My First Lunch in Edinburgh

I’m in Edinburgh and really enjoying this gothic and mediaeval but fantastic town. I got here yesterday with the first  British Midland flight and was starving at lunch time and this is what I ate:

Native oysters

I have a terrible craving for oysters. So whenever I see them on the menu I just have to order them. In the beautiful Cafe Royal on West Register St. they were fresh and good and had a quite full and meaty taste. Unfortunately, I found a little bit of shell or stones in some of them which took some of the delightness away. But they were still a good start, though.

A real Scottish bar-dish

It seems a bit odd now to have such a heavy, peasant dish to follow, but anyway that was my choice. The sausages were great and of a nice quality. They were firm and dense and the taste was porky and with a slight spicyness to them, especially in the finish. Better than I had imagined. The onion sauce was thick and powerful and offered the same kind of spice and was a little sweet. The onions were good too, but alone didn’t give enough acidity to the heavy dish.

I flushed down the food with a dark Caledonian 80. Welcome to Scotland. Yummy!

The stylish victorian interior of The Cafe Royal

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