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Nouveau exists for a fact, and the website is available at The owner is Kasper Rune Sørensen, who in the past has been working at the Kong Hans Kælder and the Kommandanten. On 1st April 2007, he took over the TyvenKokkenHansKoneogHendesElsker and has now teamed up with Tim Funder, also from Kommandanten, who is the new chief of Nouveau.

I had lovely dinner at Kasper’s place in July. Read my review.


Source: iByen (Danish)

5 Responses to “Nouveau is Nouveau!”

  • I see your point (I think), Allan. The competition is though with the many brilliant temptations we are blessed with here in CPH. I will be interesting to follow, but my bet is that there’s room for Nouveau and this type of cuisine 😉

    I’m aware that you know the term “øllebrød” now, Laurent. 😉 I wonder if you’re able to pronounce it. OK – that was unfair… 😉

    As for Søren K, haven’t been there for ages (5-6 years?) but the lunch I had was very good. It was a Saturday and it’s still open for lunch on Saturdays according to the (Danish) website. I’m not sure it’s still the same owner and chef as when it opened in the building of The Black Diamond in 1999. The type of cuisine is without the use of fond. Thanks for mentioning it, I might go there next time I need a nice Saturday lunch.

  • I’m not arguing whether or not the food is good as I haven’t tried it. However a lot of people are searching through various restaurants’ websites to figure out where to go and I just don’t find their “tag line” (the words I’ve quoted) to have any relative advantedge over other restaurants.
    It’s quite easy to see where e.g. Era Ora, Kong Hans, Noma, Geranium, Paustian etc are going but not Nouveau in my humble opinion.

    It might just be me.

  • Nice website (pictures are great). Hope they’ll do some translations in english soon… (no Trine, i still can’t understand danish even after my excellent weekend :o)… just a few words have enriched my vocabulary but i need some others… :o)

    This confirms the next places i wanna try : Geranium and Nouveau.

    I saw a restaurant walking on the banks : Soren K. Any feedback on this one ?


  • Hmm. I really loved the food and would come for it and for the very personal and cosiness of it. 🙂

    Reading the September menu I would consider swapping the cheese dish with another starter instead. That would make the price for the menu very attractive considering the level of the food here.

  • It is nice to see that finally they have their website up and running. It is easy to understand why it took them from April to September to update such a detailed website … 🙂

    Regarding the food I noticed that on their website they write:
    “We find it important to use only the best products and we cooperate with several Danish meat, poultry and vegetable producers”.
    What strikes me when reading that is I find it hard to see how they’ll compete with a lot of the michelin restaurants that have a clear vision and also select the best products etc.
    I just can’t seem to find their ‘relative advantedge’ or what would make them stand out.

    I’m not sure whether or not I make sense 🙂

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