-ray as well, and I now felt like a true drug courier.

But luckily the white truffles were approved to be completely safe to bring on the plane, and while reminding me that I should always place the liquids on display, the security officer eventually let me go.

Next morning when I was unpacking my bags I realized that all my clothes had the most exquisite scent of white truffles. The truffles had only been in my bag for five hours.



In the evening we made spaghetti with a plain cream sauce with one garlic clove lightly fried in butter and shaved the thinnest pieces of the white diamond over our plates. A nice Barolo 2004 from Cascina Cucco accompanied the wonderful dish.


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